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Vladimir Vishnevsky: Being a father to a daughter

Vladimir Vishnevsky: Being a father to a daughter

HAPPY PARENTS Vladimir, you are known to most readers as a poet who writes ironic poems, but you also have lyric poems … VLADIMIR VISHNEVSKY. And more recently, more of them. Just know them less.

S.R. And this is due to the birth of a daughter?

V.V. Undoubtedly, this event caused a surge of poetic activity, and now I live, so to speak, in a special mode. There was even a whole cycle of poems, called “Father grafomania” for a reason.

Incidentally, he entered into my new book, The Vishnevsky Sad, just published AST. Is there such, for example, unusually lyrical poem:

You want to live, so go on spinning.
You already in the first house closely.
And so it will be, God willing, more than once.
You are a girl, we already know that.
Already one such, not different,
For us.
Only you alone can make mom
Favorite to become the most and – Sami,
God will give.
Yes that my all nepopornostishya!
Only you alone will save me by being born.

What happened on July 6 last year. On this day Vlada was born. But such poems are written simply as exhale, in impromptu mode, at the wheel:

How late I became a father in Russia.
Oh, skolkovo I can not see.

Or, for example:

Here is my daughter – not quite a year old.
How much more interesting to her than to me.

But much of what is familiar in the world I now see through the prism of the birth and life of my daughter.

S.R. Did you have a desire to start writing poetry for children, for Vlada?

V.V. You know, I was predicted that after the birth of a child I would start writing children’s poems.

But so far there are no pronounced masterpieces, and I don’t aspire to. It should itself claim you as lyrics. There are wonderful children’s poets: Marshak, Barto, Chukovsky, there is Zakhoder, there is a terrific, recently deceased poet Renata Mucha.

So, thank God, children’s poetry is all right. As with all that, in a good sense of the word, the progress of children is stuffing and stuffing today from infancy: how many ingenious toys, creative developmental games (right up to the floor mats!) Exist, and this, as they say, is good news.

Even one of the great inventions of a person is to count, of course, disposable diapers, because, for example, during the years of my Soviet childhood, the joy of having a baby was clouded by the prospect of washing diapers. Humanity invented, of course, her majesty mobile communications … But diapers – oh, this is no less ingenious, for it is simple.

S.R. Was the birth of Vlada changed you, your life? V.V.

Nothing was ever easy in my life. Another thing is that everything good came to me later than to others, but it did. True, the feeling was growing that I paid double tax on every luck, just like the casinos paid to the state … But this is a tax from luck.

All my life I lived with my ambitious, even ambitious ambitions, and now for the first time I had such a readiness that you can plug them in one place if all this contradicts the interests of the daughter. And yet this constant fear of the father and the desire to convert her life into something vital and unconditionally useful for her, such as guaranteed health, appeared. It would be a window where you could give my imperfect life for your wife, for your daughter – I would give.

And thus would get rid of many problems, doubts. I just do not know where this window is.

And this is not bravado, believe me. Nothing is more important than the safety of Vlada, and I’m already constantly worried about her.

One poet about the birth of his daughter said something like this: “And you will save me from happiness already.” Yes, the so-called happiness of carefree already can not be, because this anxiety is constant.

Marquez wrote that he, like his father, has two levels of sleep. One is when he is sleeping and knows that his sons are already at home, and the other is when he is already asleep, but also knows in a dream that they have not yet arrived. You are doomed for the rest of your life to be a crazy dad, not to let go of your daughter, ready to go guarding with her.

Even where you by definition should not be. Believe me, in my adventure life I alarmed quite a few fathers.

How many of them I wanted to do the ax-noggin – just fill the face. Although I didn’t do anything terrible, I simply sought to solicit their daughters.

But now I myself am in this position and I don’t like all the candidates in advance, which is wrong.

S.R. Tell us a little about your wife, Tatiana. V.V.

We have been together for 13 years. And I met at that time when I already had a reputation as a man who was still not married, still fluttering. If it was not love, then something and. about. love at first sight, because I immediately realized that this girl was not just “perhaps we should get acquainted,” but we should urgently get acquainted.

And this happened in a symbolic situation, on the anniversary of my friend and confessor, Rabbi of All Russia Adolf Shayevich, where Tatiana helped the organizers. Now I tell her half in jest: “You are my wife from God, from a rabbi, not my best, but half”.

And the way she entered a new state for herself, how creatively energetic, caring mother she is – all this is very natural. And these poems of the children’s poetess, it seems, Elena Blaginina: “Mom knows exactly what my daughter needs,” without fear of praising, – just about her.

Vladimir Vishnevsky: Being a father to a daughter

S.R. And when you learned that there would be a child, you wanted someone specifically?

V.V. Yes, I wanted a girl. But here I shake off myself: I wanted a girl, but if a boy were born, I would be no less pleased. so even now I stand up for him in front of these romantic preferences.

But then we both wanted a girl. Maybe, by design, I am the girl’s father, but I could be a boy’s father and maybe I will.

But a girl. Apparently, in my case this is explicable.

Instead of lofty words about the role of the female I always deified in “life and work,” I will quote a favorite quotation from the great Pushkin: “The benevolent attention of women is almost the only cause of all our efforts. “And – a rare case when we had no disagreement with Tania: about the name I suggested. And then I tried “advanced” to rhyme the name of my daughter – it turned out to be another poem:

My daughter Vlada
She’s small – oh yeah that’s true
But already charming –
And it is well known,
And the advantages of her abyss:
And to mom she
Relevant with understanding
And sisyu she uses
And gives weigh himself kindly
And crying in the night is somehow delicate,
And responds to the enema
Predictably adequate,
And even written quite appropriately.
God, how I became interested in living.

S.R. Vladimir, and you were not present at the birth? V.V.

I wanted. Even passed the necessary for the presence there “standards.”

But at the last moment we both decided that maybe not worth it. Although I was really ready to do it.

And even went to the hospital with readiness, but at the last moment the heavens, apparently, held me with the help of traffic jams. I arrived, and my daughter was already born.

S.R. Who does Vlad look like?

V.V. I want her to be more like Tanya, because after all a girl. Lips Tannins, but my eyes, I guess.

Sometimes she looks like my mom. And the nature of Vlad knows how to be calm and groovy, and creative, as it can be said today. Well, in general, a highly professional child.

As a girl – with character, feminine, in mother. At the same time, we have developed a special relationship with her (and it is flattering for me to think so). We have a certain ritual – these are walks through the living room, when my daughter is in my arms: a hike to a big clock, to the portraits of my grandfather, grandmother (my parents), to an old toy, which she touches, but is afraid.

I would say that about Vlad: it is very different, but always true to itself, recognizable. My most “fatherly” poem is:

The only beauty
Whose plans for the weekend
So far, I know for sure –
This is my daughter.

S.R. Do you have any duties to care for Vlada? Can you replace mom?

V.V. No, this is not a question at all.

Mom does not replace even the madly loving dad. But if I, with my evening life, could not come for a swim, then I feel that the day was worse than I could.

I also go to the dairy kitchen with pleasure twice a week. Moreover, if Vlad suddenly does not eat something, I eat, that is, my daughter is already feeding me. How would an operation to enforce a healthy diet.

There will be more responsibilities, and there will be much more fears. But I am ready for all this, strangely enough.

S.R. Do you have any model of education? V.V.

We do not have a model yet, it may be taking shape, and this is also a creative process, and doubts are inevitable. As a “do not” – we understand, and our parents, and mine, and Tannins, taught us a lesson in love and service to the child. In the matter of education, I can largely trust my wife.

The fact that she reads Vlade, which songs and tales she is given to listen to makes me feel that at the level of my daughter’s subconsciousness the right things are laid. And once it all comes true. To be honest, I don’t really want her to be a super genius girl, because it doesn’t promise anything good in the sense of happiness.

I want her to become intelligent and decent, creatively advanced, beautiful, beloved, desired girlfriend and relatively happy woman. I think I’m right.

In any case, if she does not have a super talent, and there will be a normal life and there will be a tolerable life around her – as far as it is possible in Russia of the XXI century – a reality, I will be completely satisfied – on any side of life.

S.R. There are such moments in your life when you are especially comfortable and well threesome? V.V.

We are already a good three. We are together – and this is great.

Of course, the wife sometimes reproaches me that I am absent, and I must be absent, since I am now the only breadwinner in the house, and she understands this. In general, I dream that mom and dad would take Vlad somehow, well, for example, to a Japanese restaurant.

Just to make it enjoy all this. I am sure that she will soon have enough sense to understand that everything is given for a reason. But we will certainly indulge her.

Because it. here it is – and. about. happiness

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