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Towards excellence

Towards excellence

The sun is scorching, asphalt is melting underfoot – in a word, summer. Hair hangs lifeless strands, skin becomes irritated, reddens, makeup spreads.

But do not despair and in an attempt to improve the state of their appearance to flee from the urban heat to a remote village. There are more humane methods to regain a radiant look.

The summer heat can provoke acne and acne, as the sebaceous glands become more active, as a result the skin becomes more oily and it requires special cleansing in the form of lotions and masks. The most good in this sense are the special masks, which include wheat germ oil, panthenol, calendula oil, menthol, seaweed.

Such tools are designed for instant impact. Do not reject, and those that include clay.

It should be remembered that the thicker the mask is by its consistency, the more cleansing, “pulling” effect it has.

Depending on the components present in the mask, it can have different actions. Dry skin suitable mask with a high content of collagen – it helps to strengthen all layers of the skin and has a pronounced moisturizing effect. Herbal extracts of jasmine, green tea will help irritated, sensitive skin: remove redness and swelling, give the skin elasticity.

Regenerating masks are rich in vitamins from wheat germ, calendula, sea buckthorn oils, seaweed extracts and aloe vera. Ideal for tired, lethargic skin.

Moreover, such care can significantly reduce the impact on the skin of such negative environmental factors as dust, heat and summer wind.

Returned home, and on the face as if the dust gathered all the roads? My first thought: wash some cool water. But this is better not to do!

Skin feels dry. In summer, the effects of high temperatures in combination with dry air have a particularly adverse effect.

So when washing instead of soap, it is better to use milk and lotions corresponding to skin type. They gently and at the same time very carefully clean the mouth of the sebaceous glands and help the skin to restore the moisture balance.

Towards excellence

Some young ladies use a large amount of cosmetics in order to hide the signs of fatigue and give the skin a healthy look. This is not an option. Better treat it with serums.

They create real miracles: they help to quickly bring the skin in order as quickly as possible and literally get rid of any imperfections – excessive dryness or oily skin, dull color, enlarged pores, irritation, irregularities, wrinkles, loss of elasticity. This effect is achieved due to the high concentrate of fruit acids, healing minerals and natural vitamins A, E, C, which form the basis of whey.

The skin instantly gets the right amount of active substances, and in the form in which they are easier to digest. Serum can be used together with the cream.

In this case, the effect of the latter will increase. But it is necessary to combine drugs very carefully, because, for example, a cream containing aromatic oils is not recommended for use with serum, which contains alpha-hydroxy acid.

Summer makeup should embody freshness and naturalness. Accordingly, the use of decorative cosmetics should be minimized. Because, whatever your makeup – light, mattifying, environmentally friendly – from the heat, soaked with sweat, it will not only clog pores, but, mixed with street dust, will turn into a real hotbed of bacteria.

And it is unlikely to look fresh and beautiful. If you can not do without make-up, use crumbly mineral powder or tonal remedy with minerals.

Such drugs do not harm your pores, and mineral salts in their composition will help soothe and moisturize the skin. In addition, the risk of allergic reactions will decrease.

Towards excellence

Instead of shiny hair on his head lifeless strands with brittle tips? For the revival of damaged hair, there are special means of express treatment. They “smooth out” hair, have a stimulating effect on the hair follicle and are designed for quick and easy restorative care.

A more complete and deep therapeutic effect can be achieved with the help of masks. They should be applied over the entire length of the hair and hold from 2 to 15 minutes.

Some of them need to be washed off, others exert their revitalizing effect on clean, damp hair. Special procedures will help to add shine to the hair.

Ekaterina Chicheryukina, stylist at OblakaStudio salon, advises to use care based on Organic Care System cosmetics, aimed at restoring hair from the inside. The organic complex, which is part of the products, will carefully return the hair to their previous strength.

Decided before bedtime to make a mask or use a cream? Not worth it.

The use of cosmetics can cause acne. The optimal time for skin to take all the nutrients is 8–9 pm.

At this time, her cells are set to recover: the effect of applying the cream will be maximum. By the way, if you want the skin care product to bring you as much benefit as possible, pay attention to its composition.

It must include moisturizing agents and vitamin E, which is commonly referred to as “female vitamin.”

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