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The new show The Secret of the Three Planets from the Safronov Brothers

The new show The Secret of the Three Planets from the Safronov Brothers

In the grand Christmas Show, the legendary trio goes to mysterious extraterrestrial civilizations, and adults and their children become a team of space travelers. Spectators are waiting for real festive magic: disappearances and teleportation, nanotechnology and modern illusions.

This combination you have not yet met!

You are ready? Then fasten your seat belts! Before us is the Galaxy!

Adults will feel like children, and children – big space captains!

So! . We Come to Space.

Our intergalactic liner is heading for the endless horizons of the Galaxy. We have to dive into the endless ocean of space, discover unknown worlds – worlds of enormous proportions and stunning beauty!

We are going in search of the lost expedition of earthlings who went many years ago to conquer three distant planets! We have to travel to these planets, each of which has its own secret of creation!

In the mysterious outer space, they hide something incredible.

The crew of our space Odyssey courageously set foot on the surface of mysterious celestial bodies, meet fantastic animals, enter into battle with giant robots. All passengers will have to unravel the mystery of each planet, cope with the might of celestial phenomena, save the disappeared expedition and successfully return home to their home planet Earth.

“The Secret of the Three Planets” – the most expected show 2018-2019

Dozens of unique illusions and tricks that the world has not yet seen!

These New Year holidays you can not forget!

The Secret of the Three Planets captures and amazes with its scale. Huge projection LED screens, colossal light and sound, the latest achievements of robotics and animatronics completely immerse themselves in a different reality.

The director of the show: Vasily Barkhatov

Director and Production Designer in such theaters as: the Bolshoi Theater, the Mariinsky Theater, the Mikhailovsky Theater, Helikon Opera, Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, Theater.

Pushkin, National Theater Mannheim (Germany), Theater Basel (Switzerland), Vienna Chamber Opera (Austria), State Theater Wiesbaden (Germany), State German Opera (Berlin), Swedish Royal Opera (Stockholm).

– Sixfold nominee for the award “GOLDEN MASK”.

– Winner of the “Breakthrough.”

– Two-time winner of the “Spectators of St. Petersburg” award.

– Winner of the Highest Theater Award “GOLDEN SOFIT”

The duration of the show is 1 hour and 30 minutes without a break.

The show is recommended for viewers from 5 years. To enter the hall, each viewer, regardless of age, must purchase a separate ticket.

The scene is at a comfortable height, well and comfortably visible from every row. The first three rows – VIP parterre “Magic Places”, comfortable seats on the same level, tickets include VIP parking on the territory of the Expocentre Fairgrounds and a photo session with the Safron Brothers – a map in the electronic ticket.

Stands with 4 rows begin, each following row is higher than the previous one. The last 6 rows of the “Researchers of the Galaxy” are especially elevated in relation to the entire rostrum.

The auditorium is designed by the best engineers so that all viewers will be clearly visible from any location. The tribune has many stairs and walkways.

Give your child the best holidays, and he will be happy to tell friends about them – fantastic impressions will last a lifetime!

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