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The first trip with the child: how to prepare

The first trip with the child: how to prepare

You can take a child with you from almost any age, even from the first weeks of life, but it is important to take into account all the pros and cons of such a trip. The hardest part of the trip – the road.

For a child, not only for a baby, but also for a baby up to 3-4 years old, the day of the move will be the most difficult and will not bring pleasure. Of course, children are different in temperament: one will quietly sleep at the chest all the way, while the other will scream during the flight.

There are many reasons to be nervous in an infant: new impressions, a lot of strangers, a change of mode, unusual movements. But you can’t do without the exciting day of the move, so please be patient.

What type of transport to prefer, first of all depends on the distance of the move.

Car. If you can get to the place of rest in your car, this is a good option: you do not have to contact other people, you can adjust the mode, stop as you wish.

The main thing is that the child has a comfortable, reliable car seat and does not sway it on the road.

Aircraft. A few hours of flight – and you and your baby are already on the warm sea.

True, you need to take into account the way to the airport, an hour or two of departure waiting, passport control and other formalities. To make life easier for yourself and your child, it is better to book places in business class.

This allows not only more comfortable accommodation on board the aircraft, but also gives other bonuses: no queues at check-in and passport control, the opportunity to relax in the superior room.

Toddlers up to the year on board are provided with a baby cradle. Only you need to warn the airline staff in advance about its necessity.

There are changing tables at airports and on the plane, so there will be no problems with changing clothes. The main thing – to stock up on disposable diapers, wet wipes and replacement clothing.

In order for the baby not to lay his ears during takeoff and landing, at this time it is better to attach it to the chest. And if the child is on artificial feeding, give him a bottle of the mixture.

Swallowing helps relieve discomfort in the ears.

A train. If you prefer to travel by train, then, of course, it is better to go in a compartment so that the child does not have to communicate with a large number of people. When you travel with the whole family, it makes sense to remove all the compartments.

And, of course, the most ideal option – SV.

Of the minuses of railway travel can be called narrow berths in the cars. It is impossible to put one child alone, he may fall off the shelf, and sleeping together in such a small space is unlikely to succeed, and it is also unsafe.

For travel should buy a special railway arena, which will protect the baby from falling.

By the way, it will be easier to ride the train with a child of 3-4 months than with one year old. The smaller the child, the greater the likelihood that he will sleep on the road.

One-year-old baby will be interested in everything around, he will not calm down so quickly, besides, he can make you walk along the corridor with him, because in a small compartment space he will be bored.

The first trip with the child: how to prepare

When choosing a place to stay for yourself, you should study to the maximum all the information about the place where you are going to go: how far from the airport is the hotel or apartment, a noisy or quiet resort, what shops are nearby, whether it is possible to buy disposable diapers and baby food in them. If the information you are interested in is not available on the Internet, contact the apartment owners or hotel staff.

The best option for a family with a baby is to rent an apartment or a room with a kitchen in an apartment hotel. Then you will have the opportunity to cook something yourself, everything you need for this will be at hand.

The easiest way for moms who are still breastfeeding their babies. No need to think about what to offer the baby; breastfeeding allows you to quickly calm the baby; besides, breast milk provides some protection against infections.

If on a trip you suddenly noticed that there was less milk, increase the amount of fluid consumed and breast attachment.

For an artificially fed baby, it is imperative that you take the usual mixture in the amount that you need for all the days off. In those places where you go, it may simply not be.

For a baby who already receives complementary foods, it is advisable to grab a few jars with you on the first few days of rest. If you are traveling to a European country, then, most likely, you can buy jars of baby food in the nearest supermarket.

True, their taste may differ somewhat from what the child is used to at home.

When resting on the sea or the lake you need to know that children up to 2 months to swim in open water is not recommended. They have an insufficiently developed immune system, and in the water of reservoirs there can be bacteria that are dangerous to the infant organism.

Up to 6 months, children still do not sufficiently regulate body temperature. If a child gets into cool water, he may quickly become supercooled.

It is better to speak about swimming after six months. At this time, the baby is already confidently holding his head and his thermoregulation is improving. For swimming, choose a place with a small crowd of people to reduce the risk of infections.

And, of course, be guided by the fact that the stay in the water gave the child pleasure – not worth pushing it into the water through force.

As for tanning, it is dangerous for babies. Till 6 months in general it is impossible to keep a child in the open sun. After 6 months, be sure to use sunscreen.

On the head should be panama with wide brim.

If you want the trip to be successful, listen more to your baby. First of all, consider his interests. Do not worry: you still have a lot of happy traveling together.

This is just the beginning!

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