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Stuck in traffic: ideas for playing with a child in a car

Stuck in traffic: ideas for playing with a child in a car

A problem familiar to many parents not by hearsay: as soon as a child finds himself in a confined space inside a car, he turns into a little rebel: give it, show it, open a window, beep, turn on the light … Whims that turn into real hysterics can ruffle anyone even the most balanced driver. What is the cause of frills?

The answer is obvious: humbly sitting strapped in the car seat is pretty boring. Taking into account the children’s age, it is possible to prepare for the trip in such a way that both the mother is calm and the child is interested.

  • Up to a year. If the crumb is quite small, try to choose the time of daytime sleep for traveling – the little ones fall asleep in the car. To do this, think about the duration of the trip: any navigation program will calculate your travel time, taking into account traffic jams. Under adverse weather conditions, add to it another 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Till two years. Think of a “strategic reserve” of entertainment. It is still difficult for babies at this age to keep attention for a long time, and their vocabulary is too small, but the main way to learn about the world is through tactile sensations. For children 1.5–2 years old, you can stock up on your favorite toys (put them in a separate backpack, in which he can dig), fun music and something tasty. For example, make “edible beads” at home: buy a dry breakfast, string “asterisks” or rings on a string and hand a crumbs – you can enjoy trouble-free half an hour of travel.
  • From three years and older. Now we spend too much time in our cars to say “have a rest for now” to your child, turn on the music and dive into your thoughts. A three year old kid is curious and active. Try to entertain him with the help of games on the development of verbal and sensory intelligence. We have collected the most interesting and useful ones.

The most popular way to kill time on the road is to talk. Use it! Agree, much nicer fun to chat, rather than comment on the rudeness of drivers and congestion on the roads.

Communication with the child is invaluable and, by the way, very effective: word games enrich the children’s vocabulary, broaden their horizons and develop the ability to think logically.

This game will teach the baby to distinguish, in which case we say “who”, and in which case – “what”. First, explain the rules: if we are talking about someone who is animate, then the question is “who?” (“Who is the biggest?” – “Elephant”), and if we are talking about an inanimate object, then we ask “what? “(” What a round toy? “-” Ball “)).

Then the adult can call the subject, and the child must answer “who” is this or “what.”

Go with the baby to the magical world of fairy tales! An adult offers the child to compose a fairy tale (or a story) together.

The theme of the fairy tale is chosen together, and the adult starts up with the first sentence. Then the child continues, then again the adult.

Stories can compose the most incredible. Perhaps you didn’t even know what kind of talent the narrator hid in himself your child!

The adult begins a difficult sentence, and the child continues. For example: “The ship sailed the open sea, and here. “Or” The cat suddenly woke up because. “, Or” Mom did not buy ice cream, and she had to. “. Suggestions can be both ordinary and humorous – it all depends on your imagination.

Give the child a few colored laces with knots tied to them (tie them not!). Suggest him to “disenchant” the laces, that is, guess the words that are “hidden” in them. Set a general theme: for example, the words “Forest” will be “hidden” in the first string.

The task of the baby is to name the words that he associates with the word “forest” (tree, wolf, bear, hut on chicken legs). After each guessed word, the baby must untie one knot on the cord! The second lace can be a “circus”, the third – a “kitchen”, etc.

An adult or a child says a certain sign, for example, “it can be eaten.” Next, he calls one after another a few words: “banana, porridge, bread, candy, chair.”

If an adult named all the words in the chain correctly, the child claps his hands once. If an adult is mistaken, i.e. there was an extra word in the logical series, the kid should name it. Options: “In the garden grow: apple, carrot, raspberry, crocodile”; “We have in the kitchen: table, chair, refrigerator, light bulb, bath”; “The ball can be: red, yellow, blue, square”, etc.

Choose any letter of the alphabet and, looking into the windows of the car, look for and take turns calling objects starting with it. Try to start the game with the letter “T” and carefully watch out of the window for transport, taxis, tractors, telephone, pipes, routes, trolley buses, trams.

An older child may also notice: a trailer, a freight train, a theater, a taxi, a ticket, a crowd. Won the one who called the last word, after which the game can be restarted with a different letter.

Stuck in traffic: ideas for playing with a child in a car

Now on the Internet you can find a lot of different sounds: those that make animals, breakable glass, a closing door and even sneeze. Record different sounds on the disc, turn it on during the journey and ask the baby to try to guess who (or what) belongs to this or that sound.

The game becomes especially interesting at the moment when the kid uses his imagination. Perhaps you will not hear “the boy yawned,” but “a big blue-green hippopotamus, opened his mouth to let out a small fly that had accidentally flown into his mouth!”

“What color?”

Very often, moms care that the baby does not know how to distinguish colors. While driving, invent with your baby what is red, what is blue, and what is green, and call these items in turn.

You can also try to count passing cars of different colors – who will count more?

Choose one well-known item in the machine that is visible to the crumbs, and give a hint (for example, name the size, shape or color). Let the child try to understand what exactly you have made.

If the first attempt fails, give another hint. After the subject is guessed, switch roles: now let the child guess something, and you will guess.

Take a small plastic bag with you on the road. Give the child a packet and ask him to hide it so that he fits in the cam (first in the right hand, then in the left). At the same time recite a poem:

“I will hatch a bag into a fist,
Let someone say that a trifle,
But it’s not easy for me,
I’m a child, not an adult. ”

An alternative to the package can be a napkin, a handkerchief, a small chocolate egg toy. First, the poem is told by an adult, and the child hides, then vice versa.

The baby should straighten the fingers of the right hand in turn (you can start with the index finger, while the other fingers are pressed to the palm). While he rotates an extended finger, an adult recites:

“Zhu-Zhu-Zhu, Zhu-Zhu-Zhu,
Over the flowers I circle. ”

Then “training” is arranged for the fingers of his left hand.

You will need a small rubber toy (well, if it is squeaking). Let the child try to compress and unclench the toy in his hand (first in the right, then in the left) while you read the poem:

“You duckling, not food!
Look for your mom. ”

Then the baby must memorize the verse and pronounce it himself. You can take a few toys and change the verse form, depending on what kind of toy is in children’s hands.

Old as the world, but “for all times.” When pronouncing the words “stone-paper-scissors”, an adult and a child, moving to the beat with the words of a hand assembled into a fist, at the expense of “three” arbitrarily leave their hand in one of the positions: fist (“stone”), open palm (“paper” ) or an extended index and middle fingers (“scissors”).

In the combination of “stone” and “paper”, the winner is the one who has “paper” (because paper can wrap a stone). In the combination of “paper” – “scissors” beats the one who has the “scissors” (they cut the paper).

In tandem, “scissors” – “stone” is won by the one who has “stone” (because scissors are blunt about the stone).

Stuck in traffic: ideas for playing with a child in a car

Suggest your child to carefully look at the numbers of passing cars and search in order from one to nine. As soon as the child sees the number “1”, he should shout: “One!”, Then – “Two!” And so on until nine. You can call the numbers in turn: first a child, then an adult.

First, in direct order, and then in reverse: “Nine!”, “Eight!”, “Seven!”. You can search for different numbers also on billboards, on buses passing by, on houses.

The game is designed for the active participation of an adult, so it is suitable if the family travels in full. Sit near the child car seat and select from a deck of cards with numbers from two to ten. Place four cards in front of the child and four cards in front of you (face down).

Put the rest of the cards face down. It will be a “bank”. Ask the child to give you a card with the number “2” (you can call any number).

If the child has given the card with the number “2”, the adult is looking for another card with the same number. If an adult has a twin card, they need to be put in their pile of cards. If there is no steam room, put it next to the “bank”.

If the child does not have a card, which is called an adult, you need to take the top card “bank” If there is no pair card, put it next to the “bank”.

Continue the game, taking turns calling the cards and folding them in pairs. The game will end when there is not a single card left in the “bank”.

The long road is always tiring. But in the car you can dance … and sitting! Turn on cheerful music or children’s songs and dance “dance of worms” or “spiders” – there the main movements are done with your hands.

Let the kid clap his hands, beating the rhythm of the music, shaking his legs, etc. This exercise will be very useful after a long sitting, and the music is good cheering up.

By the way, singing the songs is the same as the road occupation. You can simply put a CD (“Children’s disco”, “333 best children’s songs”, “Children’s songs and karaoke”, “Songs of fairy-tale heroes”) and sing along or turn on “Children’s radio”.

And you can also play – to think of a word from what you met on your way (cat, bus, etc.), and to remember songs where it occurs, and at the same time to sing them. Singing is an excellent breathing exercises that will prevent the main road trouble – motion sickness!

Older guys – from five years old – you can try to include audio fairy tales.

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