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Top 8 mobile apps for traveling with kids

Top 8 mobile apps for traveling with kids

Getting ready for a trip is always difficult, even if you only leave home for a few days. It is necessary to foresee so many things, and then there are also children in anticipation of adventures “contributing” to the training camps …

The journey begins … with fees!

(PackPoint – baggage collection app)

Carefully thought out and collected baggage – the key to a relaxing trip. And instead of running around the apartment looking for a list of notes, you can just install the free PackPoint application! It not only allows you to create a list of things that are always at hand, but also tells you what you may need on a trip, depending on its duration and goals, weather conditions and even the presence of a washing machine at your place of residence.

How not to miss the most interesting?

(Redigo – guides and offline maps)

Of course, you can prepare in advance: buy a couple of guidebooks, review all the issues of travel programs, explore hundreds of pages on the Internet in search of the best attractions. And you can just download the application Redigo! This is a convenient compact guide to countries and cities, which will tell you on the way the most interesting things about the country, will not let you pass by the sights, and will also keep up to date with current events.

The application does not require an Internet connection, which is very important in roaming.

(Finance PM – personal finance manager)

Watching the family budget is not easy, especially on vacation. It’s so eager to forget about everything, to please the children by riding the rides and buying a huge doll or typewriter.

And do not forget yourself, having run once again for shopping or visiting the spa-salon. And for dinner, order this huge lobster!

We are on vacation! … And at the end of the vacation the whole family has to tighten their belts. Do not be in such a situation will help you personal finance manager Finance PM, who will take control of your expenses and allow you to use the budget within reason.

Top 8 mobile apps for traveling with kids

And what about the weather?

(Weather Pro – weather)

What to take with you – a sunblock or a raincoat – tells Weather Pro mobile app. This pocket weather station will give you all the information you need, including air temperature, atmospheric pressure and wind speed. The application will prompt the weather for 7 days in advance, write down the details by the hour and tell you not only about the weather outside the window, but also how it feels.

(AroundMe – an application that allows you to quickly find out information about the surrounding area)

Your baby is already tired of impressions and agreed to eat, but you just can not find the nearest decent cafe? AroundMe will come to the rescue. After receiving information about your location, the application will give you a list of cafes, bars, banks, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, theaters and taxi stands nearest you.

(Journey – electronic diary)

Remember the huge photo albums with handwritten notes? And with what pleasure we flipped through them before!

In the age of digital technology and the frantic pace of life, we no longer waste time printing out photos. But sometimes you want to remember the brightest moments, to revive a long-gone trip.

The Journey application will allow you to create your nostalgic photo album without spending too much time, and you will always have it at hand. Journey beautifully combines your favorite photos in the form of a calendar, photo album or satin, allowing you to relive the best moments again and again, anytime, anywhere.

Top 8 mobile apps for traveling with kids

We find a common language

(Image It – illustrated phrase book)

It is unlikely that in the evenings before the trip you are reading a foreign phrasebook instead of a bedtime story, preparing for the trip. But to explain to the locals will be necessary! Fans of traveling to other countries will become an indispensable assistant to Image It. The application allows you to draw your question or select one of 450 ready-made icons in 7 languages.

For his work does not require any Internet or mobile communications, only the primary skills of the artist.

Ticket is fast and convenient

(“Railway Tickets” – purchase of train tickets)

The young parent has little time, and I want to choose a ticket not only at a reasonable price, but also in a convenient train. So that he leaves not too early – the child will be difficult to pick up – and did not arrive at night. The Railway Tickets application contains all the necessary information – about the available destinations, free places, cost, departure and arrival times of the trains of interest, and the availability of additional services.

Moreover, all RZD discounts are valid – a free ticket for a child under 5 years old without a separate place can be issued, and a discount for a student will be 50%. Buy a ticket through the application can be very fast – you can save a list of passengers in advance, and you do not have to enter their data every time.

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