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There will be a wash!

There will be a wash!

According to the loading type, washing machines are divided into frontal (loading the laundry in front) and vertical (loading the laundry from the top). Vertical washing machines have a small width and do not require additional space. They can be opened during washing, to report back a forgotten thing or to take something out.

Front-loading washing machines are easy to install, and it is much easier to choose the dimensions. They can have a more capacious drum (load of laundry up to 7 kg), which makes it possible to get less creased laundry with small volumes of washing.

When choosing a machine is also important to consider the volume. A family of three to six people will have enough of a 4.5–5 kg drum.

Washing machines with a load of 6-7 kg are more suitable for families from seven people.

The range of each manufacturer now includes all three main dimensional types of washing machines: standard, narrow and compact. The standard is a washing machine with a height of 85 cm, a width of 60 cm and a depth of 58 cm.

Such machines are installed in rooms with a large area and not close to the wall, but three to five centimeters from it. For the device of the corner of the kitchen in the kitchen or in the hallway, narrow machines are suitable – for example, a depth of 32 cm.

Small machines 67 x 50 x 40 cm, which are easy to install under the sink, will fit perfectly into the smallest rooms.

The degree of washing efficiency is marked in Latin letters from A to G. Classes A and B speak of high efficiency in combination with a careful attitude to fabrics. C, D and E – average efficiency, F and G – low. Spin classes are also indicated and this is a much more adequate indicator than the number of revolutions, as it indicates the residual moisture of the laundry after the spin cycle.

If you still focus on the number of revolutions during the spin cycle, note that the speed above 1000 rpm is only effective for terry towels or bathrobes. 800 rpm is enough for cotton, and delicate fabrics are best pressed at 400.

Energy class – from A to G – indicates the degree of efficiency of the model. Buying a low-end car can make a big difference to your electricity bill.

In the models of new generation machines there are only three or four programs for different types of linen: flax and cotton, synthetics, wool and silk – and several additional, different in all models. Extra rinse mode – for people with allergies, or families with young children.

Soak, stain removal, intensive washing – for heavily soiled laundry. Quick wash – for refreshing lightly soiled linen.

Half load, anti-crease mode, etc. – select those programs that you need. By selecting one of the programs on the control panel, you set the temperature, spin speed, number of rinses.

In this case, the electronic brain of the machine ensures that your settings correspond to the type of tissue you have chosen, and in case of an error makes the necessary adjustments.

Washing machines with integrated drying are now offered by almost all manufacturers. We just need to remember that a washing machine with a maximum load of 5 kg can dry no more than 2.5 kg.

However, the presence in the drying machine does not necessarily cancel the tedious process of ironing. In addition, drying in the car leads to faster wear of linen.

Timer Load the car before leaving for work, set the timer – and to your return you will receive freshly washed clothes.

Panel . How the panel will look like, with buttons or switches, it’s up to you to decide. The main thing is that the designations on it were in Russian.

Noise If the machine is in the kitchen, where the whole family likes to spend time, in order to avoid stress, it is better to choose a low-noise model.

“Electronic Brain”. Today, all sorts of electronic systems are very popular. So, for example, if your machine has a Fuzzy Logic system (sometimes called Fuzzy Сontrol or Dialogic), then the amount of water needed for a given portion of laundry will be used for washing.

The system also measures the temperature of the incoming water, based on which it calculates the duration of the wash, taking into account the time it takes to warm the water to the desired degree.

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There will be a wash!

Washing machine WMG 720 B CIS from Hotpoint-Ariston

This is a new generation machine with High Definition Washing technology. The new sensor system automatically controls all parameters of washing and allows you to manage the flow of water, electricity and time, which significantly saves all resources.

The washing mode can be set according to individual needs, the degree of soiling and the type of fabric.

Guarantees removal of 20 most difficult spots at a temperature of 40 ° C. She takes care of woolen clothes, thanks to which she was awarded the highest mark of the International Woolmark Wool Institute.

From 15 790 rub., Ask in all large hypermarkets and household appliances stores in your city

There will be a wash!

Washing machine Bosch Maxx 5 City Edition WLX2044 COE

Narrow washing machine 40 cm deep. Wash class A. Spin class C. Energy class A. Leak proof system AquaStop. Large multi-function display.

A set of special programs for active city dwellers: “business shirts” (a program for men and women who are forced to comply with an office dress code); Outdoor (program for washing outerwear, including from high-tech modern fabrics and fillers); “Jeans” (program for denim with natural dyes).

From 20 990 rub., Bosch Siemens company store, www.bosch-shop.ru

There will be a wash!

Washing Machine LG F12A8HDEMMA-JANE

A really large load of laundry: 7 kg in a narrow case with a depth of 48 cm. Equipped with a direct drive and 6 Motion technology (“6 movements of care”), which effectively and gently washes even the most complex stains. The machine has 5 unique rotation algorithms (“reverse rotation”, “saturation”, “torsion”, “smoothing”, “wiggle”) in combination with the base, automatically selecting them depending on the type of fabric and the degree of contamination.

Touch LED display. Water recycling system.

From 23 990 rub., Ask in all major appliance stores in your city

There will be a wash!

Samsung Eco Bubble ™ Washer

Erases even the most delicate items without damaging the fabric and at low temperatures. Consumes less power than other A +++ power machines.

Differs in the highest characteristics of quality, reliability and efficiency. New models of Eco Bubble ™ washing machines of the 2012 model range are presented in the following load sizes: 7, 8, 9 and 12 kg.

Price 45 990 rub. (on model Arno, load 12 kg), www.samsung.com

There will be a wash!

Washing machine Panasonic NA-140VG3WRU

Energy saving function ECOVANI. Washing technology 3D Sensor Wash.

HydroActive + technology. Automatic sensor download Perfect Senser. Energy class A +++.

LED display. Child lock.

Delay start. Washing mode: preliminary, easy ironing, extra rinse.

The progress bar. Remaining time indicator.

From 36 990 rub., Ask in the stores of household appliances in your city

There will be a wash!

Washing machine PWE 7107S CIS Indesit

Thanks to the electronic sensor system, it automatically optimizes the cost of electricity and water depending on the load of linen, and also saves your time. There is a choice of three savings options: a reduction in washing time up to 50%; reduction of water consumption up to 60%; reduction of power consumption up to 60%.

The ergonomic design of the handle and the large hatch with a diameter of 46 cm make the process of loading and unloading linen more convenient. Special wash cycles are designed to keep your clothes in top condition.

From 17 990 rub., Ask in all large hypermarkets and home appliances stores in your city

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