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Types of cough: how long to endure it?

Types of cough: how long to endure it?

Cough is a protective reaction of the body. Thanks to him, the airways are cleaned of dust particles, microbes, mucus and other foreign elements. Getting into the respiratory tract, “outsiders” irritate the numerous receptors that are in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

Normally, a healthy child coughs about a dozen or a little more times a day, and such a cough should not be alarming. But if this happens more often, a runny nose appears, the temperature rises, you need to show the child to the doctor. At the same time it would be good to give the doctor full information about the cough of the child.

Therefore, we understand what types of cough are.

By the nature of the cough is dry and wet. Dry cough “recognize” by a brief recurring seizures.

It tires and annoys the throat. But the main difference between dry cough – it is not accompanied by sputum.

For this reason it is called unproductive.

A wet cough is always productive, since sputum goes off with it, and along with it, everything that is superfluous is removed and that is inhaled.

Since often bronchitis, tracheitis, viral rhinopharyngitis begin with a dry, annoying cough, the task of the doctor and parents is to “translate” it into a wet one and to achieve sputum discharge. Specific recommendations depend on a diagnosis that only a doctor can deliver. But in any case, the child should be allowed a little, but as often as possible to drink, and the room in which the baby is located, periodically air and moisturize.

To relieve a cough, the doctor may recommend drugs that thin the sputum, as well as expectorant or suppressing cough remedies. Massages and inhalations may also be called upon to be prescribed by a physician.

Cough can be distinguished by duration. In this case, they talk about acute, prolonged or chronic cough.

Acute lasts no more than three weeks and accompanies any disease, for example, bronchitis or ARVI.

Chronic lasts for more than 3 months, the symptoms may subside for a while. Chronic cough may appear several times a year, and not against the background of infection.

As a rule, it appears due to the cured disease, after which sputum is still accumulated in the bronchi. Chronic cough may be associated with bronchial asthma or a combination of asthma and sinusitis.

It is also possible with gastroesogeal reflux, when acid is thrown from the stomach into the esophagus and higher, which provokes a cough.

A lingering cough lasts from 3 weeks to 2-3 months. This is very often observed after bronchitis. This is due to the fact that the bronchi emit an increased amount of sputum, and with the features of children’s physiology: up to a year or two, babies still do not know how to cough well.

A wet cough lasting up to a month or a bit more is considered the norm in children of this age, with a gradual and pronounced decrease in symptoms. Older children have a prolonged cough caused by mucus in the larynx due to adenoids and sinusitis. This is a superficial cough without wheezing, in the treatment of the underlying disease, it subsides.

Also, a protracted cough is possible with recurrent bronchitis. Schoolchildren have a protracted and at the same time dry cough that can last up to one and a half to two months, it can be caused by tracheitis or treheobronchitis, developed as a result of infection.

Protracted cough, which gradually passes over a certain period of time, must be distinguished from constant and prolonged cough, which is characteristic of chronic diseases of the respiratory organs. In this situation, the child almost always coughs without visible improvement.

With laryngitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx and vocal cords) and false croup, a barking cough appears. It intensifies in the evening and at night, it can provoke vomiting. In this case, the child complains of pain in the larynx.

False croup, or laryngotracheitis, is dangerous because laryngeal edema can lead to airway obstruction. Therefore, when barking cough, it is necessary to show the child to the doctor, give the baby plenty of water and moisten the air.

For whooping cough is characterized by convulsive and choking cough.

Hot flashes, which can be heard whistling, may be a sign of asthma.

By the time of manifestation, there is a night, day, evening, morning cough. Night cough is characteristic of asthma, for children with disorders of the digestive system, with sinusitis or adenoiditis.

Types of cough: how long to endure it?

10-15 coughs per day, like morning cough, are the norm and do not require treatment.

When the cough is wet and the baby coughs up phlegm well, treatment is not only undesirable, but sometimes contraindicated. It is often enough to water the baby and air the room. But if the frequency of coughing increases, the temperature rises, or other alarming symptoms appear, show the child to the doctor.

Only the doctor will be able to determine the cause of this development.

It is not a cough that is usually treated, but the disease that caused it. By itself, a cough is treated only in extremely rare cases if it causes the child suffering and torments the baby.

The most dangerous types of cough:

Hot flashes causing choking. In children under 4 years of age, it can not only be a symptom of the onset of the disease, but also signal that the child has swallowed a foreign object.

  • Whistling cough with wheezing.
  • Persistent dry cough.
  • A cough during which blood or yellow-green sputum is released.
  • Cough accompanied by fever.
  • Cough, accompanied by shortness of breath, dizziness, loss of consciousness, pale skin.

In such cases, immediately call a pediatrician or an ambulance!

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