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The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Fathers

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

Briton Jude Law, in recent years, deliberately moving away from the image of a handsome man, fortunately, has so far not been able enough to succeed in this. Handsome dad!

And caring, despite the well-deserved fame of a womanizer who has five children from three different women. But – sure – this is not the limit for a 45-year-old macho.

The first three children were married to actress Sadie Frost, with whom the actor divorced in 2003, but maintains friendly relations: they even celebrate the birthdays of children together.

The older, already fully grown up 20-year-old son Rafferty is almost a copy of the pope, and therefore in demand as a model. But his father likes it more that his son goes to college and also plays the electric guitar, hoping to make a successful career in music.

The 16-year-old daughter Iris, also a beauty, followed in the footsteps of her older brother, trying herself in fashion shows, and the youngest of the family, 15-year-old Rudy, has not yet decided on his passions and is in school.

The loving and prolific Law has two more children: in 2009, after a short relationship with the New Zealand model Samantha Burke, he became the father of her daughter Sophia, and in 2015 his former girlfriend, singer Catherine Harding, gave birth to a daughter, Ada. The actor does not refuse anyone morally and financially supports all of their children. True, it is rumored that because of the alimony, which Jude is forced to pay on all his offspring, he is close to bankruptcy …

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

Winner of as many as two nominations for the title of the sexiest actor, Johnny Depp is the happy father of two children born in marriage to actress Vanessa Paradis. The marriage, alas, broke up, but Depp remained anxious father and a worthy ex-husband, by the way, never commented to journalists this sad event.

The eldest, Lily-Rose Melody, will turn 18 this year, but significant and enjoyable events in her life would be enough for the life of another adult. In addition to many film projects, the young actress and model takes part in the filming of clips, in photo shoots for fashion magazines, she became the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, as well as the official ambassador of the House of Chanel.

The full name of the son of a famous father – John Christopher Jack Depp III, but relatives call him just like his father: Johnny. And Jack named him Johnny Sr. in honor of his favorite writer Jack Kerouac.

The boy is 14 years old and he goes to school.

Among the many tattoos on Depp’s body there are two with the names of his children. But the best thing about the fact that the actor is really loving and devoted dad, says the attitude towards him of his former wife and children.

During Depp’s scandalous divorce from Amber Heard, they unconditionally and defiantly defended him.

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

Ben Affleck is married to his peer, actress Jennifer Garner, and although a couple ago, just a day after the tenth anniversary, the couple declared a divorce, they are still together, the divorce proceedings are suspended. It is for certain not known under what conditions Ben and Jennifer agreed to live together then: some tabloids even claimed that the spouses divorced and stay in the same house solely for the sake of the children … But rumors were refuted at the end of last year, when the spouses announced they were expecting a child .

The reconciliation took place, despite Jennifer’s betrayal of Ben with their nanny, his drunkenness, frequent visits to parties, and close friendships that interfered with a full-fledged family life, with another father and actor Matt Damon. So very soon in the Affleck family will be replenishment.

In the meantime, the couple have three children: the eldest daughter, born seven months after the Caribbean wedding in 2005, Violet Ann, the average Serafina Rose Elizabeth, who turns 8 this year, and 5-year-old son Samuel Garner. All the children were present recently at the ceremony where the parents renewed their wedding vows in order to consolidate peace in the family and meet the fourth baby in the status of an exemplary family.

I wonder what will happen next.

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

The talented Mr. Matt Damon admits that he lives happily in the female kingdom. He has four daughters, with one, the oldest, non-native. Back in 2003, filming, looking at one of the bars in Miami, the actor met a girl who was pouring cocktails there, Argentine by origin Luciana Barroso.

Soon the couple decided to get married, and Matt adopted Lucian’s five-year-old daughter from her first marriage, Alexia. Today, Alexia is already 16, Isabella 10, Jia Zavala 8 and Stella Zavala 5 years. And if Alexia watched with interest all the films about Born, then the younger ones, according to the actor, do not even really know who their father is by profession.

Because at home he is just a dad! Matt loves to tell that everyone in his family leads a healthy lifestyle, the children are accustomed to vegetables and love his signature dish – pasta with broccoli.

The family has established and firmly observed the “two-week rule,” according to which the separation of the spouses is prohibited for more than this period. And since children go after dad with mom, they often have to skip school, compensating for their separation from school with practical knowledge of geography and talking with mom in Spanish.

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

Live with your beloved woman of 5 years, give birth to two children (literally, attend childbirth), find out about the forthcoming appearance of the third and at the same time receive an ultimatum engagement proposal from her: “decide, finally, otherwise everything will be over!”. It’s all about Matthew McConaughey, conquering the audience with the masculinity and determination of his movie characters, cowboys.

Since then, on Camille Alves, the former Brazilian model and designer (she is 13 years younger than the actor), Matthew has been officially married for 4 years. Together they bring up three children: 8-year-old son Levi, 7-year-old Vida and younger, Livingstone, who just turned 4 years old. The actor does not like to spread about his personal life and children, but it is known about the first scion, for example, that he was awarded the name of Levi in ​​honor of the Apostle Matthew.

Levi is the second name of the apostle, the child was born at 6.22 pm, and it is under this number that the favorite stanza of the actor from the Gospel of Matthew is in the Bible. It sounds like this: “If your eye is clear, then your whole body will be light.”

McConaughey is not offended by the roles today, but does not get tired of repeating that the main thing for him is his family. He likes to walk with children, takes them to kindergarten, they run along the ocean together.

Exemplary Dad!

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

Australian Hugh Jackman is a handsome, talented and very serious actor, husband and father. The seriousness of his professional career is indicated by the fact that Hugh does not only act in films, he is a successful and sought-after theater actor and, for example, the only Broadway artist who received all major theater awards during one season. In addition, handsome Hugh, apparently, Monogamous and deprived of the well-known male complexes, forcing to search only for young models.

His wife, Deborra Lee Furness, is 13 years older than the actor, their marriage is almost 22 years old, they have two children, and Hugh, who has never been seen in “disreputable connections”, never stops talking about his wife with admiration.

However, it was not always that this family was so smooth. When Hugh met Deborra, she was 39 years old, he was 26 and, having married a year after the meeting, the young people began to try to have children. On fruitless attempts (and with the help of IVF, too) after two miscarriages it took several years.

And after making a decision about adoptive children, the flour of adoption began: it turns out that in Australia it is very difficult to do. The first son, Oscar Maximilian, was adopted as a baby in the United States at the same time he was born, in 2000.

Daughter Ava appeared in the family five years later. Oscar was filmed one day in one scene of Australian cinema, and he didn’t like it until he was going to be an actor. Ava is engaged in a school actor’s club.

Jackman mentioned that the family would not mind adopting another child.

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

The Magnificent Seven: Hollywood's Most Beautiful Fathers

Recognized and long-standing Hollywood sex symbol Tom Cruise is also known as a vehement adherent of Scientology, declared in many countries, a totalitarian organization. The second significantly affects the personal life of the actor, and in the most negative way.

His marriages break up due to the direct intervention of the church, his children turn away from him, and his younger wife does not allow him to see his younger wife.

In total, Tom has three children, the eldest of whom are adoptive and were taken into the family during the marriage of the actor with actress Nicole Kidman. Isabella Jane and son Connor Anthony are already adults, as well as the father, attend the church of Scientology, but lately more and more reports have appeared in the media about serious disagreements between them and the father.

The third wife, Katie Holmes, in 2006 gave birth to the actor the long-awaited daughter Suri, but after living together for 6 years, the couple broke up, and even with the scandal. Katie was able to convince the US court that Tom had a negative effect on Suri, and for three years now he has not been able to see his daughter. And all because of Scientology.

You can imagine the state of a loving father, in fact, lost a child. In addition to all the misfortunes, Cruz is forced to sue journalist E. Morton, who said that Suri is not Cruise’s daughter, but was conceived with the help of specially preserved sperm from the founder of Scientology R. Hubbard.

However, one has only to look at the eyes, eyebrows and mimicry of Suri, doubts about whose daughter she is, disappear immediately.

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