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Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine's Day Crafts

1. Draw a candle

Beautiful and simple pictures can make even the smallest child, if you invite him to paint over the entire sheet of bright paint. From an adult is required to put in advance on the paper image of any number of hearts of different sizes with an ordinary candle.

The drawings will be almost invisible, but when painting the sheet, the hearts themselves will remain white. The main thing is to use watercolors, good paper designed for drawing and not to overdo it.

The postcard is ready.

Valentine's Day Crafts

2. Bake with love

Children love to play with clay, sand or dough. Sculpt something, make kulichiki.

Have the baby squeeze the hearts out of the dough. Dough for cookies, choose any, for example, is: shortbread. Take a glass of sugar and a glass of sour cream, a pack of butter or margarine, half a teaspoon of soda, two eggs and, of course, flour.

Beat sour cream with sugar, add butter, eggs, then soda and knead the dough, sifting flour. Get soft dough, not liquid and not too hard. “Plasticine” is ready.

When rolling dough, ask the child to sprinkle it with sugar.

Carefully place all the hearts on a greased baking sheet and bake. Put the finished cookies in a plastic bag to keep them soft.

Enjoy your meal!

Valentine's Day Crafts

3. Stencil to help

Take a small square sheet of thick cardboard and carefully cut a small heart in the center. For convenience, you can fold the sheet in half and cut off half of the heart from the fold. Now boldly give a jar of gouache and stencil to the child himself.

A large paper heart or folded paper in the form of a postcard can be suggested as a basis for a picture. The baby will only need to paint the heart, holding the cardboard stencil.

Depending on the character and even on the mindset of a child, hearts that are randomly creatively placed on a sheet or arranged strictly according to conventional tickers can turn out. In any case, a nice picture worthy of a beautiful frame.

Valentine's Day Crafts

4. Hearts from potatoes

Cut a heart at the base of raw potatoes. You will need paints, a jar of water and a brush or a little paint diluted in a small saucer.

The baby will need to paint the potatoes or dunk it in the paint, and then put stamps on paper. What color the hearts will be, how many they will be and how they will be located on the sheet, it’s up to you.

If you wish, you can control the baby, demarcating the borders of the picture or offering to print hearts around the mug to make a flower.

Valentine's Day Crafts

5. Hearts on trees

Very nice cards can be made by depicting trees with a crown of hearts on them. Take the baby’s handle on the sheet – this will be the trunk of our tree.

It is only necessary to paint it with brown paint. Now cut the hearts out of colored paper and give the child glue stick.

Hearts, like birds quickly spread out on the branches.

Valentine's Day Crafts

6. Beads from the heart or pendants.

As a fun, invite your child to make ice beads. For their manufacture will need ice molds in the form of hearts and a little patience.

With the baby, tint the water with paint and pour it into the molds, stretching the string or string through each mold.

If there are no molds, you can do without them. It turns out not such original, but more durable beads.

Cardboard blanks need to be glued to each other, paving a thread between them. Or just string hearts with holes on the rope, fixing them with knots. In this way, you can get cardboard hearts hanging on a string.

Hang them on a wooden stick for sushi on the type of children’s mobile at different levels.

Valentine's Day Crafts

7. Semolina hearts

Let the baby mix the semolina or any other cereal with gouache. The child will need to put the pastry mixture with a disposable spoon or ice cream spatula onto the paper, having previously painted hearts with glue.

Semolina hearts can be made in a simpler way. But then the background will be colored, and the hearts themselves will remain white. Hearts are drawn on colored cardboard with glue and the sheet is filled with croup.

Then the excess cereal is blown away or shaken off, and the hearts remain.

Valentine's Day Crafts

8. Dough hearts

Another option for making dough. This time inedible, in any case tasteless. Salted dough is prepared according to different recipes.

You can take, for example, such. One glass of flour, one glass of fine salt, five teaspoons of sunflower oil and some water. Or like this: one and a half cups of flour, a glass of fine salt and one hundred twenty five milliliters of water.

If you plan to make small parts, add more starch or PVA glue in a tablespoon.

Hearts can be made with a special mold, dazzled by hands or laid out from flagella, rolled out between two palms. Products need to be dried well near the battery or baked in the oven on low heat until hard.

There are at least three ideas for decorating hearts. You can add to the dough or carrot juice or beetroot juice. You can paint the finished hearts with gouache.

How? Polka dot, cage, with a bow.

And it is possible to decorate products with seeds and cereals while molding, beautifully squeezing out patterns, painting them with a thin tool for modeling. Any original version.

Valentine's Day Crafts

9. Volumetric hearts, applique

Making an application from hearts, it is not necessary to glue them to paper entirely. You can only grab in the middle.

Then the work will be voluminous. Put small hearts into big ones.

Use colored paper of different shades. Place the volumetric hearts on the drawn threads like balloons or fold flowers from them.

You can make and volumetric hearts glued in themselves, without the basics. To do this, several blanks of the same size should be glued together only in halves of the type of book.

It would be nice to use not just red paper, but with a lace pattern or striped.

Valentine's Day Crafts

10. Harmonica Postcards

An interesting gift can be obtained by making greeting cards. Cut out long strips of paper and fold out of the harmonica so that it is based on squares.

On each square, put the images of hearts in a different way. Let each heart be special.

One is voluminous, the other, perhaps, of glued wool, the third of cereals. The accordion can be folded and fixed with a ribbon or put away in a beautiful box pasted over with bright or shiny paper or put on the table as a decorative screen.

Valentine's Day Crafts

11. Hearts of shavings

You will need wax paper and red wax crayons. Everything is simple and original.

Make a multicolored chip with a pencil sharpener. It’s easy for a baby to put it on paper. Next you need to cover the first sheet of the second or fold the first sheet in half.

Now iron the paper on the lowest power literally within a few seconds until the chips dissolve. Do not burn the paper itself, be careful! To protect the surface of the ironing board and the iron, place paper with chips between the pages of an old newspaper.

When the chips melt, cut the heart out of paper. This work can also be trusted with a child if he already knows how to work with scissors.

The result will be a heart painted with colors with a special decorative effect.

Valentine's Day Crafts

12. Hearts from napkins

Briefly describe the process, the instructions will sound like this: tear, crumple and stick on the base in the form of a heart. It is better to make small lumps, not to squeeze them much and not to wet them.

Valentine's Day Crafts

Heart can “paint over” and in a slightly different way. Cut or tear colored paper into small pieces.

On the sheet, draw a big heart and spread it with glue. Let the baby puts the pieces on the heart.

Cut out the heart and together discuss who to give it to.

Valentine's Day Crafts

14. Air heart

Do you have PVA glue, an air “ball” in the form of a heart and thread? You can make a big heart of air.

The technique is simple. The thread is coated with glue and applied to the inflated ball.

Glue for convenience is better to pour into a bowl. First, the thread will slide: you need a little patience .. Then it goes faster.

When the heart is wrapped around enough, and the glue dries, the “ball” will need to be pierced and gently pulled out.

More ideas

Roll up a sheet of drawing paper and fold it again. Inside, before the fold, draw a half heart with the baby, causing stains of different shades: red, orange, yellow, burgundy, crimson. Fold the sheet again, blot a little and unroll again.

Half printed on the other side and get a whole heart. Cut out the heart, cutting off, if necessary, uneven edges.

Make some of these originally painted hearts.

Fold a sheet of paper in half. Carefully cut through the windows.

Now, opening the sash, draw or paste the hearts cut from colored paper on the bottom sheet. Hearts can be made multi-colored and at the same time repeat the names of colors with the baby.

Good house with very hearty people ready!

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