Twins, out!

Twins, out!

I must say that natural childbirth in such a situation is not uncommon. Women who have no health problems, whose pregnancy passes without complications (they are related to the fact that 2 babies develop in the uterus at once), and in the process of their birth, there are no failures, they give birth to that way!

And yet, from a doctor who monitors the appearance of twins, such childbirth will require special attention.

A successful and quite frequent “scenario” of development of events looks like this: childbirth begins at 37–38 weeks of pregnancy, the cervix of the future mother opens in time, then the fetal bladder of the first baby opens (by itself or, if necessary, by a doctor), and is born. Next comes a pause of 5–20 minutes, after which the uterus begins to contract in order to decrease in size and “clasp” the second child.

Then the contractions begin again, the fetal bladder of the second baby is opened, and soon he is born. Concludes the process of the birth of one or two successively: the placenta and fetal membranes.

The reason for sending the expectant mother to the operation may be several events. Firstly, the birth of twins sometimes starts much earlier, and in the situation of natural childbirth such babies will be very difficult.

In addition, they can be seriously delayed, because the future mother’s waters are diverting even before the onset of contractions, and the fetal bladder of the first baby is no longer pressing on the cervix, thereby slowing its opening.

Secondly, the contractions of a woman may be too weak, because at that moment only that part of the uterus, on which there is no placenta, is reduced. In the case of twins, there may be 2 of them, and the “working” surface of the uterus becomes smaller.

The efforts of this half for the further development of labor may not be enough, and doctors will talk about the weakness of labor.

Twins, out!

Thirdly, babies may not be placed in the mother’s womb in the best way, for example, with a jack: the first child “sits” on the ass, and the second one lies upside down. In this case, normal childbirth can be unsafe for children: there is a risk that they will fall into the pelvis of the mother at the same time and “catch” each other with their heads.

The situation in which they will have a common fetal bladder will also complicate the birth process: then the umbilical cord of the babies may be confused. And, finally, if the uterus of the future mother will be reduced by that part to which the placenta is attached, the woman may start bleeding.

To avoid problems during childbirth, they are discussed in advance – at the 34th week of pregnancy. It must be said that among the difficulties that may affect the process of birth are health problems of future mothers.

Most of the modern twins appear after the treatment of infertility with ovarian-stimulating drugs. Most often, the violations that prevented women from getting pregnant also affect how childbirth proceeds.

This explains the relatively high percentage of paired births with a cesarean section – it is 70–75%.

Two kids need twice as many nutrients, and they may not be enough. If, according to research, it turns out that the condition of the children is not normal, natural childbirth will be too serious a test for them.

The same applies to cases when, during pregnancy, the babies overly stretched the muscles of the mother’s uterus and they do not cope with the load during childbirth. That is why the appearance of twins into the world often takes a long time.

Twins, out!

Sometimes difficulties arise because of the position of babies in the uterus. Then doctors can refer a woman for surgery.

Such a direction, for example, will receive future mothers, whose first baby will be located across. Both the placenta and the fetal bladder in babies can be both common and separate. To give rise to two new lives, after conception the egg cell is divided in half.

If this occurs in the first 3 days after fertilization, each of the babies grows in a separate fetal bladder and is connected to the mother by its own placenta. If division occurs later, between the 4th and 8th days, the children grow up with a common placenta, but in different bubbles. And when this event is postponed until the 9–10th day, babies have to share with each other both the placenta and the bladder – and this is the most difficult option.

All these features affect the development of childbirth, and midwives must take them into account. Least of all troubles during childbirth deliver dual twins, who have two placenta and two fetal bladder.

In 40–50% of cases, twin mothers lose their water too early, and then they have to start labor without waiting for the due date. In this case, the doctors will act “according to the situation.” If everything is in order with mom and babies, they will try to help a woman to give birth to herself.

Sometimes doctors accelerate the onset of labor with drugs, and sometimes they wait for this process to start by itself. But in case of complications in the mother or twins, doctors do a cesarean section.

As soon as the first child is born, the second one has more space. At the same time, there is a risk that the baby will fall sideways or across and it will be difficult for him to move forward.

A doctor taking delivery, or rather his assistant, will try to keep the second twin upright. To do this, he slightly holds the belly of the future mother on both sides, not allowing the child to behave too actively.

Twins are born by caesarean section more often than “single” babies. The birth of several babies is a difficult process.

A caesarean section can be done if the woman has health problems, pregnancy complications (for example, problems with the placenta), or if the babies are not lying correctly and can not get out on their own.

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