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The child does not want to go to the garden?

The child does not want to go to the garden?

In the garden, the child will have to get used to the new, “kindergarten” kitchen: local dishes and taste, and the color and smell are not at all like at home. But you can noticeably smooth out and speed up this transition, if you cook the crumbs of the same dishes. It is desirable with a full set of key ingredients that are included in the official recipe. Just think: if he has never tried borscht, liver chips or millet porridge in his life, he is unlikely to love them the first time.

The standard kindergarten menu is no mystery, it is hung out for everyone to see, and the nurse will probably help you to find out the exact recipe.

But be prepared for the fact that the first two months, namely the average adaptation period lasts so much, many children do not eat well in kindergarten. This should be mentally prepared especially for those mothers who are very worried about the appetite of their children.

And in the first two days, most of the children flatly refuse to eat the state-made concoction. This is also normal. If you have an overwhelming desire to feed the baby after the garden or even feed him breakfast before leaving the house, try to objectively assess the situation.

If the kid is having breakfast at home, then in the garden he will most likely quickly get used to skipping the morning meal. It is better to offer him to eat in the evening, but if he refuses, you should not insist.

Otherwise, there is a risk of overfeeding the child or knocking down a program that regulates the feeling of hunger.

However, if over time the appetite does not improve, you should consult with a child psychologist or pediatrician. Eating is the same intimate process as defecation, and for the administration of natural needs, we all need to relax and feel safe.

When appetite is lame, it can be a sign of psychological discomfort.

Another potentially painful item in the kindergarten schedule is naps. Be prepared for the fact that the baby does not immediately get used to falling asleep in the company of ten or twenty children, so all sorts of incidents will happen at first. To make the child feel calmer, you can offer him to take from the house, which he will take with him to bed.

And let him choose her. Perhaps it will not be a plush bunny at all, as you thought, but a favorite iron tractor or a rubber dinosaur.

Your task is to think over this moment in advance and discuss it with the teachers.

The child does not want to go to the garden?

But if your child has stopped sleeping during the day by the age of 3, this can be a problem. Moreover, a big problem, as caregivers perceive a day siesta as a two-hour respite.

To begin with, in the West such a thing as a quiet hour simply does not exist. At least, not exactly in the sense to which we are accustomed.

In many European gardens, bedrooms and beds for children are simply not provided. It is believed that if the child wants to sleep during the day, he will settle on a sports mat, and in the same clothes in which he was led to the garden. In Russia, there is a completely different approach to day siesta.

According to the observation of domestic child psychologists and educators, most children between the ages of 3 and 4 years old are still asleep. Proceeding from this axiom, even if your child has already abandoned daytime sleep, he will again face this necessity in the garden. Usually, caregivers adhere to a rather tough position: during a quiet hour, the sleepless baby should be in bed and lie quiet so as not to wake anyone.

In fact, for a child at this age, such a task is overwhelming and turns into torture. Think about how you would feel if you didn’t want to sleep, but you would be forced every day to lie in bed for two hours, looking at the ceiling. And after all, the teachers call for this child to entertain your little one with a quiet conversation or no one will read him fairy tales.

Protect the interests of the baby in such sad realities can only parents. Talk with the tutors, with the manager and try to come up with the option that fits your child.

For example, you can agree that during a siesta, the kid will quietly go about his business in the play area or the teacher will include an audio fairy tale in the player.

Children do not immediately get used to each other and at first they can fight and even bite. This is a natural process: they only learn to communicate and good manners will gradually comprehend.

But you will really help the crumbs, start right now to teach him to meet other children, politely ask the toy you like and wait for your turn. These simple lessons can be taught to the kid while walking on the playground. But useful skills will not be learned immediately.

If your child starts to fight in the garden, such moments should not be allowed to drift. Usually parents will find out about fights from tutors and such conversations almost always end with the same meaningful recommendation: “You will talk to him (with her) at home”. The advice is certainly useful, but one should not forget that conversations do not work very well for children of 3-5 years old.

They simply do not know how to absorb information that has the form of abstract notations. From your long instructive speeches, the child will not take anything for himself. The zero effect will also come from the endless moral teachings of the educator.

With young children need to act differently. The most effective way to correct aggressive behavior is to act directly on the spot. In such cases, the work of correction falls on the shoulders of educators.

Hence the conclusion: always ask the teachers what work is being done directly from them? Your task is to provide them with active assistance when the child is under your supervision.

You can tell your baby “therapeutically” fairy tales, play off conflict situations on toys and control the aggressive behavior of the baby on the playground or away.

It is also better to start preparing for the regime in the garden, ideally in 2-3 months. The most important thing is to debug the starting points in the new chart: the clock when the child wakes up, eats and fits into the daytime sleep.

If by the beginning of the school year the difference between home and kindergarten schedules will be plus or minus an hour, fine. And do not forget to think of another important point: your own new schedule, because your life will also change with the start of the school year. The first step is to plan your morning in detail.

Calculate in advance how much time you need to collect the child and assemble yourself. If every morning will be held in irritation, tears and rush, and the charges will resemble a race for survival, the baby will come to the garden in a tense state and in a completely inappropriate mood.

Just imagine how he will spend his day after such a “good” morning.

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