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To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

They say that this is where the Olympic gods rested. Having been on the island, it is easy to believe.

Its surprisingly benevolent atmosphere is just meant for relaxation. There are no ancient ruins here, but it impresses with its nature and harmony.

First of all, these are local residents – people are sincere, cheerful, hospitable, with an ardent temperament. And they treat the Russians very well, even preferring them to other foreigners.

As for food, it’s hard to imagine what needs to be done to feed you poorly and poorly.

Secondly, Zakynthos is a small island. It is quite possible to inspect it in a week, and, if you wish, you can do without a car, and by traveling on public buses.

They are, of course, slightly late, but not critical. And you can even take a taxi – since the distances here are small, the money is also acceptable.

Thirdly, it is nice to be here with a small child. But not because the island is full of children’s entertainment.

There are, of course, several water parks, and a lovely zoo, and, of course, all sorts of water activities. But!

The main thing here, on the greenest island of Greece, is nature, in many places almost virgin and stunningly beautiful. And urban children, deprived of it, need nature (according to the firm conviction of those parents who go to Zakynthos) much more than carousels and gadgets. Traveling by car from the beach to the beach, wandering through the olive groves, breathing in their tart flavors and sitting down in the shade of the trees to listen to so different from the city exhausting noise, calming chirping cicadas … And, of course, the sea.

In general, all the best places on Zakynthos are clustered around the beaches, and one of the most popular, designed to satisfy the tastes of parents and toddlers, and their older brothers and sisters – Laganas.

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

Beach. Some believe that he is the best in Laganas on the island.

The long, sandy entrance to the water, as everywhere on Zakynthos, is long-long, warm-warm (and all September, as a rule, too!), Shallow-shallow. Drowning is very difficult – to go far, so for small children who are learning to swim and barely able, the beach is perfect.

On the beach (as well as on most of the others on the island) the main children’s entertainment is the construction of pyramids and sand castles. And yet, walking along the coast from end to end, among the most frequent sculptural images, you can find turtles here.

And the inscription on the sand: “careta-careta”.

So intricately called the local turtles, the oldest of which (this is a male), according to local residents, is 150 years old. Turtles can be seen with the naked eye, if you are not too lazy to swim a little further into the sea. Well, luck is also needed for this, of course.

They are harmless, huge, they do not react to people, they are used to it. The main habitat is the left side of the Laganas beach, facing the sea. There is also a special “tortoise beach” where females go to lay eggs at night.

On the beach there are specially marked places of laying, it is forbidden to touch. It is also forbidden to go to this beach after eight in the evening, for which special workers are keenly watching.

By the way, hotels are located on this beach.

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

Guaranteed to see turtles in the sea can be, having gone on an organized excursion on catamarans or speedboats (entry on the beach). “If you don’t see turtles, we will refund your money!” Is the slogan of the guides, who track animals by special beacons attached to the turtles. Therefore – you will certainly see.

Everyone has heard about the resort of Ibiza, where young people from all over the world go to hang out, and Laganas, in this sense, meanwhile, is just as good. In the evening, families with small children like to walk everywhere, but not along the main street, where no one lives, but there are a lot of diverse nightclubs (there is even a local “Moulin Rouge”).

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

Crowds, mainly English, American and Greek adolescents, rush there. In the “bad” quarter until the morning the music rumbles, and pour alcohol, not interested in age.

There are practically no Russian “kids”, but, probably, only because Zakynthos for mass tourists from our country opened only recently, only a few years ago. Attention moms and dads young Russian girls!

They are snapped up here, because they look much more attractive than Western fatties.

Zakynthos is not Turkey, there are few water parks here. So little that if the hotel has its own water park, then this jewel is open to all comers.

But for the money (14-15 euros per day) for the alien, free of charge for residents.

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

This is the water park owned by the Caretta Beach and Waterpark Hotel, located in the resort of Kalamaki, 5 minutes drive from Laganas. If you pay 30 euros, you can go there as many times as you like during the week, and for 40 euros you get a subscription for 2 weeks.

There is a very attentive staff, strict order. Small oddity, characterized by its inexplicability for Zakynthos: the slides do not all work at the same time, but according to a schedule.

One of the largest – 40 thousand sq.m. – Water Parks of Greece. Water Village is located in the southern part of the island, 4 km from the capital of the island, Zakynthos, in the village of Sarakinado. Price: 18 euros for the whole day, 14 euros – after 14.30, but this is a bad time, since it is precisely by the middle of the day and later tourists come here by sightseeing buses. In general, regular buses do not go here, just as they do not go to the zoo. One gets the feeling that the Greeks cheated and did it specifically to rip off more money for a collective visit, while at the same time providing a job as a taxi driver and car distributors.

There are a lot of slides, there is even a swimming pool with a jacuzzi and a photo point where you can get photos from different attractions.

Like people, in the sense that animals here, in detail to visitors, freely roam the park and are not afraid of anyone! And no one is afraid of them, because all the little animals gathered here are harmless. Only predators raccoons sit in cages.

They stand more precisely, with eternally stretched towards the tourists and pushed through the rods, with their paws – begging for a handout.

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

Askos is an amazing stone park, with a territory of about 500 thousand square meters (and a ticket price of 7 euros). Hundreds of different types of animals are here in their natural environment and, according to the general opinion of tourists, they are good here, and this is very pleasing.

Why is the zoo called stone? All ancient tanks, troughs, vessels on the territory are made of stone and are in harmony with the environment (the Greeks are no worse than the Japanese with their stone gardens!).

And even the stables and pools are cut down here in the rocks so that it is more convenient to collect the precious fresh water.

Visitors are not forbidden to stroke and feed the inhabitants of Askos (food – sprigs of olive trees, lemons – issued by caretakers). The park is organized very conveniently – guests pass a huge closed ring along the winding stone paths, so that it is simply impossible to miss something.

It is unacceptable to go to Zakynthos and not visit its most famous jewel – Smugglers Bay, in Greek – Navajo. Navayo is compared to the Caribbean and is called the most beautiful place on the planet.

You can get there only from the sea – the rocks reliably protect the bay from the wind and people from the land – so you have to rent a boat or join the excursion (the usual price is 25 euros per person).

To the sea in September: the emerald island of Zakynthos

The white sand of the beach is blinding. The water is saturated with limestone deposits, crystal clear and turquoise-beautiful.

Swim here, especially with a mask – an indescribable pleasure. But the main surprise of this lost place is a dilapidated rusty wreck of a real ship, which many years ago, smuggling in contraband goods, escaped the pursuit of the Greek police and ran aground.

At first, the authorities intended to deport the ship and restore the natural harmony of the bay, but over time it began to attract tourists and photographers from around the world. This boat called “Panayotis” has become one of the symbols of the island of Zakynthos.

If you are going on an excursion (especially with children!), Please note that the ship has pretty rusted to move around and climb it, you need suitable shoes and caution.

And here you can see Blue caves with naturally blue water, Volimos place with handmade carpets hung right on the fences, hydrogen sulfide springs, mills …

Sculptures and images of turtles in all kinds, honey, olive oil (buy from local draft is cheaper and better), dry wine, olives, raisins (dried here naturally), local, rather exotic sweets: mantolato, pastels. And here are sold the most amazing slingshot.

Perhaps, such beautiful and diverse wooden products are not found anywhere else.

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