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The child is cold: signs and first aid for hypothermia

The child is cold: signs and first aid for hypothermia

Hypothermia, or, as doctors say, hypothermia, occurs when the body temperature becomes below the physiological norm, that is, 34 ° C. Hypothermia should not be confused with frostbite when a separate part of the body suffers (ear, nose, toes or hands), but the overall temperature remains within the normal range.

The danger of hypothermia is that the vital activity of the body is supported by chemical reactions occurring in it, and during hypothermia, their speed is significantly reduced. Cells begin to experience a nutritional deficiency, they lack energy and oxygen.

Because of this, activity is sharply reduced: movement slows down, breathing, heartbeat, the speed of blood flow through vessels decreases, the brain suffers hypoxia – lack of oxygen. All this weakens the body’s defenses, which makes the baby vulnerable to pathogens.

Here you have the prerequisites for the occurrence of acute respiratory disease, or colloquially colloquially.

While walking, the main thing is that the child is cheerful and active, his cheeks are rosy and the skin is pink without white spots. A few minutes after you entered a warm room, your nose and hands should return to their original color.

Check on the street, if not frozen peanut, quite simple. Slide your fingers under the cap, the collar or deep into the sleeves from the side of the cuff.

Heat? Everything is fine, the walk continues. Feel the cold?

Festivities stop, quickly in the heat and keep warm.

Consider that due to the imperfection of the mechanisms of thermoregulation, the risk of overcooling in a child is the higher, the younger the peanut. If you miss the moment, the babies very quickly appear a spasm of the blood vessels of the skin and begins to cool.

So, we must take the child from the street if:

  • His cheeks, which were crimson a few minutes ago, were visibly pale;
  • Pale lips;
  • The skin on the fingers is cold to the touch and has a bluish tint. The baby complains of numbness of the fingers and toes. When rubbing frozen hands, the baby feels a burning sensation, numbness turns into a burning pain;
  • The child has ceased to move, standing or sitting, cackling and cringing, and trembling;
  • The little dog doesn’t want to play, drowsiness has appeared;
  • In infants irritated demanding cry was replaced by a quiet cry, the crumb can fall asleep.

The child is cold: signs and first aid for hypothermia

Oddly enough, karapuzy, firmly wrapped in a hundred clothes, are the most frozen. Thick clothing, chilling movement, prevents the baby to move, and thus produce energy and heat due to the work of muscles.

As a protection against overheating, the body begins to excrete sweat. And since the water perfectly conducts heat, the child cools quickly.

There is rapid breathing, the frosty air does not have time to warm up and cools the larynx, trachea, bronchi. Here it is up to the cold hand at hand.

To provoke hypothermia can:

  • Wet shoes, sweaty socks or pantyhose;
  • Too warm or, conversely, thin shoes;
  • Tight clothing and shoes;
  • Clothes that do not match the weather. The first rule: we dress the baby so that he has 1 layer of clothes on him more than on the adult one.
  • The habit of eating and drinking cold outside;
  • Low physical activity of the child during the walk.

The child is cold: signs and first aid for hypothermia

As soon as you suspect that the crumbling froze cold, immediately return to the warm room. On the way, force the kid to move actively – jump, swing his arms, run.

Ask the child to walk in a position with the trunk tilted down (for a rush of blood to the head).

In warmth, remove outdoor clothing and shoes. If the child is sweaty, dry your skin and change your baby’s clothes to other clothes. Drink your baby warm sweet tea.

If the child begins to sweat again, change his clothes to dry and pre-warmed clothes.

You can also make a warm foot bath. Pour water in a basin with a temperature of about 37 ° C, put the child on a chair, wrap his knees with a warm blanket, and put the legs in a basin. Gradually add hot water to bring the water temperature to 40 ° C.

After 7-10 minutes, wipe the legs dry. If the child is sweating, wipe it off and change his clothes.

Of course, it is much easier to prevent such incidents. To do this, follow very simple rules.

Never take a hungry child for a winter walk. Before going out in frosty weather, you need to eat well to create energy in your body.

If you intend to walk for a long time, take a thermos with hot tea, removable mittens and socks. Choose a windproof place for games. Face need to grease with bold protective cream (not only water-based).

Outerwear must be waterproof. Underwear should be made only from natural fabrics.

The colder it is outside, the thicker the mittens should be. On the street, do not close the child’s mouth with a scarf, otherwise condensation will settle on breathing on the scarf, and water, as we know, conducts heat, which means that the risk of hypothermia will increase.

Children under 6 years old do not take to the street if the temperature is below ¬ -15 ° C. In the cold, you need to warm up in a warm room every 20-30 minutes for a while.

Try to keep the kid moving as much as possible on the street. If the child is capricious or crying, immediately go home.

In winter, wear a baby in a warm jumpsuit, and at temperatures below -10 ° C, wrap it in an additional winter envelope. Before walking, be sure to change the diaper, as the gel that fills it becomes cold after it absorbs urine.

Leave a tiny gap for breathing, do not cover his face completely with a blanket.

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