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Star Lone Fathers

Star Lone Fathers

In 2003, Peopl magazine named Irish actor Colin James Farrell one of the fifty most beautiful people on Earth, and in the same year Company rated it the sixth most sexually active person on the planet. In the same year, apparently fatal for an actor, a crucial event occurred in Colin’s life – his first son, James Patriot, came from the connection with Canadian model Kim Bordeneyev.

Soon the relationship between the young parents faded away, but Colin did not intend to abandon his son, who stayed with him. Kim did not object, the guardianship service, too, despite the fact that at almost the same time, in 2005, Farrell was forced to go to rehabilitation at the clinic to get rid of dependence on painkillers and recreational substances.

Pain killers, according to the official version, the actor was taking back pain.

Farrell more than once admitted that James is a real gift, and fatherhood is the best work … And only in 2007, he said, after watching the Paralympic Games, he admitted to the public that his beloved son suffers from an incurable genetic disease – Angelman Syndrome, which is also called “Parsley syndrome”. In this disease, mental retardation occurs, sleep disturbance, seizures, chaotic hand movements, and frequent laughter.

Farrell becomes an active participant in foundations that support the parents of such children, and does not tire of repeating that James has changed his life for the better, forcing him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “James saved my life,” says the actor.

In 2009, Farrell becomes the father of another child, Henry, from Polish actress Alice Bachled. Fortunately, this baby is born healthy, but after the separation of the parents, he also stays with his father.

Today, James is 14 years old, Henry is 8, and they both live with dad.

Star Lone Fathers

“A man is wide!” These words of a Russian classic are perhaps the most appropriate definition for rapper Eminem. Judge for yourself.

“Kill you” – in this song, for example, Eminem sings about fictional rape and murder of his mother. The song “Kim” is dedicated to the fictional murder of his ex-wife, and in the presence of his daughter Haley. And among the themes of the famous rapper – violence, misogynist texts, the description of the murders – all flavored with profanity.

And, of course, drugs that Eminem himself did not disdain. However, just like his ex-wife Kimberly Scott.

Kim Scott married Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III. In 1999, they had a daughter, Haley, then a divorce.

It would have been harder for the court to choose with whom to leave the young daughter of non-exemplary spouses if Kim, being under the influence of prohibited substances, did not become the culprit of a car accident. Therefore, Haley was left with his father.

Soon, Kim again gave birth to a daughter Whitney, but from another man, and then … Then followed a second marriage with Eminem and Whitney’s adoption by him. And then again the divorce, after which the second, not native, but, apparently, beloved Whitney was left with the rapper.

In parallel, Eminem becomes the father of his niece Alaine – the daughter of the deceased sister of the ex-spouse and the legal guardian of his stepbrother younger brother Nathan Kane. So the author of horror songs is in the care of four children!

According to eyewitnesses, Eminem is a very good father. And secretive, because information about children gives out infrequently.

But, for example, about the oldest, 22-year-old Hayley, it is known that she is a diligent student of the University of Michigan with points above average, an intelligent and athletic girl with a regular boyfriend who is not going to become an actress or a singer. “My mother and father helped me to become who I am, and gave me full support to achieve what I have,” she says.

Star Lone Fathers

American actor Norman Reedus is best known to the viewer as a tough guy Daryl Dixon from the movie The Walking Dead, less like a demanded model (this is 49 years old!), Starring for Prada and Levis, and also as a rather popular artist in the West, sculptor and photographer. And he, of course, is a tremulous dad, who for five years raised and raised quite an adult, who celebrated the age of majority of his son Mingus this year.

Mingus was born from a relationship with Norman’s ex-girlfriend, supermodel Helena Christensen. The couple began dating in 1998, and a year later their son was born, whose mother gave such a unique name, in tribute to the famous jazz bassist Charles Mingus.

When Mingus was six, the relationship of the parents went wrong, and the question arose as to who the baby will be with. Norman and Helena did not sue, and asked the question to his son.

Mingus chose dad. Helena wisely declared that she respects her son’s opinion, and remained on friendly terms with her ex-husband and in constant communication with her son.

Although Mingus often stays with his mother, is responsible for him and goes to the parent meeting of the father. “Have you ever sat at a meeting of parents and teachers with a bunch of moms? This is terrible, the actor admits, and adds that family relations are very warm: Mingus is always very calm, cool and collected.

I will not forget one moment when, when he was still quite a boy, he came to wake me up. “Five more minutes,” I asked. Mingus did not leave, he just sat down next to me, looked at me, and suddenly I heard him say in a whisper: “I love you like the ocean.”

Photos of Mingus rarely fall even on the social network. And on them we see a handsome guy, very similar to his mother, in the company of Helen, then with his father.

A year ago, Mingus had a chance to follow in the footsteps of his father, starring in the role of Spider-Man being offered to him, but the young man refused. According to Norman, Mingus does not plan to be an actor, because “he does not want to ruin his life and become famous.” “He has such a good head on his shoulders,” says Reedus. – I learn from him more than he learns from me. Son is my role model! ”

Star Lone Fathers

Rock star, famous American singer and actor, four-time Grammy winner Lenny Kravitz was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was the only son of two celebrities: the producer of NBC, the leading news programs, and the famous US actress Roxy Roker. Lenny loves to talk about his childhood: how his parents were popular and rich, how they tried to do everything for his son’s well-being.

How then did you divorce … The father, leaving the family, said to the son who was offended by the mother: “I know you will do the same!” And I was not mistaken. Many times Lenny threw women, he was thrown himself.

But, unlike his father, his only child, daughter Zoya, who was born in marriage to actress Lisa Bonet, did not leave. After the divorce of her parents, Zoë, at the age of 11, began to live with her father, and, in the opinion of her parents and the girl herself, the relations of all relatives only benefited from this.

Lisa Bonet, although married again and even had children, always took part in raising her daughter. Outrageous Kravitz has the reputation of being an exemplary daddy who doesn’t leave with her concern even a fully grown and successful Lisa and calls her relationship with her daughter “the best that I have in this world”.

Lisa arranges special parties where she invites all her relatives, and her parents do not get tired of repeating that they are friends thanks to her daughter. “It’s easy for all of us because my parents are still very close, they love each other so much. My dad and my dad-dad get along great, and my dad loves my brother and sister. It’s really beautiful, ”admits Lisa.

Lisa is already a well-established and very famous actress, who was seen by the audience in Mad Max, Divergent, and Insurgent.

Star Lone Fathers

“In coordination with the child’s mother, who prefers her identity to be kept secret, my son will be under my exclusive care,” he wrote on Facebook. The Portuguese football star and the sex symbol Cristiano Ronaldo shook the world with no football news for the first time 2010, when he became the father of the boy. The athlete said that he would raise his son on his own, he was not going to talk about his mother, and she, having received a buyout, according to rumors, in the amount of £ 10 million, would be silent.

Today, his first son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., lives with Real Madrid striker and Dolores grandmother in Madrid, his family nickname is Christianinho, which means “little Cristiano”. A smiling kid is already playing football and wants to be like his father in everything.

Ronaldo said: “People ponder whether I was with this girl or the other, or it was a surrogate mother. I never told anyone anything and never will … When Cristiano Jr. grows up, I will tell him the truth, because he deserves it, because he is my son. “

In June of this year, the world became aware of the birth of two more children from Ronaldo, twins Eva and Matteo, whose mother also knows nothing. According to unconfirmed rumors, they were born with the help of a surrogate mother.

The 32-year-old has become the father of three children. But that is not all!

Already in July, Ronaldo confirmed that he and his girlfriend, 22-year-old model Georgina Rodriguez, are expecting their first child in common. And the fourth kid dearly football player.

Star Lone Fathers

Puerto rican pop singer, actor and writer Ricky Martin never hid the fact that his twins Matteo and Valentino, born in 2008, were born and born by a surrogate mother.

Having refused the help of a nanny and having specially taken a break in his career, in the first months Martin, according to his stories, took care of the babies himself. “I do it myself, because I do not want to miss a single minute. Everything they do, from smile to cry, is like a blessing to me.

Being a father, I feel amazing. The birth of children was the most spiritual moment in my life, ”the singer frankly says.

When journalists asked Martin about the most difficult question the sons had ever asked him, he admitted that one of them asked about his origin: “Dad, was I in your stomach?” To which Ricky replied: “You were in my heart and you’re still in my heart. There was a woman I adore with all my heart that helped me lead you into this world.

She lent me a belly so that you could be born, and when you were born, she gave you into my arms. And the son said: “Ah, good!” – and continued to play. “

Today, the sons of Martin are eight years old, and on all their trips they travel with their dad. “They need me, and that’s fine. And when I am not, my parents remain with them, they are very supportive. ”

In 2010, Ricky Martin confessed his unconventional orientation and today he is raising his sons with his friend Jwan Yosef. According to the singer, they want another child and hope that it will be a girl.

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