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Small troubles: acne in pregnancy

Small troubles: acne in pregnancy

No, but in the first, and in the second case, it occurs during those periods of life when the most significant hormonal changes occur in the body. Juvenile acne is associated with hypersensitivity of the skin to male hormones (androgens), which provoke an excessive production of sebum (sebum).

In adolescence, acne is usually localized to the forehead, nose, chin and back. In pregnant women, the body is filled with hormones of the placenta and the fetus, and skin imperfections are more likely to appear on the cheeks, neck and decollete.

At the beginning of pregnancy, most often between the second and fifth months, since it is this period that is characterized by the most violent physiological and hormonal changes in the body. Later the situation will stabilize right up to the birth.

Thus, having successfully overcome the threshold of five months, you will hardly encounter this problem later.

There are techniques adapted for future mothers and safe for the child. Without expert advice in any case can not do.

Just in case, you need to know that the use of vitamin A in the form of acids, as well as antibiotics of the tetracycline group during pregnancy is strictly prohibited!

Instead, you can offer a medical procedure for cleansing the skin in combination with ultralight glycolic acid peeling. He will get rid of papules or nodules that are responsible for the appearance of scars on the skin. Attention!

Peeling should not be carried out in spring and summer, during the period of increased activity of the sun to avoid hyperpigmentation. In any case, the problem should not be ignored, hoping that everything will pass by itself.

Acne, which was not treated promptly and correctly, will disappear much more slowly after the birth of the child and may leave traces on the skin.

No, because this form of acne is not associated with an excess of sebum. Rather, its quality is changing. Normal and dry skin with narrow pores is not able to evacuate it in time, which is why acne appears.

It should also be remembered that the constant stress associated with professional activities, fatigue, depressed mood can provoke a rash or aggravate an already existing problem.

Not. On the contrary, during this period it is recommended to apply corrective means, since there is nothing worse for the future mom’s mood than to see in the mirror every day that the skin does not change for the better.

Psychological discomfort can exacerbate skin problems. The only prerequisite is to choose products that do not form acne (that is, non-comedogenic) products and strictly follow the rules of hygiene, both when applying tonal means and when removing cosmetics, in order to prevent infection from entering.

Dermatologists note that acne is increasingly affecting not only adolescents, but also older age groups (in adults, rashes are localized on the cheekbones and neck). Among the causes of this phenomenon are environmental factors, the wrong choice of contraceptives, the use of poor-quality cosmetics and constant stress: adrenaline releases androgens that contribute to the production of sebum.

You do not need to touch the pimples in order not to carry the bacteria, which, having settled on the skin, will cause an infection. But even if all manipulations are performed with clean hands and following all the rules of hygiene, they can cause microdamages in the tissues.

Also, do not expose the sun, which in any case is not recommended for expectant mothers, because it contributes to the appearance of the mask of pregnancy (chloasma). Thickening the skin, the sun’s rays literally wall up acne, which from this even more inflamed.

Moreover, the sun can pigment fine scars, which are formed during the healing process, and leave brown or purple spots on the skin.

During this period, the skin does not suffer from excess sebum, so it is not recommended to care for it, as skin prone to teenage acne, and to use in addition to the treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, too caustic means that can dry the skin and make it more vulnerable. Nevertheless, locally (i.e., directly in areas of particularly strong rashes), you can make a soft peeling, apply a cleansing mask and choose antiseptic lotion or gel in special cosmetic lines, which should be used strictly on the areas of unpleasant skin.

If you exclude from the diet smoked, chocolate, dishes with spicy sauces and give preference to fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, complexion and appearance of the skin, of course, improve. However, unfortunately, a healthy diet does not affect acne, typical of pregnancy. Nevertheless, young women who are expecting a child may be advised to eat light food, to observe the daily regimen, to eat at certain hours in a relaxed atmosphere, and not to bite.

In other words, use lunch time to relax and avoid stress, which is a factor that provokes and aggravates skin problems.

This is the base for any skin care. And in the case of acne, it is especially necessary, even if you do not use cosmetics. Cleansing removes dirt, dust, bacteria, makeup residues, which create an environment that is favorable for acne.

Choose a liquid soap or gel that is rinsed off with water. It is more hygienic than soap or the so-called dermatological loaf (soap without soap), which quickly become a nest for germs.

For the sake of hygienic reasons, it is better to wash with just clean hands, and not with a sponge or sponge. Wipe your face gently, preferably with a paper towel.

It is useless to use alcohol-based lotion if the skin is not of a fat type. Moreover, during pregnancy, any skin becomes more sensitive and easier to irritate from too aggressive care products. But an antiseptic is probably needed.

If applied directly to pimples, it will prevent the risk of infection and speed up the healing process. You can also use point patches.

Despite acne, your skin needs to be moisturized so as not to become sensitive and reactive. Choose a non-comedogenic light formula that does not clog pores.

Until the pimples and reddening have disappeared, you can hide them using two products. Liquid matting concealer with increased covering ability in this case is ideal.

The second means is a corrector, the color of which should be as close as possible to the shade of the foundation. First, camouflage local skin imperfections with the help of a corrector and a cotton swab. Then, when the proofreader dries, apply concealer with clean hands.

Spread a few drops of it on the surface of the palms, press them to the face and, if necessary, to the neck and neckline. Try not to smear or rub the cream, otherwise the areas treated with the corrector will suffer.

Dry your face a little and apply a little more cream if necessary to even out the tone.

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