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The baby is bad eating

The baby is bad eating

Usually, the transition from breastfeeding to another type of food occurs in the following cases: when breastfeeding is not possible only (there is not enough breast milk, or the mother needs to leave, or for medical reasons); The second situation is the introduction of complementary foods, i.e., products that are very different in composition from breast milk (vegetable, fruit puree, cereals, dairy products, cottage cheese, meat), simply because the time has come. In both cases, it is desirable to introduce new products gradually.

A bottle with a nipple for the crumbs is an unfamiliar object, cold and unpleasant to the touch. Therefore, you should not do two things at the same time – switch to baby food and bottle feeding.

The solution to the problem is to first express breast milk and bottle-feed the baby. Scarce recognizes the familiar taste and may not be so resisting. If it is the nipple that annoys him, try using a more ergonomic model of soft silicone, which is close in shape to the nipple.

Try several models – see which one is most suitable for a child. But even if everything is in order with the bottle, there are other related factors that can interfere.

You must find a third person who will give the baby a bottle in your absence.

At first, use a plastic spoon for feeding: it does not leave an unpleasant feeling in your mouth, like a stainless steel spoon.

Of course, the baby knows your smell well and understands that the breast is near. You should ask your father, grandmother or nanny to feed a baby from a bottle for the first two or three days.

Of course, they will need some patience, but in a couple of weeks the baby will be completely comfortable.

It happens that children can not cope with the volume of the daily diet. This usually happens with babies who were born with a small weight. But those born with normal or overweight can sometimes show a lack of appetite.

There are no strict rules on this. The only thing that is important is to ensure that the child regularly adds a little weight.

While the baby is only on the dairy diet, to calculate the daily food requirement, the formula is used: 1 / 6–1 / 7 of the actual weight. A healthy child should eat so much per day. If he eats less, mom needs to think about whether the baby has enough food (could he have more); Does your child have digestive problems? and maybe you need to increase or decrease the interval between feedings.

When the feed is already introduced, the baby should eat about 700–800 grams of food per day: 3/4 – dairy products (breast milk, formula or milk porridge, fermented milk) + 1/4 – vegetables / fruit in the form of mashed potatoes. With age, the daily volume increases (with a weight of 6 kg approximately 1000 grams of food per day), but the ratio of milk and plant foods remains.

By the year 1, the amount of food is 800–1200 grams per day (the spread depending on the appetite is 400 grams), of which 1/4 are fruits and vegetables (200–300 g), the rest is milk, dairy, cereals, cottage cheese (50 −100 g), meat / fish (50−70 g). There is always the baby should just offer, but not to force.

And again: if the crumb has a good appetite, do not abuse it, do not accustom him to excessively abundant nutrition. Sooner or later it will lead to excess fat deposition and impairment of the child’s health.

The baby is bad eating

The child always ate with pleasure, but suddenly stops drinking the contents of the bottle to the end, falls asleep during feeding and is naughty, if you insist. What happened? From the point of view of medicine, the failure of the crumbs from food may be due to the following reasons.

For example, your baby may have teeth cut. In this case, you need to lubricate the gums with anesthetic and anti-inflammatory gels and wait with the introduction of new products before the baby calms down.

Another reason – the crumb just did not have time to get hungry, and parents are accustomed to adhere to strict regime. Solution: you can feed the baby on demand, increase the interval between feedings up to 4−5 hours.

Also, the baby may have problems with the gastrointestinal tract or metabolic disorders. In this case, of course, it is better to consult with a specialist and pass the necessary tests.

Never insist that the baby must finish everything to the end. Continue feeding only if the baby does not object.

With regard to psychological problems, then most often the cause of reduced appetite should be sought in the immediate environment of the child: perhaps you have returned to work and the child hardly gets used to your absence at home? Do not blame yourself: in a few days the crumb will adapt to the new conditions, and the appetite will return to it. Are you upset about financial matters, problems at work or at home?

The child feels it and is also very worried. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that the baby needs a calm, attentive and cheerful mother.

As for your problems, there is a solution.

Yes, your child is growing, and now it is time to introduce him to the taste of vegetables and fruit puree. But you cannot feed them through a bottle with them, and your little bully categorically refuses to try what you have prepared for him.

What to do? A few days before you begin feeding with a spoon, try to leave a small plastic spoon in the playpen of the crumbs.

At this age, children are all pulled in the mouth, and, most likely, the baby will not disregard the spoon. During the first feeding with a spoon, do not leave the child in the chair, it is better to sit him on your lap, so it will be calmer. At first, use a plastic spoon, it does not leave an unpleasant feeling in the mouth of the crumbs, like a stainless steel spoon.

And in any case, do not insist that the baby must have finished everything to the end. Continue feeding only if he does not mind.

Well, if nothing happens, try again the next day.

The baby is bad eating

According to the nanny, and the grandmother, your crumb eats everything he is given, without a trace. But why is he always naughty with you?

Most likely, this sly fellow realized that you are particularly worried about his appetite, and therefore he does not miss a chance to demonstrate his power over you. In no case should not join this game: pretend that you do not care.

In any case, a healthy child will not allow himself to die of hunger. As soon as the baby realizes that his “blackmail” is useless, he will return to his plate.

At one and a half years, the child eats with us at the same table, but the food on his plate is very different from the “adult.” And, of course, he does not like it. But children have other eating habits.

The easiest way to feed the crumb before you sit down at the table themselves. While he is eating, tell him a story or sing a song.

If the child continues to be capricious, it means that he decided to go to the stage of family dinners. Sit a little: put on the edge of his plate a small piece of chicken or fish and circles of boiled carrots, which he can eat with his hands.

If he does not give in to deception, you will have to revise the family menu, taking into account the needs of the baby.

You can prepare a dish of vegetables with your child, and then it’s fun to decorate. If the food becomes a game, your baby will definitely want to continue it!

Children aged from one and a half to two years gladly dig in the sand on the playground, measure puddles with their feet, mold Easter cakes from plasticine, try to draw on everything that comes to hand. So the kid is also trying to make waders at ease, and he gets special pleasure from the splashes that appear at the moment when he strikes the plate with porridge with a spoon.

The kitchen becomes a battleground, and you are in complete despair! But do not be too harsh with the baby.

Instead of scolding, let the crumbs smash a little dirt on a plate, this period will soon pass. After a few weeks, you will be able to start teaching your child good manners.

Most children go through a period of so-called neophobia: everything new – in taste and in appearance – frightens them. The solution to the problem is to involve the baby in the menu compilation

On Sunday, take it with you to the market and let yourself choose the vegetables, then ask him to help serve them on the table. You can prepare a dish of vegetables with your child, and then it’s fun to decorate. If the food becomes a game, your baby will definitely want to continue it!

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