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Tricks of laying at night

Tricks of laying at night

Problems with nighttime sleep in varying degrees, affect 30% of children. But according to the results of various surveys conducted in the USA, Canada, Australia and European countries, more than 70% of parents would like their children to sleep longer and better at night.

It is, as you can see, about a large number of people.

Indeed, after birth, babies fall into one of two categories. Some children sleep well at night literally from the first days of returning from the hospital, others wake up their parents several times a night during the year, or even two.

Why it happens?

First, all children are different. And some are marmots by nature, while others are too active to spend the lion’s share of their free time for sleep (even in the first weeks of life, when, it would seem, except to sleep, and there is nothing more to do).

Secondly, in the organization of children’s sleep rules, an honorable role is assigned – guess who? – to us, parents, and we just tend to forget it. And here comes the question: are we doing everything right? After all, in addition to the biological predisposition of the baby to a healthy sleep, there are still objective realities of everyday life.

And in order for the child to sleep better at night, you need to adhere to certain principles of behavior.

The first children of their parents tend to sleep worse than their younger brothers and sisters afterwards. Lack of experience, increased anxiety of moms and dads lead to the fact that the slightest grunting of a child in the middle of the night is perceived as a catastrophe.

And now the light is on and the whole family is awake.

What to do?
It’s easier to treat. Newborns can wake up several times during the night, but they can fall asleep on their own, having a little whimpering.

In addition, if nighttime awakenings become a cause for serious concern to the parents, then the baby involuntarily adjusts to the general anxious background.

Tricks of laying at night

Up to 25% of parents face this really frequent cause of sleep disorders in babies of the first months of life. They occur in babies older than 3 weeks and pass by 3 months. The child stiffens, reddens, leads the legs to the stomach and cries shrill.

The reason is considered to be increased flatulence in the intestines and immaturity of the digestive tract.

What to do?
Try different means – something will definitely help. Drink baby baby tea with fennel, dill water. Put a warm diaper on your belly.

Massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction or bend the legs at the knees, press them against the abdomen and pull them back. Put the baby on your belly. Put on the vapor pipe.

Give a medicine that the treating pediatrician recommends in these cases. American experts, for example, recommend to roll the child in the car – the pain syndrome will be removed, and the baby will fall asleep. In general, in the United States for the diagnosis of colic is used “rule numbers 3” – this is when the child screams three hours a day, three times a week and three weeks in a row.

If less and less, it is not colic, and the cause must be sought elsewhere.

According to experts, children sleeping in the same bed or in the same room with their parents wake up more often than those sleeping in a separate nursery. On their return from the maternity hospital, many parents try to put the child next to them at night: frequent feeding and changing diapers give the impression that they don’t leave the child for a single day or even at night.

What to do?
When the baby sets itself a feeding regime (at the age from 2 weeks to 3 months), one of the options to ensure a normal sleep is to sleep in different rooms. Frequent awakening of parents at night is unjustified – children can fall asleep without help, and mother gets up to the baby at the first call, often without waiting for the start of crying.

If the baby sleeps in another room, she will not hear the turns and flaunts that do not deserve her attention.

Tricks of laying at night

American somnologists say that 50% of breastfed babies wake up at least once a night (between 12 and 6 am). This is especially true of children who sleep in the same room with their parents: the baby even smells mother milk at a distance.

Among artificial children, this percentage is significantly lower – 20. Breast milk is digested faster than the mixture, and the baby, who eats mother’s milk, will wake up from hunger two hours after feeding, an hour or a half earlier than the artificial peer.

What to do?
Of course, transfer the child to the mixture is not worth it. But you shouldn’t also fall into the trap typical for young mothers: “In order for him to calm down and fall asleep, he must be breastfed.”

Feed for some time before bedding, away from the crib, after feeding, change clothes and let’s keep on holding in the hands of another person, if there is such an opportunity.

The babies, who were first pumped up, and then, in a state of sound sleep, were placed in a cradle or crib, they would wake up faster than those who were laid in the waking state.

What to do?
Try not to teach to motion sickness before bedtime, especially on the hands. Small children, as we noted above, are perfectly able to fall asleep themselves – even sing lullabies to themselves. The child, who was pumped on his arms and then placed in a crib, will feel a change in the situation – either soon after laying up, or during the initial stage of awakening.

He thinks it is unnatural (her mother is more comfortable and more comfortable in her arms, who can argue with that?) And will wake up earlier than she could.

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