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SPA body treatments

SPA body treatments

Finally, the long-awaited day off, when you can pamper yourself. Send the father of the family with your favorite offspring to visit your grandmother or amusement park, and in the meantime, with a sense of incredible happiness, immerse yourself in a bath of relaxation and cleanliness. So how do you start water treatments?

First, tune in a positive way. Your finest hour has come – a well-deserved rest.

Secondly, create the most relaxing atmosphere: turn on calm, “meditative” music, light scented candles. Yes, and do not forget, before you actually take a bath and dive, do a “big wash”.

After all, first follow the cleansing procedures (detergents, scrub, washcloth, shower), and only then – a relaxing bath, and not vice versa. Using a scrub, remove excess fat from the skin, impurities and, most importantly, dead cells.

Using the amazingly fragrant The Body Shop on the basis of wild cherry oil, you will not only want to smear it from head to toe, but also to immediately taste this delicacy. Keep yourself in hand: apply only on the body – and not a drop in your mouth!

By the way, according to experts, peels and scrubs not only make the skin soft and elastic, but also slow down its aging processes. For what we, as true fighters for youth and beauty, constantly and we are glad. The next ritual is makeup removal.

There are plenty of funds for this event: milk, foam, mousse. Choose what your heart desires, the benefit of the range allows. And finally, apply a nourishing mask on your face.

The seductive Kenzoki marshmallow mask almost instantly makes the skin soft, like velvet. A little trick: remove the mask with cotton pads soaked in lotion and cooled in a fridge.

The temperature contrast narrows the pores well. Having washed off a cocktail of dust, foundation and sebaceous glands, with a sense of accomplishment before your own body, you can begin the long-awaited process of relaxation.

SPA body treatments

After water procedures do not forget to thoroughly moisturize the skin. After all, proper, timely moistening and nutrition is the key to its elasticity, elasticity and good appearance for many years.

If after a bath you do not need to go anywhere, you can safely “overdo it” with body milk, which will only benefit him.

Filling the bath, remember that the water temperature should be 37−38 degrees. This is especially true for girls “in position” – hot water can stimulate the appearance of contractions.

Even if you feel great, do not delay the water procedure for more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, the load on the heart will increase (it is better if the water does not cover its area at all), and the skin will begin to dehydrate.

So, observing all the above rules, plunge into the life-giving font, close your eyes, read the mantra and tune in to relaxation. Then everything goes like clockwork. By the way, to heighten relaxation and detoxification, do not forget to add it too.

Feel the surge of new strength after a hard day will allow harmonizing air conditioning Harmonizing Soak Tonik from Sparitual. Being a source of essential vitamins A and E, the drug perfectly soothes the skin and increases the body’s resistance in the run-up to the winter cold.

But the extract of orange blossom oil Yves Rocher, coupled with a light massage will relieve from the heaviness in the legs of lovers of high heels.

Another option home antistress – bath salts. These “magic crystals” not only perfectly soften the skin, restoring its natural balance.

In their composition are important for a person macro and micronutrients: potassium, calcium, lithium, boron, which increase the protective ability of the whole organism. A few minutes spent in the Thermal Marins Saint Malo bath Mer Bain will allow you to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the beneficial effects of sea bathing without leaving your home.

For a lasting effect, it is advisable not to rinse. It is better to wrap yourself in a bathrobe and for 10 minutes take a breath in the company of an interesting book. And remember that a bath is more an evening story.

For the morning awakening more suitable shower.

SPA body treatments

In order for the morning to be not only kind, but also vigorous, it is important to start it correctly. It is not so important at what time you get up, but rather, from which leg. To improve your well-being and mood, start the day with a charge.

A complex of simple exercises or a pair of yoga asanas perfectly tone up and awaken. And in order for the shower to charge with energy, it is important to correctly determine the gel. Your morning assistant should have an invigorating scent, cleanse, and even better, moisturize your skin at the same time.

For example, the universal remedy “two in one” is a softening cream Darphin. Enriched with lipids, it provides a gentle cleansing, soothes and moisturizes the skin. And the inspiring aroma of the Fa Fa Hibiscus and Cranberry gel is more effective than any alarm clock.

Cranberry extract nourishes the skin with energy, and the fresh scent of hibiscus will help you wake up even on the rainiest morning.

Contrast shower is also a great way to quickly come to tone. This procedure is very beneficial for the nervous system and has a beneficial effect on the skin.

This “master of good deeds” works like this: hot water expands vessels, and cold water narrows them. Such training makes them more resilient and less susceptible to adverse effects.

Begin the procedure with a small temperature difference (warm water – 38 °, cool – 28 °) and short intervals (one and a half and half a minute). Gradually increase both the contrast and the duration.

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