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To the bank, for milk

To the bank, for milk

At the same time, in most countries of the world there are cans of breast milk. You can also use the experience of ancestors and search for the crumbs nurse.

Mom’s milk is food, drink, medicine … in a word, a unique living liquid. However, despite the active promotion of breastfeeding, some women still refuse to breastfeed or cannot do so due to medical indications. Those who are lucky enough to give birth to a child once know how difficult it is to restrain yourself, hearing a variety of hidden hints and direct accusations, if you suddenly chose the wrong kind of feeding that was approved by your surroundings.

No one will dispute that breastfeeding is wonderful – but only if the young mother herself wants it. In any case, everyone knows that the newborn needs milk to grow healthy and happy.

And here another question arises: what to prefer – a dry mix or donor milk?

Breastfeeding is great, but only if the young mother wants it herself, and not because her close relatives insist on it.

The problem of the mother’s lack of breast milk at different times was solved differently. Until about the middle of the XIX century, the majority of parents in Europe, the USA, and in Russia, who could afford to pay for the services of a wet-nurse, gave her children immediately after giving birth. With the development of society, as well as under the influence of new trends, including the teachings of J.-J.

Rousseau, many young mothers everywhere began to refuse the services of “dairy” mothers. But in the 1960s – 1970s, a new boom began in many European countries: women in labor transferred newborns to infant formulas.

In the USSR at that time there was no such abundance of artificial substitutes for mother’s milk. And when my mother got up to the problem than to feed the baby, she gave him either diluted cow’s milk or a dry mixture based on it. And if the baby was intolerant of the mixture, the mother had to look for a nurse.

Then a new wave of breastfeeding propaganda began.

I wouldn’t feed someone else’s child myself, if, of course, not my adopted child, but I would pump and give away easily. I think that the two would feed if necessary.

Alya, 32, mother of 2-year-old Dasha

Before making a final decision on the use of donor milk, weigh the pros and cons. “Purely theoretically, a nurse is better if you don’t dwell heavily on her personal characteristics, if you are absolutely sure of her physical and mental health,” says Olesya Agranovich, a family psychologist, a member of the Association of Nutritional Consultants. But do not forget that donor milk is not a natural feeding, but just one of the possible artificial options.

As for me, that the nurse, the mixture is still someone else’s (someone else’s aunt or someone else’s cow). But breast milk is probably preferable to even an adapted mixture. When I fed my eldest son, I suffered from excess milk for three months and expressed my expression. Two months out of these three milk was taken by a neighbor for her girl.

I do not see anything unnatural in this.

My mother was also “milk” and gave the milk to one relative (they were taken directly from the hospital). And when she fed her sister, she fed another boy, the son of her friend.

You know what mixtures were in those days. But I consider it absolutely unnatural to sell breast milk.

Can not be so.

Lyuba, 25 years old, mother of 3-year-old Sonya

To the bank, for milk

An acquaintance. The easiest way is to find a nurse in a maternity hospital for your child or to ask for help from friends and acquaintances who have recently had children. Maybe among young mothers you will find one that has too much milk and is ready to decant for your baby?

You can also contact one of the breastfeeding support centers of the “Rainbow Maternity” or “Mama-City” type.

Such advertisements in newspapers and the Internet should be treated with extreme caution. It is rather difficult to choose exactly what you need from a huge number of offers and not to run into any scammers.

It is worth to approach the choice of the wet nurse with all responsibility. You must be absolutely sure that the “dairy” mother leads a healthy lifestyle, eats properly and does not violate the basic rules of hygiene during pumping.

Any milk, even donor, is better than an artificial mixture. But its useful qualities can be preserved only with proper processing and storage.

In 2008, the first breast milk bank opened in Argentina. Pasteurized breast milk is produced primarily by premature babies. In addition, milk is supplied to babies whose mothers have problems with lactation and cannot feed them.

All lactating women who have an excess of breast milk will be able to take it to the bank. Previously, they will have to undergo a series of tests: for HIV, Wasserman reaction and other diseases.

In addition, a mother who gives her milk should be non-smoking and consume the minimum amount of caffeine and alcohol; it is also undesirable that she took drugs and vitamin supplements. Milk itself undergoes research by specialists who study its color, smell and taste, as well as its calorie and fat content. Donor milk is pasteurized for 30 minutes and frozen, after which all babies needing it can receive it.

Similar banks are already operating in Brazil, Venezuela, the USA, the UK, Italy and other countries of the world. “As far as I know, there are no official banks of breast milk in Russia today,” says family counselor Olesya Agranovich. – Yes, and there is not much demand for them. Not every mother will decide to transfer her baby to donor breast milk.

She will need guarantees of his safety and quality. It’s one thing when you personally know the nurse, and quite another when you get anonymous milk. No less important is the personal hygiene of the “dairy” mother, and her proper diet.

Otherwise, the harm from her milk will be more than good. ”

When I gave birth for the first time (and this is 13 years ago), every morning the nurse handed out sterile jars. Mothers who had a lot of milk were decanted, the nurses poured the milk into a common pot, sterilized and fed the babies. Moreover, they fed them even if the mother did not have milk, and if the child simply “slept through” the next feeding.

In those days, children were kept in maternity hospitals separately from mothers and brought in for feeding by the hour. At first I didn’t give up milk, and my child escaped the fate of feeding someone else’s milk (because of a negative Rh, the doctor was afraid of Rh-conflict).

But one day the nurse asked her to sit down, because the “dairy” mothers were discharged and it was necessary to feed the children with the mixture. These are the customs reigned quite recently, at the end of the last century.

Olga, 28 years old, mother of 1, 5-year-old Misha

The principle that joint feeding proclaims is simple: breast milk is always more beneficial for a child. This practice is becoming especially common in the United States, Canada, and England.

In Russia, in 60% of cases, the artificial mixture is still preferred to donor milk. Opinions on donor feeding are strongly divided.

So, Maria, the mother of 1.5-month-old Rita, is very hostile: “I reluctantly allow my mother-in-law to feed my children from a bottle. And the speech can not be that another woman breastfed them. never!”

Catherine, the mother of 3-month-old Lisa, is even more categorical: “If a woman dared to attach my baby to her breast, I would regard this as the highest manifestation of disrespect to me. I would take it as if this friend had a connection with my husband! ”

The main stumbling block is the mother-child relationship. Are you ready to share your child in this sense of the word?

Could you let another woman experience the intimate moments of feeding for the quality of milk? The question is not simple, but in any case, whatever choice you make, the main thing is not to reproach yourself, because the most important thing for your baby is that his mother is happy, then he will be fine.

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