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Twins at Hollywood Stars

Twins at Hollywood Stars

For the first time, Krutoy Walker married Diana Holechek in 1958, barely 18 years old, and became the father of three children in this marriage. Despite the betrayal of Chuck, the alliance with Diana lasted an impressive 30 years, and then they divorced.

In 1998, the honored artist turned 58 and he remarried. The former model, Gina O’Kelly was 23 years younger than Norris and had two children from a previous marriage.

Chuck’s age was a serious obstacle to achieving the dream of having common children, until IVF came to the aid of the couple. Here’s how Norris himself writes about this: “Before our embryos were placed in Gina, the nurse told her:” I want to show you something. “

They went into the incubator and carefully opened the door. The incubator was buried in a warm light, playing classical music. Later, Gina told me that it was the most incredible sight she had ever seen: “I seemed to look at something from heaven!”

In 2001, the 61-year-old Chuck gave birth to the Dakota twins, Alan and Danny Kelly, and he, justifying his former non-participation in the life of the offspring, zealously took up their upbringing. Today, brother and sister, who turned 15, are seriously engaged in martial arts, and more than once became champions. Everything would be good in this family, the head of which has as many as 9 grandchildren growing up if it were not for Gina’s serious illness, for the sake of which Chuck even left a film career …

Twins at Hollywood Stars

After a loud romance and a no less loud break with Ben Affleck, Lopez started dating her longtime friend, musician and composer Marc Anthony, and soon, in 2004, they registered their relationship. Lopez and before this marriage, trying to have children and failing to fail, now, by her own admission, took the matter seriously. In 2007, on the final night of their joint concert tour, Lopez and Anthony officially confirmed that they were expecting an addition to the family, and these were twins.

In February 2008, the singer gave birth to a son, Maximiliano David, and daughter Emmeline Maribel. “My sister also had twins, so this is a hereditary thing,” Lopez categorically snapped right after the birth, answering one of the very first questions from journalists. In addition, the singer added, she is a zealous Catholic, and this faith does not allow resorting to any IVF.

But despite this, the rumors that the couple had resorted to IVF had spread, and Jennifer admitted: yes, she did it. Moreover, resorted to artificial insemination several times over 4 years. Until finally it happened!

Marc Anthony Lopez divorced, several men changed each other, but she didn’t say the same words to any of the words that she told her children on their 10th birthday. Son: “Max!

You are my heart, my love and my light. Every day you brighten up for me your kindness and care, your love! ”And daughters:“ Emma, ​​you are my soul, my child, personifying all the most joyful, deep and sensitive that I have ever met. ”

Twins at Hollywood Stars

Early and long-term marriage of the singer – proof of the existence of true love. To the grave, because the beloved spouse Celine Rene Angelila – in her words: “the only boyfriend I had” is no longer in the world.

Their romance began when Celine was only 12, and the 38-year-old Angel became her manager, laying her own house to release the debut album of an aspiring vocalist. For five years they hid their relationship, and then got married. Celine found a husband and three adopted children, since Rene had a son from his first marriage and two from his second.

In early 2000, Dion announced a career break for fans to focus entirely on the birth of their common children. In May of the same year, she underwent two surgical procedures to conceive, and a few months later her first child, Rene Charles, was born.

But at this the loving spouses did not intend to stop, not ceasing to undertake attempts to enlarge the family. Celine survived seven unsuccessful eco and at least one miscarriage. Finally, seven years later, the singer became pregnant, they were triplets.

At the suggestion of the doctors, they left two babies, donating a third … Soon the family welcomed the twin boys: Eddie and Nelson. Little Nelson was named after Nelson Mandela, and his brother got the name of the famous French-Jewish composer Eddie Marne.

Alas, the twins were only five years old when their father died, and they remained the only consolation of the inconsolable widow. Dion even bought a huge bed in which she slept with the twins, so as not to part even at night.

Twins at Hollywood Stars

Inveterate bachelor Al Pacino, famous for his novels, but for a long time tried with women not to linger. And children from these connections were afraid of fire!

I did not save. In 1990, from a brief relationship with acting teacher Jane Tarrant, Pacino had a daughter, Julie Marie Pacino.

The new 50-year-old father was delighted? Not at all! He did not recognize the child and Jane had no choice but to require a DNA examination through court.

Paternity was confirmed, Pacino humbled. Quite a different story happened to the youngest actor.

They were born from a beloved woman, model Beverly D’Angelo, the relationship with which Pacino lasted a long time – 7 years. Pacino was not against children, and even passionately wanted a son. For the fulfillment of their common dream, D’Angelo went to the IVF procedure, but for several years all attempts remained fruitless.

Finally, at the age of 49, Beverly became pregnant, almost the entire pregnancy was spent on preservation, and for a period of 36 weeks, by Caesarean section, Anton James (named after Chekhov) and Olivia Rose were born. 61-year-old Pacino turned into a real Italian quivering father, and when, after the divorce, the former wife forbade him to see his children, he sued this right.

Today, his older daughter, 28-year-old Julia Maria Pacino, has become an actress, while the twelve-year-old twins go to school and spend a lot of time with their famous dad.

Twins at Hollywood Stars

This talented and famous actor can not be called an exemplary father or husband. A drug addict, a brawler, a thunderstorm of wives and children, and yes even with a confirmed positive HIV status, Shin does not stop, but he claims that he loves his children and wants to be with them.

But ex-wives believe that it is not safe for offspring. In total, the 54-year-old actor has five children from three wives: from one – the eldest, Cassandra, 24 years old, from the other – daughters of 4 and 3 years old and seven-year-old twins Bob and Max from Brooke Muller. When the twins were born, who were born seven weeks ahead of time, it seemed that this event would unite the family, awaken, and finally, in Shin, his father’s feelings and set him on the right path.

But no, in the same year the actor was detained for hooliganism, then he was treated for drug addiction in the clinic. In addition, the couple admitted that their children suffer from serious illnesses. “And hard drugs played a significant role in this, which both father and mother took and they confessed to,” the media concluded.

The alliance with Brooke from all this did not become stronger, and in 2011, they divorced, and Mueller spent a lot of effort to knock out alimony and money for the treatment of twins.

Twins at Hollywood Stars

When Washington learned that George Clooney was about to become the father of the twins, in one of the interviews he exclaimed: “Sleep now! Because soon you will not sleep! ”And he added:“ I’m not talking to George, I’m talking to his wife.

Sleep now! ”The actor knew what he was talking about, because he had already raised two daughters and a son, admitting that the experience with the twins was“ the most difficult and most useful step ”in his parenthood. “We have twins, and they grew up. But this is a miracle, ”Denzel jokes.

Denzel Washington is a devout Christian who considers himself a preacher, a rarity for Hollywood, he is a model of a husband and father who lived in his first and only marriage to his wife Paula for 21 years. The actor claims that on the home front a real star is his wife, on whom the main burden of raising children lies, while her husband earns money.

Today, the 64-year-old actor is the happy father of 34-year-old John, 30-year-old Kati, and 27-year-old twins Olivia Rachel and Malcolm. All his children, one way or another, linked their lives with the cinema.

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