Главная 7 Child development 7 Task: get rid of cellulite and make legs slim!

Task: get rid of cellulite and make legs slim!

Task: get rid of cellulite and make legs slim!

Flat stomach, thin arms, small breasts – at the top you resemble a young girl. But the picture is spoiled by overall hips, massive buttocks and thick legs, which are often covered with cellulite.

Despite the fact that your forms can be called ultra-feminine, you are unhappy that your figure looks somewhat disproportionate.

Your goal: detoxification and lymphatic drainage of the lower body, getting rid of cellulite, strengthening the buttocks.

Imperfect forms in your case due to errors in the diet. Dreaming to lose weight by all means, you refuse meat, cheese and fatty foods, and try to eat only vegetables.

In fact, you need not so much to get rid of extra pounds, how much to decrease the volume. Therefore, it makes no sense to regularly stand on the scales, but the diet needs to be balanced.

Indeed, in vegetables it is impossible to find all the nutrients and nutrients.

Task: get rid of cellulite and make legs slim!

Meat saturates the body with animal proteins, and this is necessary in order to pump up those areas of your body that are lacking in elasticity and tone now (first of all, we are talking about thighs and buttocks). Eat it for lunch and do not worry that we advise to use it in excessive quantities.

In your case, the recommended portion is calculated by the number of centimeters in your height (with a growth of 1.65 m, a single portion of meat will be 165 g). In the evening, give preference to fish, if possible fatty varieties (salmon, salmon, tuna, mackerel).

They are valued primarily because they give us energy, fiber, and they add the volume of the upper body – just what you need!

If your menu consists of only vegetables, this is not the way out. Your menu should contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, but in reduced quantities.

Reduce the proportion of vegetables, add fruit and return to the diet of animal products.

It contains lactose – fast carbohydrate. In this regard, you now have to focus on cheese and cottage cheese, so there will be no urgent need for milk.

If you like yogurt, instead of cheese, eat a couple of natural sugar-free yogurt for breakfast once a week.

This is the surest way to accelerate fat deposition. Instead of a snack, it is better to eat normally and nourishingly, and arrange healthy snacks for yourself in order not to experience bouts of acute hunger.

  • 70‒100 g of any cheese
  • 50‒60 grams of bread
  • Fresh fruit (except banana)
  • Coffee / tea / herbal decoction without sugar / mineral water with low mineral content
  • A serving of meat, which in grams is equal to your height in centimeters
  • A small bowl of starchy foods (it’s better to choose cereals or legumes than pasta or potatoes)
  • 30 grams of nuts, peanuts, pistachios, almonds
  • A small bowl of fresh fruit or half a small bowl of dried fruit (prunes, dried apricots, etc.)
  • A portion of fatty fish or seafood (the volume will be equal to your appetite) or 130 g of white meat or poultry meat
  • A bowl of fresh vegetables

3 target exercises

We pump up the buttocks and hips

Stand on all fours, slightly spread your knees, stretch your right leg back, straighten it and pull the sock. Now describe 25 small circles with it, first clockwise, then 25 circles counterclockwise. Change leg.

Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise two more times.

We strengthen the inner thighs

Lie on your back, lift your legs up and cross them. Now spread out to the side to the maximum width and cross again.

Repeat the “scissors” movement 50 times. To keep your back from the floor, place your hands under the sacrum.

Emphasis on the outside of the thighs

In a standing position, press your back against the wall, go down, as if you were sitting on a chair, keep your back straight, arms – along the wall. Hold this position for 20–40 seconds.

Make 2 more approaches.

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