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Summer in the city

Summer in the city

The scorching sun, hot air, household appliances – from all this, the air temperature in the apartment on hot days literally rolls over. Moreover, in modern concrete and block houses and stone houses, the difference in indoor temperatures can reach 15 degrees. And at night in big cities is always 3-4 degrees higher than outside the city.

How to escape from the heat in a typical city apartment? How to make it easier for us and our children to endure the heat?

We will try to give you a maximum of options for dealing with this scourge.

First, do not feel sorry for the water from the spray, regularly take a cool shower and do not wipe immediately with a towel. Secondly, moisten the floor tiles in the house – and saving freshness will be guaranteed for you with every wind. You can also hang wet sheets on the windows.

They will make it much easier to survive the heat, reducing the temperature in the apartment by a few degrees. Another secret: hang a wet towel on a clothesline and place a fan in front of it (not too close to avoid a short circuit).

The temperature in the room is guaranteed to drop by 2 degrees, provided that you regularly moisten the towel.

Heat is easier to carry in clothes made from natural fabrics. Flax and cotton – that is necessary. At home let the kid run in his shorts.

Put something light and light on it that covers your back and shoulders. And be sure – panama or kerchief on the head!

The internal temperature of the leaves of plants is equal to the air temperature. Plants can cool the room a little if you water them regularly.

If possible, rearrange the beds, table, chairs in the most ventilated places in the house.

Refrigerator, computer, TV, stove – all these appliances generate heat, so turn off everything that you do not need. Do not use halogen lamps: these are real radiators.

Replace them with compact fluorescent ones – they do not generate heat.

Hang curtains or blinds on the windows. If the light enters the room, it raises the temperature of the house by 3−10 degrees, while creating a greenhouse effect.

Windows can also be sealed with a special foil film. It reflects heat and light well and significantly reduces room overheating.

Open the windows? Good idea … provided that the air in the street is at least 1-2 degrees cooler than in the room.

If it is very hot outside, wait for the evening and then open the windows completely. But still, ventilate the room several times a day to refresh the air.

Summer in the city

The fan does not cool the air, but favors the evaporation of perspiration. The most efficient – silent ceiling fans, they move large masses of air.

If you don’t have one in your house, purchase an automatically rotating model.

If the air temperature has crawled around 25 degrees, it is recommended to drink a glass of water every half hour. It is better to give preference to mineral water or pure water, slightly acidified with lemon juice. Fruit drinks, herbal decoctions, mint tea will also do well.

Of course, not too cold, especially when it comes to children.

On hot days, easily digestible food is required: fermented milk dishes, oatmeal, rice and buckwheat cereals, omelets, milk, vegetables, greens and fruits. Eliminate all fatty, salty and fried foods, limit the consumption of meat, especially before bedtime, as the digestion of heavy food causes an increase in body temperature and increases sweating.

And do not be alarmed if someone from the household suddenly lost appetite. In this weather, it is natural.

If there is a crumb refuses, try to move the feeding to a cooler time of the day.

Modern air conditioners are able to provide a constant comfortable temperature in the room. You do not have to suffer from the heat in the summer or freeze in the offseason while waiting for the central heating supply. In addition, they are also able to clean the air.

But they have their drawbacks. They bring additional costs: power consumption, service, filter replacement.

If a little “carried away”, forget about caution and recommendations for using the air conditioner, you can easily cause harm to their health and the health of the crumbs. Therefore, to avoid runny nose and excessive energy consumption, follow our tips:

  1. As less as possible! Turn on the air conditioner only when absolutely necessary. Make sure that all windows and doors in the room are closed during operation. Do not turn on the air conditioner in the car during short journeys.
  2. If on the street +30, do not install +18. Correct adjustment? A maximum of five to six degrees below the temperature outside, otherwise there is a danger of headache, cold, runny nose. When traveling by car, turn off the air conditioner a few minutes before leaving the car so that the temperature contrast is not so sharp.
  3. At full capacity – energy overrun. In the car, to achieve the desired temperature, gradually reduce it by 2 degrees. The cabin of the car, left in the sun for a couple of hours, can warm up to 60 degrees. Therefore, you first need to open the windows and drive a little to get rid of the hot air in the car.

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