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Street Safety Rules

Street Safety Rules

You can repeat a hundred times a day: “Do not go anywhere with strangers”, the child will obediently nod, repeat these words as a spell, and … yes, go to watch the cartoon, kitten, puppy with the first person he met or sit in the car to show way completely foreign woman.

The same “Liza Alert” conducted an experiment. Of the 50 children instructed by all the rules to leave with a stranger who approached after the briefing, only one refused! Do you know why?

Yes, because the child is sure that he recognizes the criminal at times: he is necessarily scary, smiles unnaturally, is untily dressed, it is necessarily a man in black glasses and a repulsive appearance. A child, as a rule, will trust even a stranger if he calls him by name or says that he came on the instructions of mom-dad or teacher.

The task of the parents is to make the child not to succumb to provocations, know how to react in case of danger and what to do if he is suddenly lost.

  • Constantly check whether the child knows the name, patronymic and surname of the parents, grandparents or other relatives living with him. He also needs to know his address and home phone number, as well as his mom’s mobile phone number.
  • Show how to answer the phone, what to say, if the doorbell rang.
  • Teach your child to say no.

Adults first speak and show, then children repeat. You need to repeat the lesson constantly.

As life shows, in an hour the child will forget half of what you have inspired for so long and stubbornly, and the next day in most cases he no longer remembers anything.

  • We bring up a personal example: we always look through the peephole. When the doorbell rings, we are surely interested in: “Who is there?” And, without opening the door, we ask the stranger about the purpose of the visit. Always close the front door with a lock or latch. Do not go into the elevator with strangers. Politely we say: “Thank you, no need to wait, I will go later.”

In this case, you need to tell the child a simple sequence of actions.

Transportation: if the child did not have time to go with you to the metro station, bus, etc. stop, he should get off at the next station or stop and wait there for you. In the subway he needs to go to the center of the hall to the information post. Show the child this pillar.

Encourage you to find the child at the next stop. Before you go into the car or salon of a tram, bus, trolleybus, be sure to agree: “If someone does not have time to get out, he goes to the next stop and waits for the others.

We will definitely pass one more stop and take the lost. ” If it is a ground transportation, inspire the child that, coming out at the next stop, he still stands on it until you come for him.

Not one step to the side!

Shopping center: If a child is lost in a shopping center, he should turn to security, clearly state his name and surname, age. The guards will take the child to the administrator, give an announcement via speakerphone, and the mother will quickly find the one lost.

Street Safety Rules

As we have said, children must know: the full names of the parents, their phone numbers and their address. This should be repeated as often as possible, since in a stressful situation the child may become confused.

Therefore, this knowledge should be worked out to automatism.

Buy a child clothes with reflective elements – this is an elementary safety on the road. Bright clothes will help to be noticeable on the street, in a shopping center, in public transport.

Because down with the gray!

If the child is old enough to independently go to school, the sports section, to visit friends, explain to him that it is impossible to walk through uncrowded streets, dimly lit alleys and shorten the way due to passage yards. Ideally, it is necessary to build a route with the child in order to understand where it will go and how convenient and safe this way is.

Instill the offspring, that the planned route must always be followed for the sake of its own safety and not deviate from it, even if the path along an unlit deserted lane or through the courtyard is shorter.

Constantly tell the child that a normal adult would never turn to a child or teenager for help. An adult person always asks the way for an adult, so you should always say to his request: “I don’t know.”

If an adult asks for help, you must answer: “I can not” and then immediately move away from him as far as possible.

Not a step with a stranger! Even if he calls the child on behalf of the mother. Come up with a password that a person should always say if he contacts you on a child’s behalf.

Teach your child to check such a person, asking her mother’s name, where and by whom she works, let him ask for a password.

Check your child. Ask someone of your friends with whom he is unfamiliar to try to lead him away.

This is the only way to understand what the child remembers from your instructions.

Inspire the child: if someone sticks, tries to lead away, does something that is unpleasant for the child, you have to shout as loudly as possible. Some children are embarrassed to do this and call for help, as they are told that it is embarrassing and ugly to shout at people.

So teach children not to be shy, scream and call for help!

If the child is lost, does not get in touch, you do not know where he is, phoned friends and relatives and there is no result, you need to urgently contact the police and write a statement about the disappearance of the child.

After writing a statement to the police, also contact the volunteer organization and tell the circumstances of the incident. Remember how the child was dressed, what route he had to go, show the latest photo of the child.

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