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Stay young: 9 tips from anti-age experts

Stay young: 9 tips from anti-age experts

It is no coincidence that sales of sunglasses with colored lenses have increased significantly. These glasses are very, very useful for sight! The reason is simple: filtering UV radiation down to the 3rd category (the 4th category is mirrored glass), which means reducing the risks of various diseases for our eyes.

Dark glasses help protect the macula (the central part of the retina, ie the yellow spot), which inevitably grows older with age. In addition, glasses “protect” the eyes from dust and dirt, reduce the risks of eye injuries and dryness (burning) of the eyes.

And they also relieve us of the need to squint in the sun – and this is one of the reasons for the formation of a grid of wrinkles around the eyes.

Toothbrush and thread – not a panacea for tartar. Accumulating, the plaque makes our teeth less protected and increases the risk of their loss. We need not only regular hygienic, but also periodic professional cleaning of teeth and gums, which will allow them to stay healthy and strong longer.

After cleaning, the dentist polishes the surface of the teeth and applies special products that not only protect, but also lighten the enamel – this also allows us to look younger!

We shpynya our children when they start to slouch, but it would be better for us to take precautions. Straight back is both useful and beautiful.

When you try to keep your back straight when walking, you automatically pull in your stomach, straighten your shoulders and move your shoulder blades. A good habit (when you go to the store or wait at the bus stop) is to force yourself to straighten your back, joining your fingers behind your back.

By the way, in yoga there is an excellent asana – “Tadasana” (mountain pose), which is ideal for “straightening” the back.

Stay young: 9 tips from anti-age experts

Effectively fight wrinkles is possible not only with the help of invasive techniques! Master these four simple massage movements and do them after the traditional evening ritual of cleansing the skin. Such gymnastics not only improves the microcirculation and tone of the epidermis, but also perfectly relaxes.

Use a few drops of vegetable oil (for example, almond) or some of your regular night cream to “feed” and even better stimulate the skin.

A) Place your palms with the back of the nose to the base of the nose, as if taking it in the palm of your hand, gently push down, closing your palms, first with one and then with the other. Continue pressing alternately for a few seconds.

Then slowly move your hands to the temples.

B) Carefully stroke the upper eyelids with circular movements (without pressure!), Moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. Return to the starting point, passing under the eyes, and slightly stretch (gently!) The skin to the temples.

B) Move your palms, passing over the cheeks, to the area of ​​the ears. Slightly press on the temples and close your ears, hold your hands in this position for several minutes.

Repeat one more time.

D) Place your palms on your forehead so that your fingers are facing each other. Looking at crossed fingers, lightly massage the forehead in the direction from the superciliary arches to the hairline.

Complete the massage with light, barely perceptible strokes along the entire face.

When we age, the recovery of skin cells occurs more slowly, and the complexion often becomes unhealthy. To regain a blooming look, first of all, take care of a good cleansing – with soft exfoliants or peelings – once or twice a week.

After cleansing, make a moisturizing mask that will give the skin a boost of energy. You can also change your usual day care for a cream with fruit acids (it is better to apply it in the evening). And by visiting a dermatologist, you can undergo a course of deeper peels (for example, with glycolic acids).

Very soon you will be able to see the result – the skin will become more toned and radiant.

Stay young: 9 tips from anti-age experts

Take care of your eyebrows. If they are too short, with little blinks or a little lowered, use cosmetics (pencil, eye shadow and gel for eyebrows) to bring them in order.

Well-defined, but light and elegant eyebrows will help you to open the eyes!

Avoid too bright eyeshadow: they do not add attractiveness to your look. What used to be black, replace with soft brown, noble gray, graphite or beige (it is best to use matte textures).

Do not ignore mascara, even if you had not really complained about it before.

Do not forget about blush! Apply a little blush on the upper point of the cheekbones.

Choose a coral scale, if your skin color is closer to yellow or peach color, and pink – if light pink.

Painting lips, be moderate. Lipstick bold shade of fuchsia or classic red – quite “difficult.” They narrow your lips and give out age.

Change the lip palette to lighter colors that are close to the natural color of your lips (pink, apricot). If necessary, draw a lip contour with a pencil to match the lipstick and apply a drop of gloss on the center of the upper lip (or a little highlighter on the Cupid arc) to visually emphasize the volume.

When you stop getting enough sleep (you find it harder to fall asleep, you constantly wake up during the night), change the mode. Your goal: to make sleep strong and deep, so that it gives rest to the body. If possible, follow your biorhythms.

It is necessary to rise every day at the same time, even if the night was difficult, or you had to lie down later (in the latter case, just set aside some day time for a siesta). Remember that a good night’s sleep helps you stay young!

Stay young: 9 tips from anti-age experts

Pleasant sensations that you feel while hugging and kissing, contribute to the development of endorphins, pleasure hormones. In addition to bliss and a sea of ​​positive emotions, an active sex life brings one more bonus – this is an excellent prevention and protection of the cardiovascular system.

Numerous studies confirm: positive thinking “pacifies”, while negative thoughts produce anxiety and stress. In turn, chronic depression increases blood pressure, worsens metabolism and provokes a lot of unpleasant things.

That’s why pessimists age faster! Optimistic people are constantly on the move, they are always busy with something, they preserve their taste for the daily joys of life (trees and flowers, hugs, etc.) for longer, consider the passing years as a chance to share their experience with others … To such an “action program” »You should strive!

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