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The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“During the first pregnancy I gained nine kilograms, for the second — fifteen, for the third — thirteen,” says Anastasia. – At first, she put herself in shape with massages: on the tenth day after birth, she was doing lymphatic drainage and tightening. Then she began to introduce elementary physical exercises: for example, the doctor allowed the bar starting from the third week.

The program of classes was developed by herself, consulting with her doctor. The main rule is to do everything gradually, because during active workouts lactic acid is released, and the mother’s milk can start to taste bitter.

Sport is needed for health and good mood. Being engaged, pay attention to your health.

If, after a workout, I feel muscles and do not feel strong body aches, then everything is correct. ”

Time for the whole complex: from 10 to 20 minutes.

Equipment: yoga mat.

Training frequency: 3-4 times a week.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“This is one of those exercises that the doctor allowed me to do several weeks after giving birth. A plank can be many, but it’s worth starting with the simplest. It is usually recommended to stand on elbows, but it is difficult to withstand those who have not worked before, so try on straight arms.

It looks difficult, but it is done easily, and all the abdominal muscles, back, hips and arms are involved. ”

  1. Rest your palms on the floor so that your hands are right under your shoulders. Keep your back straight, not bending in the lower back. Belly pull, press strain. The whole body should be a straight line.
  2. For the first time, hold the bar for 10 seconds. After 2–3 days, increase the time by another 5 seconds and keep adding it every few days.

Tip: when you can stand still for a minute, for 4–5 days, do not increase the load, pause, then add 5 seconds again every day.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“A topical exercise for pumping the muscles of the legs and buttocks. If you meet him for the first time or there was a big break in training, start with one approach 10 times. ”

  1. Stand with your legs a little wider than your hips. Bend your back in the back, bend your knees.
  2. Take a broad step forward, keeping the body straight, shift the center of gravity to the walking leg and sit down on it slightly. The bent knee should be flush with the foot.
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the other foot. And so on 10 times on each leg.

Tip: in the future for greater load, you can pick up a dumbbell or a half-liter water bottle.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“Here the work goes on strengthening the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh and buttocks.”

  1. Stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders, arms in front of you. Take a wide step with your left foot to the side.
  2. Bend your right leg at the knee, transfer your body weight to it and go down as far as possible.
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat everything, changing legs. Perform two approaches 10 times.

Tip: At first, keep your arms outstretched, so it will be easier for you to keep your balance. If you sit deeply hard, help yourself a little with your hands (as in the photo).

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“An exercise that will help give the buttocks a beautiful rounded shape.”

  1. Stand on your knees, put your hands in front of you shoulder-width apart and rest against the floor. Keep your body straight, do not bend your back.
  2. Straighten your right leg and pull back to a straight line with your whole body, pull your heel up. Gently lower to its original position and repeat 19 more times.
  3. Do 20 repetitions on each leg, and so 3-4 approaches.

Tip: To make the moves work, choose a faster pace and gradually increase the load by adding the number of repetitions or using weights for the legs.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“Not only muscles of the buttocks are involved, but also the press and the spine.”

  1. Lie on your side, lift your head and lean it on your elbow. Place palms in the lock behind the head.
  2. Bend the upper leg at the knee, lift to the maximum point, hold for a second and lower it a little. In this position, straighten your leg and raise a little more, then lower it.
  3. Perform 10 repetitions, roll on the other side and so on – twice.

Tip: performing the exercise with a slightly raised body, you also work out the muscles of the lower back and the muscles responsible for flexing the spine.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“A universal exercise that allows you to feel the whole body, learn to keep balance and strengthen the muscles-stabilizers.”

  1. Drop to the floor on the right side. Keep your legs together. Rest your right straight arm against the floor so that the palm is located exactly under the shoulder. Belly pull in.
  2. Maximum tear off the body and hips from the floor, resting against it only with your right hand and foot. Pull your left hand up.
  3. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and go down. Repeat on the left side – and so 2-3 approaches for 10 seconds on each side.

Tip: do the exercise immediately after the sweeps on the side, as from it is easy and convenient to move into the bar. Start from 5-10 seconds, I recommend setting a timer to accurately observe the time.

Increase time, based on their feelings.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“Girls also need to strengthen the muscles of the arms, chest and shoulders, for this there is a female way of push-ups from the knees – it is suitable for beginners.”

  1. Get on your knees, put your hands a little wider than your shoulders. Hands should look forward.
  2. Rest your knees on the floor, lift your shins up, interlock them in a “lock” and straighten your arms completely. From this position, slowly begin to descend as far as possible, then gradually rise upward.
  3. Try for the first time to make at least two sets of 5 pushups. Then 2 to 8, 2 to 10 – and so increase the load.

Tip: when you can do 20 repetitions, go to the usual push-ups with straight legs.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“The biggest problem of most women is the belly. And if the upper part of the press is well developed for many, the lower part is rather weak.

There are separate exercises for her. ”

  1. Lie on your back, palms up against the floor.
  2. Slowly lift up straight legs. Bring them to a 90 degree angle and freeze for 3 seconds. Then lower it as slowly.
  3. Make two sets of 5 repetitions.

Tip: At first you can put your feet on the floor completely, but as soon as you get used to the load and can do 20 repetitions, raise and lower your feet without touching the floor.

The complex of exercises from the presenter Anastasia Tregubova

“Here we use the upper press, which, after childbirth, also needs attention.”

  1. Lie on the floor, hands behind your head.
  2. Bend the right leg at the knee, slowly lift up along with the straight left leg. At the same time, lift the upper part of the body. Head and knee should be directed towards each other, as if you want them to meet at the navel.
  3. Run 7 times. Change the leg and repeat the same twist to the left. Two or three approaches 5–7 times for the first lesson will be enough.

Tip: Doctors recommend many abdominal exercises no earlier than three months after delivery. Consult before proceeding.

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