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Touching “games


Touch is called “skin feeling.” Still would! It helps the baby to feel touches, pressure, pain, heat, cold, helps to determine the shape and texture of objects by touch, etc.

You can even talk about a peculiar sensitive period of development of the hand of a child. She touches a rough cone and a smooth mirror, a fluffy bear and sharp teeth of a comb.

Tactile sensations allow him to compare different surfaces, to understand what he likes to touch and what he does not like.

In order for the sense of touch to develop fully, it is important to offer your child all sorts of games and exercises aimed at training him. Let’s try?

Natural material. Play with natural materials: cones, chestnuts, acorns, walnuts, pebbles, shells. Touching them, the crumb will experience a variety of tactile sensations.

Let natural material play a role, for example, candies and cookies, which need to be distributed to dolls and animals, laid out on plates. It is also very useful to make all kinds of crafts and applications from natural materials.

Miracle foil. Offer the child to “sculpt” from food foil: you can crush it in handles, make balls of it, and then smooth it again.

Warm cold. Let the kid touch cold snow on the street, and at home a warm battery, learn to determine the temperature of the water flowing from the tap: whether it is warm or cold. Moreover, in the water you can lower both the handles and the legs …

Magic bag. In an opaque bag or purse, fold all sorts of objects of different shapes, sizes, textures (toys, egg figures with surprises, cones, chestnuts, nuts, large buttons, a teaspoon, etc.). The youngest kids can just put their hands in a bag and go through all these “treasures”.

And to older children, offer by touch, without taking your hand out of the bag, to determine what object they “caught”. It is clear that for such a game all the items in the bag should be known to the kid.

It is better to pre-game, to consider them all carefully, and only then put in the bag.

Fun bathing. Tactile sensation develops well when the hands of a child are free to feel around different objects.

You can do this while swimming. Sketch small toys and objects (spoons, rubber and plastic toys, small balls, shells, large stones, sponges of different hardness, etc.) on the bottom of the bathroom. Launch a plastic ship into the water and offer to load it with an important cargo, to put the passengers on the deck.

If the boat is not there, give the kid a bowl, let him fold the toys into it.


Fluffy traces. For the development of tactile sensations, and at the same time massaging the feet, it is useful for the baby to walk with its feet on different surfaces.

In the summer – on sand, grass, sea pebbles. And in the cold season, following the “tracks” carefully prepared by mother. From pieces of different materials (linoleum, carpet, corrugated wallpaper, foam, “pimply” cellophane, fur, etc.) cut the “footprints” in size a little more than a child’s leg.

Lay them out on the floor, taste the baby, take off the socks and suggest to go on a fun journey. Let the kid walk his legs on the “mysterious” tracks, and you comment on his feelings: “This is a smooth track, how nice!

And this one is rough! And this one is soft, fluffy! ”

Top Top Baby will be very useful game with a massage mat for the legs with wooden beads. Such a rug is easy to find on sale, and it is not expensive at all.

Most likely, the baby will not be interested just to tread on the rug, the mother’s words “this is useful” for him an empty sound. So you need to motivate him somehow!

It is best to carry out cheerful exercises with your child, marching and bouncing on the rug under the funny rhymes. First we will stomp:

Feet stomped: top-top-top!
Handles clapped: clap clap clap!
Sat down! We got up!

Surprise se-li!
And then all the porridge ate!

And now let’s “skip” like horses, raising their knees high:

– But! – we said horse
And rushed without regard.
Curls mane in the wind.
Here is the house. Horse, whoa!

Use for charging on the rug any suitable rhymes, songs, pies, so that the lessons are not only useful, but fun.

Rails-rails … Well, we have practiced the tactile sensitivity of our arms and legs, and now let’s do the whole body! Do you know which is the best tactile game? Of course, a fun massage!

And it would be great if such a massage to the baby was done not by the mother, but by the father. During the day, the mother touches the baby many times. But after all, dad does something completely different!

Papa has different fingers, the skin on his hands is different, and the touches themselves are different from my mother’s. So, communicating with dad, the crumb gets a lot of new tactile impressions, which helps him develop better. So, we tell the old-old rhyme and do the corresponding massage movements on the children’s back:

Rails, rails, (Draw the fingers on the back of the longitudinal rails)

Sleepers, sleepers. (We draw transverse lines-sleepers)

Rode the train late. (“Run” fingers across the back)

From the last window

Suddenly peas fell. (Knocking fingers on the back, as if peas are pouring)

Chickens came: they pecked, they pecked … (“We peck” fingers)

The geese came: pinched, pinched … (Pinch back)

The elephant came: trampled, trampled, (We are “treading on” with cams)

The elephant came: trampled, trampled, (“We are marking time, but not so much)

The little elephant came: ran, ran. (“Run” on the back with your fingers)

The janitor came: swept everything, swept everything. (Stroking the back)

Put the chair, table, typewriter (“Put”, table and chair with four fingers) And he began to print: (“Printing”)

“My dear daughter. Whack point, Whack point (On the word “vzhik” we spend lightly with your fingers on the sides of the baby)

I bought you stockings. Zipper point zipper point

I sealed the letter, stamped and sent (We put the “seal”)

The letter flew, flew, flew (We stroke the back, showing how the letter flew)

And flew! (Slam the baby lightly on the pope or click the rubber band of the pants).

If a son or daughter requires a “continuation of the banquet,” roll toy cars along the back of each other. This is great, the baby will like it!

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