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Task: remove the stomach and lose weight in the hips!

Task: remove the stomach and lose weight in the hips!

Most often it turns out like this: every extra kilogram, as a rule, settles where it is not favored at all. Moreover, most often fat accumulates in precisely those areas that already look critical.

Indeed, there are few among us lucky women who lose weight proportionally or whose forms are rounded evenly. All experts in the field of weight loss know that every woman who wants to lose weight, wants to correct first of all the problem area. Well, and with this task it is possible to cope.

Moreover, those extra pounds from the lower and upper parts of the body should be removed by completely different methods. To facilitate your task, we have prepared a detailed action program for a month.

Work to be done on two fronts: it is necessary, firstly, to change the diet, and secondly, to go in for sports regularly. But before it is necessary to determine which body type your figure belongs to.

In total there are three.

You have massive shoulders, an outstanding chest, mouth-watering hips and a small belly, which does not want to disappear, despite all your efforts. But the lower part of the body does not cause troubles: you have a minimum of cellulite, legs are slim and muscular.

Your goal: remove the stomach, lose weight in the hips, pump up your arms and tighten your chest. And, of course, make it so that the leg muscles are not lost in volume.

When excess weight accumulates in the upper torso, it is often a sign that there is a problem with insulin. This hormone, which is produced by the pancreas, helps to process carbohydrates that we eat with food. And it accelerates the process of accumulation of fat in fat cells.

If insulin is produced all the time, for example because you are constantly chipping, eating too much or eating too many sugary foods, this hormone promotes weight gain mainly in the abdominal area.

Most often you suck in the middle of the afternoon? This is because your diet is incorrectly balanced.

You need to reduce the intake of fast carbohydrates (these are, as a rule, all foods that have a sweetish taste), because the more you eat them, the higher the level of insulin rises.

Fruits, vegetables, all unrefined products perfectly regulate the work of the digestive system. They allow you to reduce the daily dose of calories consumed by 10% and help fight hunger, allowing you to systematize and adjust the diet.

2. Starchy foods and cereals

Pasta made from durum wheat, raw cereals, baked potatoes, lentils, chickpeas, beans contain slow carbohydrates and do not provoke sharp insulin emissions.

3. Dairy products and cheese

But only medium fat. For example, the fat content of your cheese should not exceed 45%.

And more often eat natural dairy products.

You can eat beef, veal, poultry, fish and all crustaceans. In terms of protein reserves, these products are ideal, but do not forget that you lose weight, so choose the leanest options.

Task: remove the stomach and lose weight in the hips!

1. Sweets and pastries

Your body loves to burn carbohydrates in order to replenish fat reserves as quickly as possible, so do not give it any extra reason for such joy. Eliminate all sweets from the diet, including sugary drinks, jam, dried fruit, pastries …

2. All types of fatty foods

Sausages, sauces, fried foods, butter, fatty cheeses, fatty meat you must be strictly prohibited … if you want to lose weight.

Instead of snacking, make yourself a second breakfast and afternoon snack, preferring natural yoghurts or small sandwiches with a small slice of low-fat cheese.

  • Sugar free drink
  • 200 g of porridge (on skimmed milk or water) or a sandwich (20 g of white or whole-grain bread + 5 g of butter)
  • 1 fresh fruit (except banana) or a portion of berries
  • 100 g of 7% cottage cheese or a glass of nonfat milk,
  • whole fresh fruit (any except banana)
  • Homemade soup or fresh vegetable salad
  • Served with 100 g stewed vegetables or 100 g cereal or 100 g legumes
  • 100 g lean fish or egg
  • small unsweetened bun (50 g)
  • 5 g butter or 1/2 tbsp. l vegetable oil
  • Dairy product (natural yoghurt or cottage cheese)
  • 1 seasonal peeled fruit
  • 150 g fresh or stewed vegetables or 100 g boiled starch containing products
  • 100 g low-fat fish or 100 g white poultry meat

Task: remove the stomach and lose weight in the hips!

Sit on the floor, first bend your legs at the knees, and then cross so that the left was on top of the right. Press your right hand to the temple, left lean on the floor.

Now bend the torso to touch the right knee with the elbow of the right hand. Make 14 such inclinations, then change your hand.

Take two small dumbbells weighing no more than 2 kg, stand exactly, slightly spread your legs apart. Starting position: arms bent at the elbows and pressed to the chest.

Then lower them down, keeping your elbows off your body. Make two sets of 12 presses.

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you, joining your palms as if you were going to applaud. Now, as quickly as possible, turn them behind your back, without bending your elbows to make a cotton slam from behind.

There should be a total of 20 pops in the front and 20 behind. Over time, do three sets.

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