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Immediately after the birth of the baby, our body begins a serious recovery work: now it must rebuild in order to work as before. During pregnancy, the internal organs were a bit “constrained” by the growing uterus, and now it is time to help them earn their full strength.

And on how successful this recovery work will be, the well-being of the young mother depends (if the process drags on, complications and gynecological problems may arise in the future). To help the body to successfully overcome this difficult period, we suggest that you slowly start classes from the first days after birth.

The movement tones the muscles, they contract faster, the blood flow to them increases, which means that the surface of the uterus (let’s not forget that basically it consists of muscles) and the stitches (if any) will heal faster. By the way, the restoration and early reduction of the uterus is one of the important points of the rehabilitation work of our body. The complex of exercises that we offer will help to cope with this task in the best possible way.

Normally, this process goes this way: from the first days after the birth of the baby, the uterus begins to contract, to return to normal size (after 6 weeks it should weigh 100 g versus 1,500 g at the end of pregnancy) and sink back.

First, as we have said, they will help the uterus to shrink faster, which means that the discomfort that accompanies this process will be less (the pain and discharge from those who are engaged pass faster).

Secondly, the movements tone up the muscles of the intestines, which eliminates constipation and toxin “attack” (toxins – decay products of undigested food – can get into the blood, and therefore into milk).

Thirdly, the load on the pectoral muscles causes them to contract, the blood flow to the mammary glands increases, which means there will be more milk!

It is equally important to bring in the tone and back muscles, which help to maintain correct posture. Hyperlordosis – a strong backbeat that occurs during pregnancy – can be overcome only by training (otherwise it will remain for life, complicating it with back pain and other not very pleasant sensations).

In case of varicose veins, movement will help to avoid complications, because by training the muscles, we help the blood move through the vessels.

The following set of exercises will help to tidy the abdominal muscles, stretched during pregnancy. You will quickly return to normal form, getting rid of extra pounds.

After the birth of the baby in the mother’s body, hormonal changes take place, which is why the mood can change rapidly and not always for the better. To balance this hormonal storm, start classes.

Energetic movements cause the release of joy hormones – endorphins, which you will now find very useful. Moreover, any regular work (in our case – gymnastics) increases self-esteem and gives confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Exercises are very simple. It is not necessary to start practicing on the first day after childbirth – take a rest and start classes on the second day.

2nd day For the first days after the birth of a baby, practice lying on your back or side.

1. Move your fingers and legs, bend and unbend them (16 to 24 times). This little workout will prepare your muscles for the upcoming challenges.

2. Bend your knee, gliding over the surface of the bed, then straighten it. Now repeat everything again, but for the other leg (16 to 24 times for each exercise option).

These movements will help you gradually tone the muscles of the legs and shorten the uterus faster.

3. Take a towel and try to stretch it like a rubber band. Continuing to stretch the fabric, raise your hands up and take them to the head. Try to touch the headboard.

Repeat these movements 16 to 24 times.

Do you want to level your posture and increase lactation? This exercise will help you.

3rd day. To the first three exercises you already know, we can now add three more.

1. Lying on your back, bend your leg. Then straighten it, hold it down and lower it.

Do 16 to 24 repetitions for each exercise.

Thus you can strengthen the muscles of the legs and tidy the abdominal muscles.

2. Lying on your back, bend your knees and pull your heels closer to your buttocks. Hands join together on the chest, tightly closed palm. Inhale and as you exhale rise up (it will be easier to do this if you squeeze your palms towards each other).

Try to look up and do not bend the neck. Go down and take a breath.

Repeat 8–12 times.

This exercise will help you strengthen the abdominal muscles and stimulate lactation.

3. Stay in the starting position, now put your hands on the bed. Inhale, and on the exhale, tear the buttocks from the bed and stretch your pubic bone to the chin.

The most important thing – do not tear the lower back.

This exercise tones the muscles of the perineum, pelvis and abs.

4th day. It’s time for new exercises, now you can do them sitting and standing.

By the way, do not forget that the time of classes should be gradually increased.

1. Sit on the edge of the bed, put your feet on the floor. Tearing the foot off the floor and raising the knees, move the legs first to the right and then to the left. Repeat the exercise 8–12 times.

Watch your posture and do not lean back, raising your legs.

Result? Strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, perineum and abdomen.

2. Sitting on the edge of the bed, spread your arms apart so that they are shoulder-high. Straighten your back, do not slouch and do not lift your shoulders up.

With vigorous movements, cross your arms at shoulder level — you should feel the muscles in your shoulders and chest work. Do 16 to 24 repetitions, rest for 1-2 minutes and start again.

You can count on the stimulation of lactation, if you work hard on yourself.

3. Stand next to the bed, hold the back of your hands. Put your legs shoulder-width apart, try not to sag in the back (for this you need to strain the buttocks and abs).

Straighten your shoulders, do not slouch. Turn the pelvis (hips) first to the right, then to the left (16 to 24 times in each direction).

Most importantly – do not rotate shoulders!

In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles, this exercise will help restore correct posture.

4. Put your legs shoulder-width apart, retract your stomach, straighten your back. With straight arms, draw large circles in front of you (first to yourself, and then from yourself).

Do from 16 to 24 repetitions for each variant of the exercise, you can relax for 1-2 minutes in the intervals.

Increasing the amount of milk and improving posture – this is the effect of this exercise.

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