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Special position: to give birth – only lying?

Special position: to give birth - only lying?

“During the first period of childbirth, if the condition of the future mother allows, she can assume any position that is convenient for her: walk, lie down, stand, go down on all fours or squat. By the way, even epidural anesthesia does not interfere with movement during labor, because a thin catheter is securely attached to the back with a plaster.

Nevertheless, there are situations when doctors advise the expectant mother to go to bed with the onset of contractions: for example, if a crumb is located in the stomach, not with the head, but with the ass or legs down. “Bed rest” during childbirth will have to comply with late toxicosis – gestosis, when a woman has too high pressure. It is not worth getting up if the expectant mother was given an anesthetic injection with a drug such as promedol, which helps to sleep peacefully during labor, otherwise, when she rises after waking up, she may feel dizzy.

And, of course, “walks” are completely excluded if the woman was given an IV drip, for example, to increase the contraction of the uterus.

The second stage of the birth of the baby (attempts) in our hospitals future mothers usually spend lying on their backs or on their side. A woman is placed on a special obstetric chair so that she can spread her legs and rest on a stand with them, and hold hands on the railing.

What is good posture “supine”? In this position, it is convenient for the expectant mother to straighten up, straining the abdominal muscles and holding the handrails.

But first of all, this position provides a lot of benefits for the obstetrician, which means that he will be able to closely monitor the condition of the mother and baby and take action faster if assistance is required. Indeed, during the attempts the doctor must control a lot, and it is very difficult if the “zone of action” is hidden from his eyes.

In some maternity hospitals, along with horizontal, vertical childbirth is also practiced, when the expectant mother is standing or half-sitting on her haunches or knees. In such a position it is easier to push, so vertical childbirth is especially recommended when a woman cannot be overstrained, for example, because of myopia.

When the expectant mother and her baby are healthy, they are allowed any provisions in labor. But if the pregnancy took place with some difficulties and there is even the slightest risk of difficulties at the birth of a baby, this is a weighty reason to prefer the proven classical method.

There are more “original” ways of childbirth – for example, in water (it is believed that the “water element” reduces pain). I want to warn you: to achieve sterility in this case is impossible, and therefore, the risk of infection for the mother and her baby increases.

What conclusion can be drawn from all this? A woman’s desire to give birth in a particular position must necessarily coincide with her abilities and the opinions of doctors.

If the pregnancy was normal, the whole family feels good and doesn’t need special peace – let the mother give birth as it is convenient, and nobody will forbid it.

Of course, it would be great if all of our maternity hospitals would give women the opportunity to choose the position in which they feel more comfortable. But for this you need special equipment, and, unfortunately, it is far from everywhere.

However, in my opinion, you should not get upset in this situation: so that the birth is easy, where the positive attitude of the mother is more important, her love for her baby and the confidence that whatever position she gives birth to, everything will be fine. ” .

One of the Moscow maternity hospitals, which gives the expectant mother the opportunity to choose in what position to give birth to her baby, maternity hospital No. 4. His specialists were among the first in the capital to use the method of vertical labor. During the second period, the woman is asked not to lie down on a special bed, but to kneel on it, turning her face to the back and leaning slightly forward.

In this position, childbirth is faster, and mother and baby are easier to bear. There are other advantages as well: the uterus does not press so heavily on large vessels, the baby constantly receives oxygen, and the birth of the afterbirth takes place more quickly, and less blood flows with it. This method is especially convenient for women who are forbidden by doctors to push, because the child goes forward more easily and mothers do not have to strain too much.

However, when making your choice, it is worth remembering that due to the fact that during vertical labor, the load on the legs increases, this can affect the condition of the veins, so this method is not suitable for women with varicose veins.

“If the expectant mother thinks about the situation in which she would like to give birth to her baby, for the beginning she needs to consult with her obstetrician-gynecologist. The fact is that there are many situations in which “alternative” positions during the 2nd period of labor (on all fours, squatting and others) may be unsafe for the health of the baby. Usually, doctors know what difficulties may arise in the future mother during childbirth, long before the onset of a responsible day.

That is why your doctor will be able, better than anyone else, to suggest whether you can rely on an alternative in your situation.

In which cases, women should prefer the classic position in childbirth?

  • Future mother expects twins.
  • The baby assumed an “unusual” position in his mother’s belly (for example, it was located across the pelvis).
  • The woman has plenty of water, and there is a risk that the umbilical cord will fall out.
  • Doctors discovered problems with the structure or function of the placenta.

All these situations mean that the expectant mother during the birth will need the help of an obstetrician. And for the doctor to be able to constantly monitor the process and, if necessary, intervene in a matter of seconds, the woman must lie down.

It is no coincidence that even with vertical childbirth, the future mother is laid on her side or back as soon as violations occur during childbirth.

So, to sum up: if a woman decided to choose one of the alternative to the classical provisions and her health quite allows it, she will need training. Having received the approval of your obstetrician-gynecologist and having chosen a suitable hospital, it is better to come there in advance and talk to the specialists.

They will explain all the details, and perhaps direct them to classes that will help better prepare for the birth of a baby in an unconventional position. ”

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