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Vladimir Devyatov: Family Romance

Vladimir Devyatov: Family Romance

HAPPY PARENTS Vladimir Sergeevich, how was your family born with Liza? Given the nearly thirty-year difference in age and serious obstacles from your environment, I can assume that everything happened far from easy … VLADIMIR NINATES Our history is really not the easiest, and, of course, I was the initiator of what happened to us. We met five years ago – when Lisa came to work with us, and at first nothing foretold any romantic relationship.

When a feeling arose between us, Lisa lived with another person, I was married. And I saw how hard it was for Liza, what kind of breaking was going on inside her. But I had no doubts.

Unlike Lisa! Still, such a difference in age, and besides, I was her boss.

From the point of view of Liza, these doubts were quite objective, but from my point of view, they were justified. But the process that took place between us was, as it were, accompanied by the “opening of doors” – in order to go further together.

There were such things that contributed to our unification, which happened in the end.

S.R. Did the news about the child catch you at the hesitation stage? V.D.

No, I found out about the baby after the issue with my official wife was resolved. She moved into the apartment, and I was left to live alone.

S.R. And what did you think when you heard about Lisa’s pregnancy? V.D.

The first thought is that I simply let her down. I understood that our relationship is still too weakly tied, that we are not a family. I understood that Liza is morally very hard.

And I tried to support her, to convince her that nothing terrible was happening. Although the question of whether or not to leave the child was decided unequivocally and positively: when the ultrasound scan was done and the doctor said that the heart was already beating, Lisa could not think about anything except the future baby. But then the problems began, which seemed to be specially tweaked.

For example, we received blood tests, which mistakenly showed that Lisa had rubella. Imagine, a person comes to the doctor, and from the doorway: everything, abortion!

We started to check, run along the professors together, and as a result it turned out that this was a mistake.

And even such difficulties helped our association. At that moment we already lived together and solved all the problems that arose during the pregnancy together.

S.R. Liza, is it true that you, on the eve of the birth, also defended your diploma?

ELIZABETH GORISHKINA Yes, and for protection it was very important to provide the file presentation in electronic form. I was seriously preparing, I tried to do everything in the best possible way, but just before the defense, I found out late in the evening that the presentation did not open.

And, as if on purpose, there were problems with the computer at home. I had to urgently go to the office.

In general, the next day I, a new public relations specialist, went straight to the maternity hospital.

Vladimir Devyatov: Family Romance

S.R. Vladimir Sergeevich, where were you at the moment of birth?

V.D. As where? I, together with Liza, gave birth!

And I saw enough of everything that happens in the maternity ward (laughs). So, if necessary, I can be an obstetrician-gynecologist!

We signed a contract with the maternity hospital, and I was allowed to be in the generic. Liza gave birth to seven hours, the newborn Vanya was swaddled, given to hold and taken away, and I immediately went to the concert.

And I was late, I could not not come. But we all had time – Liza gave birth on time, I went on stage on time.

And even announced to the audience that my son was born.

S.R. What was the first year of the baby’s life?

What is remembered most often?

E.G. In general, we had a difficult year. Vanya immediately after birth refused to take the breast, and so it went on for a month and a half.

I was very afraid that the milk would disappear, so I constantly pumped out the breast pump. And when the baby did take the breast, I already rassed it so that my milk was more than enough for at least two children. But at the same time, I began to suffer from mastitis – almost every month a new aggravation occurred.

The temperature jumped up so much that it was necessary to call a brigade of doctors every time. Up to ten months I fed myself, and then I realized that there would not be enough health.

And then I stopped feeding, but first I stocked up with thirty liters of breast milk. For this we had to buy a second freezer. And for another four months, Ivan drank mother’s milk.

V.D. And I also want to add that Lisa began to give the extra milk to another child. Although doctors in clinics do not recommend feeding someone else’s breast milk.

But we had all the tests. At that moment, we had already filled both freezers, but there was too much milk, and it was simply not to pour out the hand.

S.R. Vladimir Sergeevich, the question is how to professional – how to develop musical abilities in a child?

V.D. The first is for pregnant mother to listen to music.

Good quality. Be sure to include classic pieces. And after childbirth it is also necessary.

Right now Vanka is already a year and a half. And we sing for Ivan, we dance with him. Moreover, Vanya is at our rehearsals, he traveled with us to the concert.

But first, he looked at the video for the entire concert program of the Yarmark group.

S.R. And at what age does it become clear that a child has a hearing? V.D.

With three years, not before. And in general, the presence of hearing does not mean that a person can sing.

If the task is to understand whether the child will be a singer, then we must wait up to three years. So I can determine for sure whether a three-year-old child has singing abilities.

S.R. What is the most important thing you will teach your son? V.D.

I will not specifically teach something. I do not want my son to repeat my mistakes. I will try to keep our family strong and forever.

So that he always sees that he has a person to whom you can turn to for advice at any moment. If a child grows up in a family where there is love and respect, then he will build this system of relationships in his personal life.

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