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Unpleasant feelings: who will help if

Unpleasant feelings: who will help if

… if urges to urinate become more frequent in the first and third trimesters; incontinence occurs when coughing, laughing and sneezing.

Frequent urination is normal during pregnancy, and all women are “in position.” In the first trimester, it appears due to changes in hormonal levels, an increase in blood volume and activation of the kidneys, in the second – the growing uterus squeezes the bladder and the mouth of the ureters more and more, causing urges.

After birth, the number of urinations per day should return to the individual rate. If this does not happen, contact a specialist.

Involuntary urination, especially frequent, is an alarming symptom, it should be reported to the doctor. Most often, trouble will overtake with sudden and sudden physical exertion. If this happens several times a month, the reason is weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, which the bladder can fill and the uterus becomes noticeably heavier at the same time.

Strengthen your muscles with Kegel exercises. It is not necessary to do everything, 1-2 is enough. Suitable, for example, is this: starting position – sit on the floor, legs bent at the knees, heels moved to the buttocks and spaced from each other at a distance of the width of the shoulders, hold the feet with your hands, knees spread as wide as possible, between them easily fit the belly.

Try to bring your knees closer to your stomach, and with your elbows move them to the sides – as a result, your knees will remain in place, and the muscles of the perineum will strain and harden. Walking with a ball clamped in the groin area for 10 minutes 2–3 times a day helps.

The cause of more frequent involuntary urination becomes anemia. In this case, the doctor will prescribe tests for predisposing factors.

… if fatigue increases and blood pressure decreases in trimesters I and III.

The cause of these symptoms should be sought most often in the lifestyle of a pregnant woman. If she treats herself too carefully, stopped playing sports and was isolated from all problems, her body would immediately relax, general tone and blood pressure would decrease, drowsiness and rapid fatigue would appear.

Go back to active life. It is useful for pregnant women to play sports, swimming, fitness, dancing, gymnastics are recommended, you can even ski on the 28th week!

Avid athletes will have to reduce the load, and those who have not been involved in sports before, it is recommended to learn exercises for pregnant women under the guidance of a trainer.

… if during pregnancy constipation, increased flatulence and flatulence are concerned.

Women who are waiting for a son are more difficult to cope with appetite. But even without limiting themselves at all in food, they recover less than mothers of girls for 9 months.

The latter have a double portion of estrogen in their blood – their own and their daughters. These hormones and “help” fat to be deposited on the back, hips, buttocks.

Losing weight in such women is harder.

Increased flatulence in the intestines arises due to hormonal adjustment at the beginning of pregnancy: the level of progesterone increases – a hormone that relaxes smooth muscles of the stomach, intestines and sphincters. They become lethargic, the peristalsis slows down, the waste remains in the body longer than usual, ferment with the release of a large amount of gases, a bowel swelling develops, or flatulence: it grumbles in the stomach, it ruptures, it increases in size.

Similar symptoms provoke toxicosis: a woman eats little because of nausea, and the contents of the intestine are not enough for timely emptying. You can’t limit yourself to food during pregnancy: no matter how strong toxicosis may be, the expectant mother will still have to, because the child’s health depends on the quantity and quality of food.

In the third trimester, the delay of vital activity in the body is due to the fact that the enlarged uterus puts pressure on the rectum, its lumen decreases, the peristalsis is hampered.

Improve the situation of plant fiber and sports. Move more, less on the couch.

… if the appetite increases, goes out of control, body weight grows alarmingly quickly.

During pregnancy, the body requires more food because it “grows” a new life. Every day you need more and more construction material, and therefore, the appetite increases.

For 9 months, a woman’s weight should increase by 8–12 kg. But not only due to an increase in the fatty layer: a child weighs 3–4 kg, a placenta weighs 2–3 kg, and a volume of amniotic fluid 3–4 liters.

The remaining kilograms are distributed between the increasing in volume of the uterus and adipose tissue. A layer of fat is necessary because it becomes a source of nutrients and energy at the beginning of breastfeeding.

Bearing one baby, an average pregnant woman recovers by 9–15 kg, the twins bring 20 kg, triplet is at least 25. In order for each of three babies to weigh at least 2 kg, you need to add 600 g per week.

After childbirth, stocks collected by mom’s triplets go faster.

Keep a food diary and during the week enter into it information about everything eaten during the day. This will help to understand how justified the use of a particular food, whether all the desired food groups fall into the plate, are you not too keen on light carbohydrates that quickly burn out and are stored in reserve?

To avoid the accumulation of extra pounds will help and proper diet: pasta and porridge, eat before lunch, vegetables, fish or cheese – for dinner. An hour before bedtime to activate digestion, drink a glass of kefir with a fat content of 1.5-2.5%.

… if throughout pregnancy there is an overwhelming desire to eat something harmful or inedible.

When the “strange” desires are short-lived and infrequent, do not give them much importance. Most likely, the reason is psychological: I want exactly what is impossible. When food fantasies are accompanied by dizziness, nausea and even vomiting, it means that the body lacks the necessary substances, such as salts or glucose.

It is recommended to limit the amount of food salt to pregnant women – this is correct, because an excess of it leads to edema. But completely salt should not be excluded from the diet. The body needs it, its deficiency will “declare” itself irresistible to marinades or chips – even more dangerous products.

If this happens, add 1–3 g of salt per day to food. This amount will not do any harm. In the home, it makes sense to use prophylactic white salt with low sodium.

It is sold in pharmacies and diet food stores.

Thirst for sweets – evidence of the lack of complex carbohydrates, giving energy. Include in the diet cereals and dried fruits.

Unpleasant feelings: who will help if

… if the gums are bleeding from the first trimester while brushing your teeth.

When a child is born, the composition of plaque changes, more harmful microorganisms appear in it, provoking gingivitis and periodontitis. The first sign of these diseases is red, bleeding gums. During pregnancy, any bleeding, including from the gums, is more difficult to stop, because of the high level of estrogen, the blood becomes thinner and slower to clot.

Timely and regular sanitation, special toothpastes and soft brushes will help reduce the risk of oral diseases, and proper training of the gums will provide raw and hard vegetables and fruits.

… if caries develops during pregnancy.

Caries during pregnancy develops 2 times more often than before and after it. In the first trimester, due to nausea and vomiting, the acidity of saliva increases, and in the oral cavity a favorable environment is created for the development of pathogenic microorganisms. In the II and III trimesters, the expectant mother consumes more and more carbohydrates, which are the “favorite” food of bacteria – therefore, their number is growing.

And, finally, it is precisely from the protective tooth enamel that the body scoops up the mineral substances missing from the child, so its layer is reduced, and the infection easily penetrates the tooth. The danger lies in the fact that from the oral cavity harmful microorganisms can move on.

In this case, the infection can affect any organ of the future mother, and if she gets into the uterus, then the child will be at risk.

All of these are good reasons for eliminating them immediately at the slightest manifestations of caries, and using gels to strengthen enamel for prevention purposes. In addition, pregnancy is not a contraindication for most dental procedures, including treatment, filling and teeth whitening.

The main thing that a woman should do in a chair at the dentist is to inform that she is expecting a baby or that she has every reason to think so (if this news has not yet been confirmed by an obstetrician-gynecologist). Then the doctor will perform the procedure under local anesthesia and will not use anesthetics, which are not harmless for the future mother and child.

… if in the first trimeter the amount of vaginal discharge increases.

During pregnancy, the amount of mucus in the vagina necessarily increases due to increased hormone levels. Do not worry when she has no color and smell.

Anxiety should cause colored (whitish-gray, yellow or gray-greenish) discharge, accompanied by redness of the mucous membranes, itching, burning, discomfort when walking or sexual intercourse. These symptoms indicate an infection in the urogenital tract.

After a general smear analysis, examination of the vagina and cervix, the diagnosis and treatment regimen will be clear.

… if there are cheesy discharge.

This is a sure sign of thrush. It is provoked by a fungus of the genus Candida, which constantly lives in the vagina in a passive state. But due to stress, uncontrolled intake of antibiotics, infection, weakening of immunity, with a change of partner and … pregnancy activates and causes a pathological process.

Carrying a child is stressful for the body, which is why pregnant women often have thrush more often, up to 50% of women are “in position”. They should not get rid of thrush drugs sold in all pharmacies.

The optimal and safe scheme will be offered only by a doctor.

… if in the third trimester there is a pulling sensation in the lower abdomen, as if menstruation will begin soon.

There are many reasons for this symptom; to identify them, you need consultations with several doctors, for example, a gastroenterologist or urologist. But first, an obstetrician-gynecologist must eliminate the threat of abortion. Constrictive pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding occur due to increasing the tone of the uterus, which leads to miscarriage.

Often, the pulling sensations in the lower abdomen (right and left) appear when the body begins to prepare for childbirth – it is at the end of the third trimester that the uterus changes shape and position under the action of relaxin, a hormone that increases the elasticity of tissues and ligaments to facilitate the birth of a child.

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