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Star moms who gave birth after 40

Star moms who gave birth after 40

Emma Thompson is best known to Russian audiences for her role as professor of prophecy Sibyl Trelawney at Hogwarts School, not only a British actress who won Oscars, BAFTA and Emmys, she is also a screenwriter and a public figure. And mother.

After another miscarriage in 1997, Thompson at the time turned a career in cinema, so that, together with her husband, actor Bo Greg Wise, come to grips with procreation. Two years later, with the help of IVF, the efforts were crowned with success. In December 1999, at the age of 40, Emma gave birth to a daughter, Gaia Romilly, and commenting on the break in work, said: “While on my deathbed, would I regret that I had missed one or another role because of my daughter?

I doubt my answer will be yes. ” Emma became so accustomed to the role of the mother that after the birth of Gaia, she did not give up trying to give birth to her brother or sister, until the doctors said that, alas, she would no longer have children. “No, it will be!”, Said Emma and Bo Greg, and in 2003 they adopted Tindyaviev Agaba, a refugee from Rwanda. And later, they even participated on his behalf in the proceedings against the extradition of the adolescent back to their homeland.

Today, Tindyaviev is a graduate of the University of Exeter, and 18-year-old Gaia graduated from home schooling. Earlier, Gaia was forced to leave the elite school because of the rebellious nature and desire for justice.

Mom, in everything supporting daughter and attracting to all public actions (for example, activities in Greenpeace), and this was completely on her side.

Star moms who gave birth after 40

Before the first time, at 42, to become a mother, American singer and actress Mariah Carey won several music awards (5 “Grammy”, including), became the author of popular songs, starred in a lot of films … And experienced many failures when trying to get pregnant and to carry the child.

Finally, in 2010, having enlisted the support of her beloved and reliable (as it seemed then) husband, singer Nick Cannon, too, and, having made another IVF, Mariah realized that half the work was done – she was pregnant. It was not possible to hide the information for a long time, after gossiping around her health and refusal to shoot, the singer confirmed an interesting position.

In recent months, Mariah took part in an outright photo shoot for Life Style magazine, admitting: “I have long doubted whether to agree to participate in this photo shoot, but then I decided that this was a great chance to capture the magical moment of pregnancy.” First, the singer assured the public that she became pregnant naturally, but later, when the twins were born, she admitted to the help of doctors.

The birth of the boy Morrocana Scott and the daughter of Monroe coincided with the third wedding anniversary of Mariah and Nick, as if making the pledge of a further happy life. The couple even made repeated oaths of loyalty.

But … The family broke up after three years, and the difference in age – Nick younger than his wife by 10 years, probably was not the last of the reasons.

However, Mariah, after the divorce, lost a voice from grief – fortunately, for a while – does not lose heart. First, she has wonderful children, with whom she does not part even on tours and on which she spends transcendental money – the twins literally live in gold and wear clothes made by fashionable designers especially for them. Secondly, she again has a favorite.

This is a beautifully composed dancer from the team of singer Brian Tanaka. And he is 13 years younger than Mariah.

Star moms who gave birth after 40

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin are another example of spouses who could not stand the happiness of a child. It all began so well!

They met when Alec was 32, and Kim was 37. After two years of insane love and the actor’s persuasion to legalize the relationship, Basing surrendered, they got married. Alec did not know how to please his wife, who was distinguished by her headlong temper, and gave her pets: dogs, cats, baby elephant.

But the spouses did not cease to work on the continuation of the race either, they tried to lead a healthy lifestyle, prepared and did not doubt. The actress became pregnant in a natural way (in any case, nobody has proven otherwise), and pregnancy at that age was very difficult. Kim was tormented by prolonged toxicosis, constant fears, and Alec patiently endured her frequent and violent tantrums.

The tabloids are not asleep and poured the impartial information in the press. In 1995, two months to 42 years old, Kim, by cesarean section, gave birth to a daughter, Ireland. It was the turn to go crazy with the young father.

He was constantly near his wife and daughter and once, wanting to protect his family from too much attention, he beat the paparazzi, breaking the equipment. There was a trial, Baldwin was acquitted.

Kim, meanwhile, became even more unbalanced, she did not trust her daughter to anyone, completely ceased to look after herself and quit her job for several years. And then she filed for divorce.

The couple long fought for their daughter, reconciled only a few years later.

Ireland, recently celebrating its 18th birthday, turned into a beautiful girl and followed in the footsteps of her parents, acting in films and participating in fashion shows. True, like her mother, Ireland is prone to hysterics and depression, which is periodically treated.

Star moms who gave birth after 40

American film actress Halle Berry, the first black woman in film history who won the Oscar for her leading role, can be considered a real heroine mother. Although she has only two children, the daughter of the actress gave birth at 41, and her son at 47 years old.

9-year-old daughter Nala (from Arabic – “honey bee”), was born from his first marriage with fashion model Gabriel Obre, and 3-year-old son Maseo-Robert appeared in the new Holly family, where his father was the actor Olivier Martinez.

Of course, the five-year alliance with Gabriel gave Holly a long-awaited daughter, but their separation added problems to the actress. First, former lovers long shared their “bee”, repeatedly suing for custody of the child.

And so five years! Then, finally, the last meeting was passed, at which it was decided: Nala remains with his mother, and she continues to pay Aubrey alimony in the amount of $ 16,000 per month (!) Yes, and reimburses his expenses for lawyers. Perhaps we do not know something …

Despite all these sorrows and in between times, Holly married the actor Olivier Martinez. By the way, he appeared on the horizon even when he was living the actress with Obra, and even fought publicly with him once. In 2013, at the age of 47, Holly, as she claims, “completely unexpectedly for herself,” gives birth to a son from Olivier.

Until now, the actress claims that there was no IVF, but doctors could not believe it, which was repeatedly and very convincingly expressed in the media.

Star moms who gave birth after 40

On March 9, 2007, a Hollywood star of Mexican origin, Salma Hayek, reaffirmed her relationship with French billionaire Francois-Henri Pino, and also reported pregnancy. This time was not easy for Salma, the pregnancy was difficult, the actress gained 23 kg. In the same year, at the age of 41, she safely gave birth to a daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinot, and, almost immediately, broke up with her father.

Rumor has it that the reason for this was the news of the birth, almost exactly a year ago, of the son of Pinot Ogi from supermodel Linda Evagelists. At first, the rich man repudiated the offspring and denied everything, but he did not succeed in concealing the consequences of the 6-month bond. Yes, and the Evangelist had something to fight for, because Pinot is not just rich, but a very rich person, included in the 100 rich people of the planet.

The trial lasted for several years until, finally, Pino recognized paternity. During this time, he reunited with Salma again, they registered the marriage two years after the birth of Valentina, right on Valentine’s Day and happily healed together.

However, Linda Evangelista does not leave the former lover, carefully watching what is happening in his family, and demanding equal gifts for her son that receives Valentine. For example, something similar to the estate, which the girl received from her father on the 4th anniversary, and the price of which, according to rumors, is 13.000 000 dollars.

Hayek was truly right, declaring: “Ten years ago I could not give my child as much as I was ready to give now. My daughter was lucky that she was born right now, when I am over 40. “

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