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Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

Most likely, you have at least one friend who, having become pregnant, said: “It happened exactly at that moment when I stopped thinking about it.” It annoys, upsets and gets on your nerves, especially when all you want is to have a baby. And it seems that nothing will work anymore – but your friend is telling the truth.

Stress can be one of the main reasons why you can not get pregnant: a high level of the stress hormone – cortisol – can adversely affect fertility. A study by American scientists who watched 400 couples trying to get pregnant showed that women with a high level of alpha-amylase (stress rate) had 29% lower chances of getting pregnant than women with a normal figure.

Experts say that constant stress reduces the production of hormones responsible for a stable cycle.

Relax and try to let go of the situation for a while. Learn to meditate, sign up for yoga. Some asanas promote the flow of blood to the pelvis, thus stimulating the production of the necessary hormones.

And this has a beneficial effect on the ability to conceive. Stop planning your pregnancy so much and remind yourself every day that this is a miracle that actually happens very, very often.

If you are going to do it – do it right! Many couples believe that if you “save” sperm and not have sex for a week, then the chances of conception will increase significantly.

This is not true. After about a week of abstinence, sperm motility decreases markedly. For successful conception, doctors recommend having sex every day or every other day for a week before and including the day of ovulation.

More frequent sex can negatively affect the ability of sperm to fertilize, and if you do it less often – you can skip the conception window. So, if your sex life has long been not so violent as at the beginning of a relationship, this is a good reason to diversify it.

In addition, regular sex has been proven to help establish a cycle: the partner’s body secretes hormones that affect your reproductive system, so regular sex contributes to more estrogen production.

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

It would seem that the 21st century is in the courtyard, but many women still believe in the miraculous power of douching. It seems that everything is logical: with any infection, unhealthy diet, the presence of bad habits, the environment in the vagina becomes acidic. Sperm in such an environment dies and cannot fertilize an egg, so many use a weak soda solution to make the medium alkaline and create favorable conditions for conception.

But doctors are opposed to this method: soda kills not only harmful microorganisms, but also useful ones, thus disturbing the natural pH of the vagina. In addition, douching soda can exacerbate inflammation and diseases such as erosion and damage to the cervix, which a woman often does not know about without visiting a gynecologist.

Speaking of infertility, we tend to believe that the problem is on the part of the woman. But in fact, the responsibility lies equally on both partners. Doctors say that in 40% of cases of infertility the cause must be sought from the man, and in 40% from the woman.

The remaining 20% ​​is compatibility, a combination of both partners. But do not panic ahead of time.

Remember that a healthy couple in order to successfully conceive, it takes from 6 months to a year.

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

The most common mistake – the wrong definition of the day of ovulation. For most women, it occurs in the middle of the cycle, but this applies to women with a 28-32-day cycle.

Ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the onset of menstruation. Therefore, if you have a 24-day cycle, then ovulation will occur on day 10. If your cycle is noticeably longer, say, 42 days, then we can assume that you ovulate less often, not in every cycle.

In this case, and also, if you have an irregular cycle (in this case, ovulation can be either on day 6 or on day 21), or you do not remember when the last time was monthly, forget these rules. It can not do without a test to determine ovulation, with which you can easily find out when you have a window of conception.

Another common mistake is to count the beginning of the cycle not from the first day of your period. The first day of your period is when you have blood. Not a day before, not a day after.

For a successful conception, the account goes literally for hours, which is why it is so important to know the exact day of the beginning of the cycle.

No matter how much you try, pregnancy cannot be planned. As mentioned above, a healthy couple takes from 6 months to a year to conceive. But many women need half a year only in order to normalize their cycle after the end of taking contraceptives.

Ovulation will not be until the cycle becomes regular. Therefore, if after 6 months your cycle has not returned to normal or you are not sure that you are ovulating, you should visit a doctor.

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

No one knows why so many people with sarcasm are concerned with the statement that after intercourse it is advisable to lie on your back with slightly raised buttocks for about 20 minutes. Doctors unanimously argue that this method increases the possibility of conception by as much as 80%!

Therefore, if you want to dance a victory dance after a successful conception, as you think, refrain – for at least 20 minutes.

Perhaps you have always had an irregular cycle, and because of this you have difficulty conceiving. Or perhaps you have diabetes, and you want to make sure everything is under control before you get pregnant.

To consult with a specialist doesn’t mean to be paranoid! There are situations in which you should not ignore your worries: here you are thinking not only about yourself, but also about your future child. If you have any questions or concerns, it is better to immediately find a specialist who will explain everything and tell you about the pitfalls that may be encountered specifically on your way.

Thus, faced with difficulties in trying to get pregnant, you will already be ready for them.

Much has already been said on this subject, but it will not be superfluous to repeat: it is necessary to give up bad habits at least one year before attempts to become pregnant. Why do women continue to consume alcohol and smoke, knowing how badly it affects the ability to conceive? Doctors around the world warn: the first trimester is the most important in the formation of the child’s body.

There is no amount of alcohol that would be safe for him. But some future mothers, taking alcohol in the early stages, still do not know that they are pregnant.

Therefore, if you are not protected, with regard to alcohol and cigarettes, act as if you are already pregnant – simply do not consume, or at least minimize to a minimum.

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

What is harmful to your fertility can also harm your partner’s ability to conceive. Cigarettes, alcohol, unbalanced nutrition – all of this has a negative effect on the quality and quantity of sperm.

Studies have also shown that smoking and alcohol abuse lead to damage to the sperm at the chromosomal level. Sperm is completely updated in 3 months, so your partner should give up bad habits at least for this time.

Make sure that he takes enough nutrients, selenium, vitamins E and C – they are especially useful for men.

With regard to the influence of temperature on the ability of men to conceive, then opinions diverge. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine claims that it does not have special significance for the work of the male genital organs.

Some doctors, however, recommend to refrain from frequent hot baths, even if the man has no problems with sperm quality.

There is a study proving that the temperature of the scrotum increases if you keep your laptop on your lap for a long time. Another group of experts revealed that exposure to radiation from mobile phones can damage the male ability to conceive, especially if you keep the phone in your pants pocket.

However, not a single study found a clear connection between the effects of heat and male fertility.

Top 10 Mistakes When Trying to Get Pregnant

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