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Star families with many children: creation stories

If earlier it was believed that kids were a career hindrance and irreplaceable damage to beauty, today this opinion has been disproved. People tend to have more than one child, and the stars can easily afford it, bringing up several at once.

In addition, the help of nannies and educators has not been canceled, and a pleasant bonus in the form of additional admiration for fans: “Oh, how much love!” Has a positive effect on the image. And it is important for the star.

But, of course, this is not the most important thing at all; children all appear for various reasons (some of which we will consider here). And in any case, to every parent with many children – glory!

Star families with many children: creation stories

Even a dad like Eddie Murphy. He has many children, and even some – 9 children! But only five of them were born from one woman.

It is clear that the main burden of responsibility for the kids are their mothers, and Murphy brings up the children only while living with these women. No, no, he does not refuse to keep anyone, even meets with the children of the “former”, but … However, it can be understood: try to at least make no mistake in the names and ages of all nine!

But Murphy is an actor, he has a good memory.

To understand the children of the famous comedian, you need to start with their moms. Number one is, of course, actress Nicole Mitchell, with whom Murphy entered into his first marriage and fathered five children. The couple met in 1988 at the NAACP Image Award, and they fell in love with each other from the very first sight.

Almost immediately they began to live together, lived for a long time, as many as 18 years, although the wedding was not played immediately, but after the birth of the first two siblings. They were the daughter of Briya L. Murphy (born November 18, 1989) and son Myles Mitchell (born

November 7, 1992). Think this is Eddie’s very first kids?

Not at all!

Right before meeting with Mitchell, Murphy broke up with a certain Paulette McKnilly, the most shy and little-known female comedian, but his son Eric Murphy managed to be born right in the year of birth of his daughter Beria, ahead of her half-sister by 4 months. And that’s not it.

Already in connection with Mitchell, tireless Eddie meets a certain Tamara Good (like McKniely, not known in show business circles), she becomes pregnant and in November 1990 gives the actor Christian Murphy’s son.

But despite everything, the life of Murphy and Mitchell continues, they have three more children born: Shane Audra in 1994, Zol Ivi – in 1999, and Bella Zahra – in 2002. 2006 was the final for the Eddie – Mitchell couple, the marriage was dissolved, and Melanie Brown, the ex-vocalist of the cult group Spice Girls, became the new sweetheart of the prolific actor.

Of course, they also had a child, the daughter of Angel Iris Murphy – Brown. Murphy for a long time did not recognize the baby, even demanded the DNA test, which put everything in its place: the actor became the father of eight children.

For several years, Murphy apparently was careful not to replenish his clan, however, having met the model Paige Butcher in 2012, he could not resist. For the ninth time! Baby Izzy Una Murphy was born in May last year.

And we believe in Eddie: 9 children – this is not the limit!

Star families with many children: creation stories

“My grandmother gave birth to my mother when she was already 49 years old. I hope this will happen to me this year too! ”Said one of the most significant actresses of recent times and mothers of many children, Nicole Kidman, quite recently.

If our plans happen, one more baby will be added to Nicole’s four children, and there will be even more happiness in the family! … Oh, if everything was so perfect and just in the confused relationship of Kidman, her children and husbands.

Kidman loves to talk about her two daughters, 8-year-old Sandy Rose and 6-year-old Faith Margaret, born of a second husband, her compatriot, also Australian, musician and singer Keith Urban, with whom fate brought the actress in 2005. According to Nicole the girls are her continuation, she is proud of them and often appears in public with her daughters. Here, for example, that the actress wrote on her page on the social network immediately after the birth of Rose: “It was a miracle, because the doctors said that I was infertile and could hardly ever get pregnant.

Nevertheless, the Lord rewarded me for my sufferings. The treatment helped. ”

With Kit’s second child, everything turned out to be more difficult: Nicole did not allow herself to give birth to Faith herself, and a surrogate mother endured for her family. The actress did not hide this fact, and when her daughter grew up, she even introduced Faith to her “second mother”.
According to Kidman, their family is trying not to part, Sunday and Faith can be seen on the set of my mother, and at the concerts of my father. Moreover, Nicole and Kit very much want a third baby and are even ready to resort to the services of a surrogate mother again.

True, rumors appeared in the media that the third child is only a way to save a crumbling family, whose head was often noticed in the company of other women, while mom tries to save face. The brilliant Nicole in general, apparently, does not live as sweet as she tries to talk about it.

After all, the two first adopted children married to Tom Cruise and children raised by her from childhood do not communicate with her too often. After the divorce, Nicole and Tom, daughter Isabella Jane (now 26 years old) and son Connor Anthony (22) took the side of the pope and became followers of his faith – Scientology, and in 2007 for some reason ceased to call the actress mom, referring to her name. All this very upset the star, not hiding what happened from the press.

But, anyway, officially Nicole Kidman is a mother of many children with 4 children.

Star families with many children: creation stories

Since then (since 1999), like David and Victoria Beckham together, this star couple has been bred more than once, but they are still together and still bring up four children, being an example of large parents. And the fact that Beckhams are really good parents, says at least the fact that all their children choose mom and dad as role models.

The firstborn of the family, now 18-year-old Brooklyn, named a romantic couple in honor of the place of his conception, is now almost as popular as his father and mother. He largely succeeded and even, as some say, not only thanks to the help of his close relatives, but also to his own talents. The young man is both a footballer and a photographer (he even takes a photo shoot of famous brands), a model, and an actor.

Wanting to be like dad in everything, Brooklyn not only imitated David in choosing a style of clothing, not only made tattoos for himself, but also from childhood sought to be independent. From early youth, for example, he worked in a coffee shop to have his own pocket money.

His 15-year-old brother Romeo James Beckham, named after the Shakespearean hero (we hope that the parents did not want the son of the character), is not less ambitious than the older one. His main hobby is fashion and everything connected with it, which he succeeded in, for example, at the age of 8, being included in the list of the most stylish gentlemen in Britain according to GQ magazine.

From fashionable styles, Romeo prefers casual and, judging by the photo on Instagram, also seeks to be like his father in everything. “Bike, tail, denim shirt, black jeans. I think someone is trying to be like dad. “- David himself writes in the comments to his recent photo.

In addition to football, the main passion of the younger, 11-year-old son of Beckham, Cruise, is dancing. Or rather, classical ballet.

Starting at the age of two years to break-dance, he later went to a choreographic school and makes a lot of effort to become a ballet dancer.

And finally, Harper Seven, the only girl adored by everyone in the family, is not thinking about any career so far. Willingly or involuntarily, but she, too, is already imitating mom.

Together with Victoria, 4-year-old Harper, as a real fashionista, attends beauty salons, where she and her mother do manicures and pedicures. That, however, does not prevent her, like all other family members, to adore football.

Star families with many children: creation stories

Despite her 43 years, she is in excellent physical shape and is still considered one of the most famous models in the world, participating in advertising campaigns of popular brands. And Heidi Klum – actress, TV presenter, designer.

And she does it all! But most importantly, Heidi is the happy mother of four children, who, according to the model itself, do not cease to inspire her for new achievements.

Here, for example, she began to master the designer’s path quite recently, and it was thanks to her offspring: “I thought about what they love and see in this world. My kids love dinosaurs, monsters, and robots. ”

And Heidi created her own collection of children’s clothes called Truly Scrumptious, where in the prints of the line for boys she plans to use the drawings of her son Henry, who adores drawing monsters.

Heidi’s three children: eleven-year-old Henry Günter Ademola Dashtu Samuel, ten-year-old Johan Riley Fedor Taiwo Samuel, and their seven-year-old sister Lou Sulola Samuel — the common dad, singer, winner of three Grammy awards, Sil. And the eldest daughter of the model, Helen Boshoven Samuel, who is 13 years old, was born from another man, Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, the owner of one of the Formula 1 teams.

Klum and Flavio met and were even considered bridegroom and bride, but soon after Heidi announced to her lover that she was pregnant, the relationship began to decline sharply. This is one version of what happened.

According to another, it turns out that, still being in the brides of Flavio, having become pregnant from him, but not knowing about it, Klum began to meet with Silo. Flavio did not tolerate and left the bride.

Forces, meanwhile, having learned that the girlfriend was not pregnant with him, not only did not give up Heidi, but also got married and attended Helen’s birth, first took her in her arms, and several years later he officially adopted. The biological father of Helen, Briatore, who met her in the first years of life, recently, in fact, refused her, arguing that they had nothing to talk about, but he had another family and children.

From 2005 to January 2012, the Klum and Sil family was an almost idyllic picture. Alas, this marriage broke up, even four children did not save him.

But the former spouses promised to stay in good relations and kept their word. Children live with Klum, but regularly, and together with their mother, meet on joint walks and picnics with their dad, where they have fun, right in the family, spending time.

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