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The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

Before feeding, wash your hands with soap and water, rinse your breasts with boiled water and blot with a soft towel.

Make yourself comfortable: sit in a chair with armrests or lie down on the bed, overlaid with pillows.

Keep your baby so that his head is on the same line with the body, not leaning forward and not tilting back.

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

In this position, young mothers often feed their babies. Want to try? Then sit comfortably in a chair and place the child on your forearm so that its head is just above the body.

By the way, do not forget to provide a hand on which the baby will lie, good support (for example, put it on the armrest of the chair).

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

This option is more suitable for night meals: to feed the baby, you do not have to wake up. Turn your face to the child and hold him close.

Affectionately, but confidently support him for the back and ass.

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

In this position, it is good to feed the children, which weigh very little. In addition, you can watch how the baby sucks his chest, because you will see his mouth well.

Take advantage of this position even if you have cracks in your chest: the child will not put pressure on them and they will heal faster.

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

A pillow designed specifically to support the baby during feeding will help to arrange the baby so that you feel comfortable.

And thanks to this device it will be easier for you to hold your hand, and the baby will be just in the position in which it is convenient for him to suck the breast.

During feeding, he must grab not only the nipple, but also the islet circle: thanks to this, the nipple will be deep in the mouth. As for the baby’s chin and lower lip, they will touch your chest, and only a small space will remain between the nose and the chest.

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

If milk is leaking between feedings, solve this problem with disposable or reusable bra inserts. The main thing – change them more often.

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

They also need to be invested in the bra cups, when, when feeding or expressing milk from one breast, it suddenly begins to flow out of the other.
Breast pump. You can use it if you have too much milk; there is a danger that it stagnates; you want it to increase.

Usually the need for this arises if the baby sucks weakly: thanks to the expression of milk, it will become more. The breast pump can also be used if the mother’s nipples are inflamed or there are cracks on them.

The Elemental Truths of Breastfeeding

They protect sore or cracked nipples: thanks to them the skin of the breast “breathes” and has less contact with the tissue.

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