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To direct the energy of the child to a peaceful course

To direct the energy of the child to a peaceful course

On all fours or crawling, the child crosses the room at lightning speed. When they reach the destination, she clings to the tablecloth: magazines and cups fly to the floor with a deafening roar.

Like a real little bad, stretches for the desired object, scrambles, scatters all around. And most of all it attracts inaccessible things.

It is at this age that adults usually impose restrictions and prohibitions. After all, if earlier it was in your power to protect a child from dangers, now it is more difficult to keep track of the baby.

But, introducing the word “no”, remember that a one-year-old baby cannot give up an attractive object in his field of vision, therefore, it is better to remove your favorite vase or expensive watch.

An older child can try to explain what caused a particular restriction. For example, instead of saying: “It is impossible!”, Say: “This is cat food, it is dangerous for people to eat it, it is impossible to touch it.”

Does the child listen and respect your requirements? Not? Then say: “You’re already big.

Help me, please! ”Most often, in dealing with children, parents occupy the position“ from above, ”that is, they command, give orders. Psychologists believe that sometimes it is necessary to take advantage of the “adjustment from below” – to show that help is needed, to ask.

It is necessary to talk with the child diplomatically and correctly. Avoid the expressions: “You are a bad boy” or “You hurt your mother.” Instead, it is better to use the so-called “I-message”.

Instead of “you should”, “you are better”, tell us about how you yourself feel and experience.

Switching attention – one of the most well-known parents of pedagogical techniques. Nevertheless, not all moms and dads know how to use it.

Of course, to distract the baby is not difficult – it is enough to exclaim in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic voice: “Look, what a bird!” Or a leaf. Or a ball.

A child is interested in everything that interests you. But closer to the age of three, the child remembers very well what he was doing before your distractions, and therefore you can only switch him to what is really interesting. This is precisely the complexity of this technique: you need, first, to dream, to invent, and secondly, to fully engage in the game with a crumb.

If the child feels that you have just condescended to silly children’s games, he will return to destructive actions again. Think about why Babe, and all the other children, like Carlson so much?

But the fact is that he, being an adult, remained capable of childish acts. Do not be afraid to sometimes “fool around”, do not be boring!

To direct the energy of the child to a peaceful course

The kid loves large spaces and large objects: stools, table, boxes. This smart fellow spends a lot of time trying to move almost as large objects as he does.

As soon as an object moves from its place under its pressure, the child wonders what will happen if he is pushed harder, why the object does not slide on the carpet, whether he can pass through the narrow door.

Do not prohibit your child these activities under the pretext that he can harm himself. After all, this way he develops balance, orientation in space, muscles are trained.

In addition, he seems to be testing himself, checking his capabilities, adapting to the world around him. In this situation, the baby learns perseverance, the ability to make efforts and rejoice in success, and parents learn the ability to trust the child. No need to run for help when he does not ask for it.

The famous teacher Maria Montessori described the situation: in the kindergarten group the kids crowded to look at the living rabbit, one child could not see anything behind the other children. Suddenly the baby saw a chair.

The joy of an independently found solution flashed on his face when a compassionate adult lifted him up in his arms without letting himself cope with the task.

Try to simplify a few tasks, for example, make boxes on wheels, pick up children’s furniture from light plastic. You can make some variety in the actions of the baby, for example, to drag the chairs from one place to another to add crawling under them.

To direct the energy of the child to a peaceful course

He so diligently transfers all your CDs and puts them in the dog basket! Many children love to move small objects, swap them. It is in this way that all the soft toys are in the kitchen cupboard, and clean towels in the dirty laundry basket.

These children are all pulling out, carrying and turning the whole house upside down!

Fuss, useless at first glance, actually develops excellent hand motor skills. Offer the child, for example, to decompose chestnuts, seeds and nuts in different containers, pay attention to the difference in their sizes.

If you do not want your child to practice on your CDs, give him unnecessary items: small empty bottles, old magazines. In any case, it is necessary to show the child how to act with objects, for example, how pieces of torn paper can be put in a bottle or how to close the lid.

In the bathroom, allow the child to play with cups, small lechki, so that he can pour and pour water.

So that things do not have to be found in the most amazing places, you need to limit the space of the game. It is possible to build a house with the child out of chairs and rags, the baby can disassemble stocks inside, that is, transfer items.

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