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The child is hooked on gadgets: what to do?

The child is hooked on gadgets: what to do?

It all starts with banality: dad is tired, mom is at the limit, baby is aching, but it was enough to turn on the smartphone – and peace instantly reigned in the family. While the baby looks happy with a cartoon or learns the colors, you can sleep and cook the soup.

And then the appetites grow. Having drunk one sip of freedom, I no longer want to stop. So gradually watching cartoons from one series increases to three, or even five in a row.

Forms are quickly added to the form, then letters with numbers. And what’s wrong with that, because the child is not idle, but is engaged in useful work! Although there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that the baby plays a little bit in cute Hippo or speaks to the funny gnome.

The smartphone has become part of the children’s subculture. But when a child is drawn in, scandals begin, because at some point he categorically refuses to part with the gadget. And mom can not read him a fairy tale, and dad – to play with him in cars.

Crumbs such entertainment cease to interest. To his peers, he also becomes indifferent: it is boring to communicate with them.

The kid is ready to spend the whole day in company with the tablet, taking breaks only to eat or walk. And this situation completely suits him.

Alarms are accumulated, but when the heartfelt phrase is added to them in the morning: “Can I play a little while you make breakfast?” I want to pass this level, ”parents see.

And when it comes to the realization that the enthusiasm for the gadget has grown into a relationship with the classic “breaking”, panic begins.

Today, a child can turn into a real gamer at least in 2 years. Remember, until recently it was believed that a pregnant woman absolutely can not work at a computer?

And about how to put a laptop on his stomach, and there could be no question. Today we have no idea how it could be otherwise. And how we lived without smartphones and the Internet is hard to believe.

Yes, children who are now between 2 and 6 years old are not the first generation who have felt the influence of gadgets. The Internet, for a minute, came up with in the late 80s of the last century.

And now we can sum up a certain result. Representatives of generation Z, who are now no more than 20-25 years old, turned out to be really different.

At least because, thanks to computer technologies and a new way of presenting information, they have earned themselves a clip thinking, which rejects logic and causal relationships. But our children were born first in that era when the Internet became portable. Today, access to entertainment resources and video games is not given by stationary computers, but by smartphones that we take with us everywhere.

This circumstance has led to the fact that for the last 5 years parents have been actively introducing children to gadgets. And if earlier psychologists talked about dependence on video games in adolescents, today it is already being formed in preschoolers.

Viewing non-stop cartoons falls into the same category.

The child is hooked on gadgets: what to do?

This phenomenon is rampant throughout the civilized world. There are tablets in almost every average family.

In addition, it is really convenient: by turning on the gadget, you can “turn off” the child. But at the moment when the baby merges with the screen, another world appears in his life – bright and perfect. Pay attention to the interface of children’s video games and applications: pleasant music is always playing, characters are only positive, pictures are colorful.

If a child makes such dives often and for a long time, you do not want to return to the ordinary. And why, if “there” he has everything he needs? More precisely, everything that he lacks in reality, including from parents.

If the mother is not in the spirit or tired, to persuade her to play will not work. If papa suddenly did something funny, he will repeat this scene a maximum of three times, and then if he can manage to beg him. A gadget is predictable.

He does not have a bad mood, which cannot be said about adults and peers. He never gets tired, does not read notations, and loses his favorite story at least a hundred times on demand.

It’s impossible to interact with living people. The kid understands this very quickly, and the desire to communicate, to withstand criticism from the parents, to negotiate, to make any efforts to achieve the cherished goal gradually disappears.

If a child spends more time with a gadget than with people, he does not get the experience of live communication. Hence the problems with communication and socialization in kindergarten, and in school, and in adult life.

In addition, staring at the screen, the baby does not satisfy one of the basic needs – he does not have the ability to actively move and feel his body. Fine motor skills also do not develop.

Even if the crumb has learned to virtuously press the touch keys, there is nothing to rejoice here: this skill does not bring him much benefit. In order to make finger manipulations, it is important to train both the degree of pressure and the strength of the muscles, otherwise you won’t be able to hold your hand and hand in the right position. And the gadgets are designed so that a light touch on the screen gives the result.

And this is nice: children also like to feel successful. It is not surprising, therefore, that small gamers do not like to sculpt from plasticine and draw with ordinary pencils: it is much more difficult.

The child is hooked on gadgets: what to do?

To save the child from addiction, you need to act progressively. First of all, it is important to admit to yourself that a smartphone or tablet gives your child something that you cannot give him for some reason.

At least to the extent that he needs. And then try to take the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is to get in touch with the child. For this you need to try to let him let you into his virtual reality and allow you to join his game. If we are talking about real addiction, communication will have to build through the gadget. And this should not be afraid. Now the most important thing is for the baby to find another living person in this process whom he can trust. Pay attention to what scenes, cartoons, tasks interest him most. All children are different. Some like “Adventure”, others like “shooters”, the third like “sorter”. Your task is to understand what the child is happy about, and try to share this pleasure with him. On practice. Just sit down and watch him play, or watch cartoons together, commenting on what is happening. If you do everything right, the baby will soon take the initiative and invite you to the game. This will be your first win.
  • The second stage is the transfer of the game from the digital world to reality. For example, if the kid is hooked on cartoons, buy him plush or plastic copies of the main characters and try to recreate the same story on this side of the screen. If he likes “walkers,” buy a similar board game. If the stores do not sell anything you need, turn on the fantasy. In the end, you can pick up paint or scissors and make heroes and scenery yourself. Just do not leave the child alone, otherwise there will be no confusion. Now it is important that the game was joint.
  • In fact, the ultimate goal is to break the stereotypes. To do this, the plots in which the child “gets stuck” need to turn in the other direction. However, it is impossible to do this abruptly and unceremoniously, otherwise he will shut himself even more. Trying to play by other rules, you devalue what is really expensive and important for a baby. And so easy to spoil the whole thing. It is possible to offer innovations only after you lose familiar plots many times and feel that the ice has broken. At this stage, you need to create game obstacles and logical inconsistencies on behalf of one of the characters. Imagine you sat down to play with your child and he insists that you follow clear instructions. Try to pretend that your hero suddenly became naughty or forgot everything he knew, because in the morning an apple fell on his head: “But I don’t want to!”, “Oh, I forgot, why do I need to go there? I’ll go the other way today. ” Remember: you cannot direct the game on your own. You should act only on behalf of the character whose role you are currently playing!

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