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Teeth whitening

Consultant: Elizaveta Kosmetnaya, Dentist, European Medical Center.

Teeth whitening

All dreams, as we know, have a limit. In the case of the color of his teeth, not only the genes and the anatomical structure of the person, but the food basket and bad habits are measured off. Dentin is responsible for the yellow tint – the bone tissue that makes up most of the tooth crown.

From above it is covered with a layer of enamel. This tissue is almost colorless, so yellow dentin is easily visible through it.

There is another unpleasant anatomical detail. On the canines, the dentin layer is naturally thicker, which is why they are darker. With this circumstance, as with heredity, it remains only to be reconciled.

Racial features will also have to be accepted: for Europeans, the color of the teeth has an average degree of yellowness with a slant to moderate whiteness. But to correct the errors of the diet and unhealthy addictions chances are. The structure of the enamel is a crystal lattice.

Coloring pigments from food and drinks accumulate in the gaps between its bars. With the help of special gels, they can be extracted from the enamel and returned to the smile its original shade.

Such tasks can be done by all modern methods of bleaching: both in the office, when the procedure is performed by a dentist, and in the home, when the patient solves the problem with his own efforts.

As with any medical procedure, teeth whitening also has contraindications. These primarily include gum disease (for example, gingivitis, periodontitis) and caries.

The procedure can be started only after the infection is cured, and all carious cavities are sealed. Teeth whitening is temporarily contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers and people wearing braces. Owners of allergies to hydrogen peroxide should be vigilant: this substance is part of most bleaching gels.

Patients with fillings on central incisors should think twice. After the procedure, only “their” natural teeth will be lightened, and fillings on their background will appear yellow.

In this case, there is only one way out: before bleaching, replace these fillings with lighter ones, and then repeat the procedure until the end of their days with a certain frequency as the color contrasts appear.

In some cases, doctors do not vouch for the result, but they do not refuse to try their luck with the patient’s consent. Thus, it is impossible to predict the effectiveness of the procedure when enamel is gray from birth and dental hypoplasia.

If there are no contraindications to whitening, before you get down to business, it is useful to evaluate the pros and cons of the method.

Lighten your teeth using modern methods of bleaching can be a maximum of 12 shades, but even 10 points provide a stark contrast. If you exceed this level, the gel will first destroy the crystal lattice of the enamel, and then penetrate into the layers of dentin and begin to extract the native pigment from there, and not the foreign pigment.

Doctors do not go to such experiments. Firstly, it hurts, and secondly, it is pointless: no client will like the result, because the teeth will literally become transparent. The inhabitants are rarely aware of such surprises, so they are not afraid to violate the instructions.

In pursuit of whiteness, some radical perfectionists use the gel not for 3 weeks, but for half a year, and stop when it is already impossible to correct the situation. So appetites better temper immediately.

Those who want to have uniformly white teeth can forget about whitening. In nature, it does not happen. Normally, each tooth is whiter at the cutting edge and darker near the gums.

After bleaching, these natural color transitions will remain. Do not forget about canines: they will also stand out. To refer to the wide, blinding smiles of pop-diva is naive.

Smooth and bright white color is achieved either by crowns or veneers and lumineers – special artificial plates that attach to natural teeth like false nails.

If you agree to play by these rules, do not forget how to prepare for the procedure, whichever method you choose. First you need to clean up the mouth: remove plaque and tartar. Then 2 weeks will have to use remineralizing gel.

It will enrich the enamel with useful substances, and it will become more dense and less permeable. This is important, because the whitening gel, along with coloring pigments, will take a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, fluorine and other equally important elements from it.

The effect of the procedure can be enjoyed from six months to several years. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the presence and intensity of bad habits and food addictions.

Nevertheless, sooner or later, the smile will begin to fade again, because even if you give up coffee, smoking and red wine, your teeth will still absorb coloring pigments only from other products.

After any type of desk bleaching, doctors prescribe a “colorless” diet to the patient. During the procedure, the mouth remains open for a long time, and the moisture from the enamel evaporates very quickly.

If a lamp is used to activate the gel, the evaporating effect is enhanced. After the end of the session, the enamel begins to intensively absorb the liquid from the food, and with it the coloring matter, so for the next 3 days it is better to exclude fruits, vegetables and drinks of bright colors from the menu.

From meat with blood, too, will have to abstain. The teeth will not turn red, but will begin to darken much faster.

For home bleaching, such precautions are superfluous, however, it is still better to drink weak tea, dilute coffee with milk, and bright juices with water.

Home and office whitening give the same result, the fundamental difference is only the time it takes to achieve it. The office procedure lasts no longer than 2 hours and, under successful circumstances, is carried out on the same day, although it can sometimes be divided into several sessions.

Home campaign is stretched for at least 3 weeks. Ideally, it looks like this: first, the client goes to the doctor, who, in the absence of contraindications, advises the optimal gel: day, night and “weekend”.

They differ, albeit slightly, by the concentration of the active substance.

Then you have to decide which caps to use: standard ones, which are included in the kit, or individual ones, which are performed in the laboratory according to the molds. The second option is preferable from the point of view of safety: the anatomical shape helps to prevent the gel from flowing onto the gums, which can cause a chemical burn of the mucous membrane. In case of desk bleaching, soft tissues in the oral cavity are isolated by special means that reduce such risk to zero.

If after removing the cap on the gum, white spots or stripes are found, you do not need to be afraid. The burn will heal itself, but this is a signal that the portion of the gel being laid is too large and needs to be reduced.

The main difficulties on the home path usually arise for three reasons. Some elementary lack of patience.

Others, seeing the progress on the 5th day, stop ahead of time, not fixing the result. Others curtail the program because of the pain. As a rule, self-reliant persons, who neglect the advice of a doctor, fall into the latter category.

If caries has not been cured, and the gums are unwell, pathological processes during whitening procedures are compounded, and the overall sensitivity of the teeth increases. Neglecting a course of remineralizing therapy also guarantees unpleasant sensations.

In all three cases, during the forced pause, the teeth have time to darken, and everything has to start all over again. It is clear that with such a schedule you can always achieve whiteness. Nevertheless, you do not need to endure the pain.

If while wearing the cap in the tooth, it shot or pricked it, it is necessary to remove them at the same time, brush your teeth with toothpaste, and use remineralizing gel for the next few days. Only then can you try again.

In the gels created for desk bleaching, the concentration of the active substance is much higher than in home products. In addition, dentists have several means to speed up its action.

This explains the almost instant effect.

Depending on the type of activation chosen, desk bleaching is divided into photobleaching, laser and chemical bleaching. In the first case, the action of the gel spurs the ultraviolet radiation emanating from the lamp, in the second – the radiation of a diode or green laser, in the third – the chemical components included in the formula of the gel itself.

Laser and chemical whitening are considered the most benign. The first method is recommended for patients with initially sensitive teeth.

The laser does not penetrate deep into the enamel, which means that it does not cause any harm. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes, and this is a record figure.

However, there will be no dramatic improvement in color: the teeth will brighten by only 6–8 shades.

The advantages of chemical bleaching are the lack of thermal stress on the fabric and the presence of a large amount of water in the gel composition, which prevents the enamel from drying out. A session usually lasts half an hour, the teeth are whitened for 10 tones.

The photo-whitening procedure involves the careful protection of soft tissues, including lips and face skin, otherwise thermal burn can not be avoided. The whole event takes about 1.5 hours, but it gives the maximum effect – an improvement of 10–12 tones.

Regardless of the method of bleaching chosen by the doctor, he always focuses on the patient’s sensations. If necessary, the procedure is interrupted for several days or weeks and a repeated course of the remineralizing gel is prescribed.

The doctor and the client are observing the color metamorphosis in parallel. The whitening gel is usually applied in portions at regular intervals.

Before updating it, the achieved result is evaluated. If the client is satisfied with the reflection in the mirror, the number of approaches measured by the dental regulations can be reduced.

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