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Top 12 Misconceptions of Young Parents

Top 12 Misconceptions of Young Parents

1. An infant at least three months should be bathed in a solution of potassium permanganate.

The recommendation was relevant when the Soviet government mastered the expanses of Central Asia. Indeed, it is better to bathe the child in the solution of potassium permanganate than in the water from the aryk. But today, from our taps, after all the treatments with which it is subjected, absolutely “sterile” water flows, and there is no sense in such a procedure.

Moreover, potassium permanganate not only paints the water and dries the skin, but also can burn the baby’s skin, especially if the crystals are immediately poured into the water. Therefore, if the thought occurred to disinfect tap water or the young mother gave up the pressure of the grandmothers, you must first dilute the potassium permanganate in a container and only after that pour the resulting solution into a bath filled with water.

2. After the maternity hospital, you should wash the baby’s eyes with soap.

Laundry soap in the care of a child of any age to anything. For those who recommend it, I advise you to try the algorithm of actions on yourself first.


3. The soap inserted into the anus stimulates the baby’s stools.

Why insert it there, if there are vent pipes, microclysters? You can also try to make the child’s legs “bicycle”, help light stroking the tummy, massage the flue tube or a cotton swab dipped in oil.

There is a myth that a breastfed baby can not empty the intestines for weeks – so everything is well absorbed. This is not true. Up to three or four months, the breastfed baby should poo several times a day.

Did he do it only once a day? So he has constipation.

After four months, bowel movements should occur at least once every 24 hours. Time limit exceeded?

Take action. Otherwise, the rectum is overstretched, and the first portion of feces thickens, turning into a fecal plug. Going out, she injures the anal sphincter, the baby is in pain.

If this happens again several times, the child will have the feeling that to crap – it hurts. And he will generally stop walking “big”.

Therefore, the primary task is to prevent the formation of fecal congestion.

Massage and “bicycle” do not help – try microclysters. It did not work – wash the fecal plug with a regular enema.

Fear not: getting used to the enema does not happen.

If constipation persists, consult a doctor. We need to find out the reason. Before the introduction of complementary feeding, peristalsis is rather sluggish, you may have to adjust the diet of the nursing mother.

It does not hurt to check the condition of the biliary tract.

4. A newborn sees the world upside down and black and white.

Nothing like this! Simply, the newborn sees best what is 30–40 cm from him. This is exactly the distance between the baby’s face and the mother’s face when the baby is at the breast.

Another myth originates from here: a newborn should be shown different pictures and even words written in large letters. It does not harm the child. You can hang socks, paint the walls, etc. The little ones are attracted by contrasting color combinations, but, of course, not the “last day of Pompeii” style.

And most of all he is interested in studying the human face. As for the world turned upside down, let me ask: why should a child see everything like that?

He does not cling to the branch of the tail. And the vision of the newborn is quite colorful, as the cones and the tubes responsible for this are already present in the eye.

5. The baby should sleep separately from the mother, and when he cries, it is better not to approach, so as not to accustom to hands.

The smaller the child, the more he makes up with the mother. Because baby and pectoral, which is constantly in the chest.

Then there will be no stagnation of milk, lack of sleep, you will not have to get out of bed every time, come up, feed, then leave again.

6. When breastfeeding a child should be soldered.

Imagine a primeval forest. Where to get water for a baby?

From the puddle can not drink. That is why breast milk contains all fractions, and when it is hot outside, the share of “drinking”, that is, water content, increases.

7. The longer you breastfeed, the better for the baby.

Physiological breastfeed baby 1-1.5 years. By the year the child eats almost everything, it remains only the habit of sucking the breast at night and for comfort.

By the age of one and a half, the baby has teeth, so the food should be of a different consistency. Therefore, 1.5 years is the age when the child should already be absolutely relieved from the breast.

Top 12 Misconceptions of Young Parents

8. Girls can not sit down, take the ass, put on his knees, otherwise it will bend the uterus.

In the child’s built chants. When something is wrong, he shouts, and when all is well, he behaves quietly. A baby has more foolproof protection than any computer.

Everything is arranged so intelligently that it is difficult to harm the child. Mom and baby fit together like a key to the lock.

9. We can not allow the baby to sit, w-shaped legs apart, and walk without shoes. Shoes must have a solid backdrop and heels.

Otherwise there will be crooked legs and flat feet.

The statement that shoes can damage the shape of the legs is as true as the statement that the hat can damage the shape of the head. Most of all the features of the structure of the legs laid genetically. What footwear on the child or put on, it is impossible to correct anything.

Orthopedic shoes are prescribed for serious correction. But it is the prerogative of the orthopedist.

For the rest, you just need to run more barefoot over rough terrain and temper.

10. Diapers should be ironed with a hot iron.

If you want to bring beauty before the visit of your grandmother, please, but it is pointless to achieve sterility, especially if the baby is already crawling on the floor and almost kissing a dog. For two months, the baby is actively thrusting his hands into his mouth. Do not pull them out!

This is not a bad habit. It is still far away.

The environment baby introduces new viruses, bacteria, dirt and gradually trains the immune system.

11. It is necessary to bring down the increased temperature.

Temperature makes it possible to resist viruses and bacteria: at high degrees, they die. But if the baby is less than three months old, it is necessary to bring the heat down to 38 ° C and be sure to show the baby to the doctor so that everything happens under his control.

In six months, you can observe until the thermometer shows 38.5 ° C: in the interval between 38.5 and 39 ° C, protection factors are most effective. After a year, temperatures up to 39 ° C are considered permissible.

All this is true when the baby does not have serious neurological and other disorders, there is no history of febrile seizures.

You should also be aware that the temperature is different. If the baby is hot as a pie, red and cheerful, the heat can not be knocked down. When he has 38.5 ° C, but he is pale, his arms and legs are cold, he has shivering, and his head, chest and stomach are hot, this is a white fever.

Even before the arrival of the doctor, it should be redone. The best remedy is to make a bath with a water temperature of 38 ° C and immerse the person in it. Water will take away excess degrees, the child will become evenly hot.

During this time, the antipyretic will also take effect. Giving it, remember that the medicine reaches its peak in 40 minutes.

12. Walkers help the child to quickly take the first step.

In Canada and Australia, this device is generally prohibited. Premature muscle activity only hurts the baby.

If we, wishing for the rose to bloom faster, begin to open the petals, nothing will be left of it. So is the baby.

If you put him on his feet when the body is not ready for such “feats”, nothing good will come of it. Using the walker, the child gets used to the fact that there is always a zone of inaccessibility around him, and without the walker he can get injured, crashing into an obstacle or rolling down the stairs.

Your child will go without any adaptations, when the body is ready for this kind of stress.

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