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The Magnificent Five: Winter Cartoons

The Magnificent Five: Winter Cartoons

USA, 1947, directed by Bernard Vorhos, 71 minutes

In the New Year, anything is possible, and even the question: “How does Mickey Mouse celebrate the New Year?” Seems very logical. To answer it, just watch this cartoon. Strictly speaking, this is a collection of rare vintage cartoons, unified by Disney characters, released in 2010.

Heroes of different Disney cartoons: Mickey Mouse, Pablo the penguin, Bambi the little deer and charming Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” – finally met on the eve of the holiday and … That’s right, unusual Christmas adventures began, which are simply breathtaking.

Why look: watching a cartoon is also a reason to check once again whether the child knows in which animation film his characters are “prescribed” and speculate on the theme of love and friendship, which help to overcome all obstacles.

The Magnificent Five: Winter Cartoons

USSR, 1969, directors Vladimir Popov, Vladimir Pekar, 10 minutes.

“Spooning snow disturbingly, the night is going big”, – the first words of the lullaby song, which the mother polar bear sings to its silly little bear, became the “Umka” business card. By the way, the name of the baby, which gave the name and cartoon, comes from the Chukchi Umta – the male polar bear.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a little bear is very touching. It turns out that people are bears that walk on their hind legs, and the sun is a big fish. Teddy Bear discovers the world around him and with it a small audience learns a lot of new things.

What is the North Pole, iceberg, polar station – get ready after viewing to satisfy the curiosity of a small Pochemuka. Teddy bear befriends a boy who suddenly disappears.

What then remains a true friend? Of course, look for the lost.

A sequel is devoted to the funny adventures of Umka, who are waiting for him on the way to a friend, “Umka is looking for a friend”.

Why look: For adults, this cartoon is nostalgia for childhood, for children it is a great opportunity to look at our world through the eyes of our smaller brothers, although polar bears can be attributed to those with a big stretch. The main conclusion: we are so different, but it doesn’t bother friendship.

How important it is to understand this both for children and adults!

The Magnificent Five: Winter Cartoons

USA, 2013, directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, 102 minutes

Anderson’s “The Snow Queen” rethought the Hollywood mood. In the cartoon, musical and fantasy combined, thriller and family idyll.

The touching story about the relationship between the two sisters – the princesses Anne and Elsa will remind you that good triumphs over evil, that miracles are possible, that strong family ties and faithful helpers and friends are important in this life. No matter how strong the ancient spell was, no matter how hard the evil forces tried to plunge the kingdom into eternal winter, the sisters overcome all misfortunes. The final for many will be unexpected, although the good, as expected, will win.

Breathtaking adventures to this are attached.

Why watch: By the way, the tape has two Oscars – for the best song and the best cartoon. Adults animated cartoon will make you think that the first impression of a person is deceptive, and true love is beyond the control of time and circumstances. Children will enjoy good songs, laugh at a cute fawn and funny snowman.

And this cartoon is worth seeing, as there is a lot of snow and real winter in it. That, considering our unstable weather, pleases and cheers.

The Magnificent Five: Winter Cartoons

Russia, 2014, director Andrei Tsitsilin, 80 minutes

Based on Anderson’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, the Russian cartoon of the same name was also shot and its sequel “The Snow Queen 2: Perezamorozka.” The second cartoon came out exactly a year ago.

The protagonists, as in the fairy tale, are Kai and Gerda, but the troll Orme joins this couple. Brave trinity saves the people of the trolls from the evil spell of the Snow Queen. And over how she does it, you laugh enough, and laughter, as you know, prolongs life.

In addition, the cartoon has a great volume animation and a plot that is relevant at all times. The boastful troll, who appropriates all the merits in saving the world from the Snow Queen, doesn’t remind anyone?

And how do you want his desire to become the Snow King?

Why look: If the child has already asked whether the snow queen has a snow king, then he is here. A fairy tale may be a lie, but after watching a cartoon, the conclusion suggests itself: tell the truth and only the truth, never lie.

Lying to no good brings. The most important thing is that the lesson is clear and memorable.

The Magnificent Five: Winter Cartoons

USA, 2012, directed by Steve Martino and Mike Termayer, 88 minutes.

On the screens came out already four parts of the popular cartoon. On the eve of the fifth part, expected in the summer of 2016, it’s time to revise any of the LP series. For example, the last.

In the fourth part of one of the heroes becomes Peach, the daughter of the mammoths Manny and Ellie. She likes the young mammoth Ethan, and she herself is the subject of the sighs of the Louis Mole.

Of course, both the sloth Sid and the saber-toothed tiger Diego will again become participants in breathtaking events and adventures. Not without the saber-toothed Scrat squirrel, whose manipulations with the acorn invariably amuse the audience.

Why to watch: Funny adventures, a lot of funny and touching moments, a cartoon should be watched at least in order to laugh and cheer yourself and your child up. And yet – the roles of Anton Komolov, Olga Shelest, Ivan Okhlobystin, Albina Janabaeva, Alexander Nevsky are duplicating.

Children, of course, it does not matter, but for adults may be one of the incentives to arrange a family watching a cartoon.

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