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Stuck in the city: go to the museum

Stuck in the city: go to the museum

Those who want to walk along the ceiling and at the same time test their vestibular apparatus for durability (many in such an unusual situation dizzy) can safely go to the area of ​​Pavilion 57 at the All-Russia Exhibition Center – to the House of Changeling. When he visits a person experiences an effect similar to that achieved when riding a roller coaster.

The idea of ​​creating such an exhibit is not new. Similar creations already exist in the USA, Europe and Asia.

The architects of the Moscow “dwelling” studied the experience of foreign colleagues – they adopted something, added something. As a result, in the domestic version there is even a cage with a parrot.

And to complete the picture next to the house an inverted car is parked.

Official website: http: //domprevertysh.rf/

Stuck in the city: go to the museum

Masterslavl is a place of “vocational training” for children from 5 to 14 years old, which offers its young visitors to try on 40 variants of professions in 25 workshops. In this city, all professions are needed, and all professions are important!

Here, children have the opportunity to make their own decisions and decide on the choice of interests without taking into account the opinions of adults. That is how they will be able to understand what they really like.

During the summer holidays from June 16 to August 29, in addition to 4-hour sessions (from 10 to 14 and from 15 to 19 hours daily), parents can buy a ticket for their children for the whole day – “Summer Day in Masterslavl”, which includes rich educational program hot lunch and two snacks.

Official site: http://www.masterslavl.ru/

Stuck in the city: go to the museum

This Moscow aquarium offers kids to get acquainted with more than 1000 species of exotic fish and marine invertebrates.

Toothy moray eels, unique and poisonous toad fish, lion fish and seahorses, nautilus and jellyfish, sea anemones with poisonous tentacles, living corals and sponges, bloodthirsty piranhas from the Amazon river and the huge Kamchatka crabs will not wait for meetings with small discoveries. And the most courageous “sailors” will have the opportunity to be inside a flock of real reef sharks in a reliable “Batiskafe” 25 meters long, and then feed the predators. Shark feeding shows are held every Tuesday and Friday at 6.30 pm

The beginning of ticket sales at 17.30.

Official site: http://www.aquatis.ru

Stuck in the city: go to the museum

For lovers of wildlife and the underwater world, in particular, as many as two Moscow aquariums opened their arms. The first, and the largest in the capital (total area of ​​more than 800 square meters), is located in the shopping and entertainment center “RIO” on Dmitrovskoye Highway. Here, young “oceanographers” will be able to get closer to the various representatives of flora and fauna from around the globe: fish, coral reefs, animals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and reptiles.

The variety of “exhibits” is amazing and pleasing to the eye.

The main “attraction” of the aquarium – the main aquarium with a transparent tunnel. It takes visitors to the underwater kingdom and provides an opportunity to practically observe the life of its inhabitants in every detail from within.

For thrill seekers, the oceanarium has prepared an exciting show program – feeding sharks and performing fur seals.

July 28, the aquarium invites young visitors to go on a fun journey through the seas and islands in the company of the Sea Princess. She will reveal to the kids all the secrets of the underwater depths and will tell who swims the fastest, why the catfish is mustache and which fish is the most friendly.

And still children will be able to feed brocade carp themselves, touch the starfish and play with Tsarevna. And if the old evil witch thinks of upsetting their plans, the guys will surely help to defeat her!

The duration of the program is 75 minutes. The age of participants is from 4 to 8 years old. The cost of a ticket for children of 4 years is 250 rubles, from 5 years old it is 400 rubles.

The price includes: a sightseeing tour, games with an animator, a keepsake.

Official site: http://www.oceanarium-rio.ru/

Stuck in the city: go to the museum

See all the celestial beauty, put scientific experiments, explore the oldest astronomical instruments and even touch the real meteorites young “astronauts” will be able in the Moscow planetarium. Here boys and girls, as well as their parents will be able to play the role of real research scientists.

Once in his interactive museum, you will feel complete emancipation. After all, it provides an opportunity to interact with the exhibits and be involved in everything that happens around. In the “Lunarium” in a game form, children will vividly demonstrate various physical laws and natural phenomena.

Sometimes real miracles happen here. The “Space Comprehension” exposition is your chance to visit a real space station, make an interplanetary voyage, get acquainted with the history of the Big Bang, save the planet from asteroids, feel the properties of weightlessness and vacuum, and even send a message to aliens.

Each exhibit in the planetarium is equipped with a colorful plate that will help to get information for self-introduction. If necessary, all emerging questions (and even the most tricky) will be answered by consultants in the hall – senior students and graduates of the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University.

Official site: http://planetarium-moscow.ru/

Stuck in the city: go to the museum

In this research institution are held a variety of Sh.O.U. (under the motto “Step. Open.

Surprise! ”) For children from 4 years old.

On the presentation of “Crystallomania”, the guys will learn how with one touch the liquid turns into ice and crystals form. And the action will end with a real treat – each participant will receive a delicious sweetness from the well-known crystal – cotton candy, which he himself will make.

On the show. Soap bubbles ”inquisitive kids will receive an answer to the question why the bubbles are round and how the colorless soap solution is poured with all the colors of the rainbow. And the most curious crumbs can be inside a huge soap bubble.

Older children (from 8 years old) will feel like real scientists in the new “Sh.O.U. Mendeleev.

Together with the professionals, the “newbies” will learn how to make fire without matches and even cook scrambled eggs on it! And also find out if the glass can be liquid and is it really possible to dissolve the plug in water?

The entrance ticket to the museum is purchased on a mandatory basis. Tickets can only be purchased on the day of the event.

When conducting Sh.O.U. in the museum’s laboratory, a ticket is purchased only for a child, one accompanying adult is free. Do not be late, because after the start entrance to the hall is impossible.

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