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Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

The road to the magical country where children’s dreams come to life, according to Peter Pan, is incredibly long (“to the right, the second turn and straight ahead until dawn”). We know the road shorter: 4 hours (direct flight Moscow – Paris) and another 30–40 minutes (depending on how you get from the airport to your destination: by bus, suburban high-speed train or car). Ready for adventure?

Then fasten your seat belts – hit the road!

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

Disneyland Paris is located just 32 km from the most romantic capital of the world, in a town called Marne-la-Vallee. The total area of ​​the thematic “resort” is almost two thousand hectares, so it’s impossible to get off with a duty visit for several hours.

Plan for wonders and adventures for at least 2-3 days, and 7 magnificent Disney-themed hotels (as well as 7 excellent partner hotels located just a few minutes from the park on a free bus) will hospitably open their doors to you.

59 breathtaking rides, 55 wonderful restaurants (by the way, some of which offer you to invite a fairy tale right at the table – share a meal with Disney characters!), 63 stores for the most demanding taste and 27 holes of the Disneyland golf course, suitable for players of any level – from Since the opening of the Paris park in 1992, more than 275 million guests have seen all these wonders. Do not wait – join!

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

The fairy kingdom of Disneyland consists of two delightful parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Disneyland Park – a paradise for small and big dreamers. Its five magical Lands – Main Street, Land of the Discoverers, Land of Adventures, Land of Fantasies and Land of Discoveries – are filled with the unique atmosphere of the legendary Disney films. Here you will see Netland just as Peter Pan saw it; together with Buzz Leiter will take part in a grand intergalactic battle and fight emperor Zurg, follow Indiana Jones’s footsteps (and, of course, reveal the haunted temple secret), heartily have fun in Gusto’s restaurant, having prepared a delicious ratatouille for a couple with the most unusual chef cook in the world, remy krysenkom.

And don’t forget the selfie with Mickey Mouse! Yes, it seems fantastic and incredible, but here Disney’s favorite characters really come to life before your eyes!

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

For the secrets of creating screen magic go backstage – in the park Walt Disney Studios. Five studio sites will reveal the secrets of film and television, and you will not only immerse yourself in the world of animated animated characters, but also be able to take part in the filming of the whole family.

Try to catch up with Lightning McQueen on the Racing on Wheelbarrows attraction, experience the adrenaline rush in the Twilight Tower of Horror or meet Stitch and arrange a real mess around – find your ideal role and bask in the glory of a rising movie star!

Cold Heart is another confirmation that Disney Studios gives us the best fairy tales about princesses. And this summer the brightest, the most beautiful, the most delightful of them will come to life right before your eyes!

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

Each year, Disneyland Paris tries to further surprise its visitors by preparing the most incredible surprises and fantastic performances. This summer was no exception: the animated fairy tale “Cold Heart” was in the center of attention in Disneyland Park until mid-September.

It is now impossible to find someone who would not hear about this touching story. The animated film, which has two Oscars and Golden Globes, is essentially an interpretation of the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. It should be noted that “Frozen Heart” (Frozen) is one of the “long-running” projects of the Disney studio.

The work on its creation was long and painstaking: the first attempts at drawing the film were made in 2002, while the final version was released on large screens in 2013. In order to reproduce the world in which the heroes live as accurately as possible, the Disney multiplier team even went to Norway to look at the fjords, to go around in heavy fur clothes, to stomp in the deep snow.

Today you have a chance to personally evaluate their efforts and touch the revived legend.

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

Among the highlights of the new show is the performance of the song “Let it Go”, amazing in its beauty and penetration, by the main character of the cartoon, the Nordic beauty Elsa. Live shows will take place at Disneyland Park several times a day!

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

5 reasons to visit Disneyland Paris this summer:

* Move from summer to winter. Step on the Land of the Discoverers – and in a blink of an eye a puff of the stern north wind will take you to the fairy kingdom of Erendell. To celebrate in this hospitable corner, where even on hot days you can feel the freshness of the arctic coolness, you will be the main characters of the cartoon “Cold Heart” – cheerful Anna, her majestic sister Elsa and the most positive snowman in the world Olaf!

Prepare your camera: Anna and Elsa will shine every day at the Disney Magic on Parade parade along with Olaf, as well as greet guests several times a day, crossing the park in a carriage specially created for the show “Cold Heart: The Royal Encounter”. Disney Magic on Parade enchanting procession takes place once a day seven days a week in Disneyland Park – don’t miss it!

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

* Play snowballs on the Erendell Palace Square. The first meeting of Disneyland visitors with the characters of “Cold Heart” occurred in the winter of 2014.

Then two beauties of the princess made their debut in the famous parade of heroes, and the tireless smiling Olaf conducted the orchestra in the evening show Disney Dreams® of Christmas. Christmas is over, and the magic is left!

Today at the Cottonwood Creek Ranch you can visit the Erendell kingdom square, the very one that Elsa turned into a huge sparkling ice rink in the final of the cartoon. Do not miss the opportunity to have a little fun, because snow is one of the main characters of this fairy tale!

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

* Feel like a cartoon hero. In the summer months, guests of the Parisian park will have a unique opportunity to be the first to see a new musical performance of their favorite characters.

At the very beginning of the show you will help the villagers to prepare for the celebration of the winter festival in Erendella and prepare a surprise for Elsa (which one you will find out on the spot). And Princess Anna herself will ask you about it!

Olaf – perhaps the only snowman in the world who dreams of warmth, sunshine and bronze tan – of course, also joins the holiday.

Visiting a fairy tale: Disneyland Park Paris

* Sing your favorite songs. Yes Yes! Anna and Elsa with their faithful friends Kristoff and Olaf will go from the screen to the stage in order to perform with you the hits “Let it Go and Forget” (Let it Go), “Outside the window again, snowdrifts” (Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? ), “Summer” (In Summer) and “This is my love” (Love is an Open Door).

Throughout July and all of August, the music show will be held in Disneyland Park seven days a week (attention – as many as 12 shows a day!).

* See the show at Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Disney Dreams® Show is a breathtaking nighttime performance with fountains and fireworks, where the famous Disney characters — Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Rapunzel, the Lion King, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and others — come alive in the views of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Today in the Disney Dreams® show you can see the best scenes from the animated film “Cold Heart”. Your guide in the world of magical and touching stories will be a tireless adventure seeker, dear “eternal” boy Peter Pan!

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