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The delicate issue (hemorrhoids and pregnancy)

The delicate issue (hemorrhoids and pregnancy)

Until recently, it was believed that hemorrhoids – varicose veins of the anus, exactly the same that occurs on the legs. Today it has been established that with hemorrhoids, the veins themselves become more dilated than vascular plexuses called “cavernous bodies”.

Of course, not only pregnant women suffer from this disease. The risk group includes people whose work involves prolonged standing or sitting, as well as heavy physical labor.

Does not add health to overweight, frequent use of alcohol, spicy foods and liver cirrhosis. Frequent anal sex can likewise provoke its occurrence.

A whole symptom complex has now been studied that can be used to determine if a woman has a predisposition to hemorrhoids. First, it is chronic constipation.

Secondly, varicose veins in the legs. Thirdly, mitral valve prolapse.

And, finally, excessive mobility of the joints during extension. On these grounds it is possible to judge whether there are features in the structure of the connective tissue.

According to statistics, hemorrhoids in women who give birth are diagnosed five times more often than in nulliparous women. This happens for the following reasons:

1) The hormonal status of a woman changes. The amount of the hormone estrogen increases, which changes the properties of blood and vascular tone.

2) The uterus increases in volume, complicating the outflow of blood from the lower half of the body: there is stagnation of blood, and weakened walls of blood vessels inevitably expand.

3) Constipation often occurs during pregnancy. Stretches the wall of the rectum and irritates blood vessels, which begin to grow even more. All together contributes to the development of hemorrhoids.

This is one of the most common reasons.

4) Many future mothers move very little. Mobility is the best friend of hemorrhoids. Therefore, moderate exercise recommended by the doctor, will disperse the blood from the lower half of the body, add health to your future baby and save you from the disease.

5) During labor, there is a strong tension in the abdominal wall and abdominal pressure increases sharply. When the fetus passes through the birth canal, the anus vessels can also be injured and squeezed.

It turns out that the longer the attempts, the higher the risk of hemorrhoids.

It is impossible to accurately predict at what stage of pregnancy such a nuisance will arise. But it is hardest in the last weeks before childbirth and immediately after it.

In the initial stage, hemorrhoids may not manifest. Alarming signs for a pregnant woman should be a feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestines, abdominal distension and pain in the anal passageway, increasing during bowel movements.

If, in addition to these unpleasant symptoms, bleeding is added during the “big toilet”, you should immediately seek the help of a specialist. After all, with an increase in the duration of pregnancy, the situation will only get worse.

In addition, there is a dangerous complication of hemorrhoids – thrombosis and prolapse of hemorrhoids. In this case, there is a sharp pain, swelling and redness around the nodes, the overall body temperature rises.

So the sooner you start the treatment, the better: the doctor will prescribe you topical preparations that are approved for use during the period of pregnancy tablets, ointments and suppositories.

Disease is easier to prevent than to cure. During pregnancy should strictly adhere to this rule.

After all, the appearance of hemorrhoids is due, among other things, to objective reasons. During this period, the intensity of the small and large intestine decreases – the cause is the hormone progesterone.

By the way, because of an increase in its level, belching and heartburn also appear.

For the prevention of hemorrhoids important proper nutrition. You need to eat more fiber, which is a lot in vegetables and fruits, and also drink more liquid. The main thing is to have a regular chair.

For each person there is its own norm, it is only necessary to ensure that during bowel movements did not occur unpleasant sensations. In case of constipation, you can use mild laxatives on a plant-based basis, which are allowed for pregnant women. The choice of toilet paper also matters.

Prefer wet wipes: they less injure sensitive areas of the anus. It is important to move more – daily walks are mandatory.

Compliance with all the rules together will, if not avoid hemorrhoidal expansion of the nodes, then minimize the manifestation of this disease.

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