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Slings: freedom to mom!

Slings: freedom to mom!

Most different peoples of our planet have devices for carrying babies: in Japan they use “onbuhimo”, in China and Southeast Asia – “may-tai” (in Europe they also call it “may-sling”), in Udmurtia – “yo “. In Africa, children are tied to themselves with scarves such as pareos, the Eskimos have a special park with a special design for carrying babies on themselves.

And all this is a variety of the sling gaining popularity in Russia in recent years (from English sling, a sling, loop).

One of the first problems that a young mother faces is the inability to distract from the crumbs for even a minute. It is also good if you have a calm baby, but such “ideal” children are extremely rare.

Most often, babies need attention all day long, exploiting her mother’s arms and back from morning to evening, making it even impossible to eat. Solving this kind of problem is helped by a simple, as all ingenious, and ancient, as motherhood itself, object — a patchwork holder, or sling.

It allows young parents to remain “in the access zone”: to go to visit, to a restaurant – in general, to get out of the house at any opportunity.

All slings can be divided into several groups according to the type of load on the body of an adult.

Give the load on one shoulder

Sling with rings. This is a strip of fabric, with sides and pocket (s), connected with the help of rings sewn to one of the ends of the sling. The other end is threaded first into both rings, and then back into only one.

With the help of rings, the sling is easily adjustable to the height of an adult.

Sling tube, or pocket. Sewn from one piece of fabric in the form of a ring.

The length is not adjustable, it is usually required to match the height. An adult puts a sling on one shoulder diagonally, folding it in half, and then straightens it in front, like a pocket.

In it and put the child.

Slings: freedom to mom!

Give the load on both shoulders

Scarf. It is a long piece of fabric (not stretching along) from 4 to 6 meters in length, with which an adult wraps itself.

May-Sling. Large square dense fabric with four straps at the corners.

At first, the adult fastens two lower straps at the waist, then he puts the child “riding” on himself (so that the legs clasp the adult’s body on the sides) and ties it with the upper part of the sling to his shoulders.

What do doctors say about the benefits and dangers of slings for a child? The revival of the ancient traditions of slinging in civilized countries began in the second half of the 20th century. American pediatricians William and Martha Sears, parents of eight children, were among the first to promote the wearing of sling.

They “spied” the sling at the conference participants from Zambia, who carried their children constantly on themselves. And then they conducted a number of studies, tried many ways to carry children and devices for this, and realized that there is nothing more convenient, more useful and more practical than a sling.

But Russian doctors are quite skeptical about the slings. They believe that a child who does not know how to sit should have an even support under his back, otherwise scoliosis and other diseases cannot be avoided.

So, do not carry children in their arms? Of course, wear, if you are so comfortable and the baby is calm. Just be careful not to harm the health of the baby, properly tie the sling and limit the stay of the baby in it in time.

For each child, the doctor can make appropriate recommendations, depending on the degree of maturity of the child and the individual characteristics of his musculoskeletal system.

Several years ago, in the USA, the tradition of wearing babies in a sling received a special honor: it entered America’s “gold reserve”. The so-called “gold dollar” depicts Sakagawea, a Shoshone Indian woman who, carrying her own baby son on her back, traveled thousands of miles with the first Trans-American expedition of Lewis and Clark (1804–1806) from the West to the East Coast North America and back.

Slings: freedom to mom!

  • if the child often screams in the stroller;
  • if the baby has little teeth and needs to be reassured;
  • if the child suspects dysplasia of the hip joints (if “wide swaddling” is recommended and not to be seated in any wheelchair);
  • when the elevator is not working or not at all;
  • if you are tired of rolling the stroller through the snowdrifts;
  • if you need to quickly go somewhere;
  • if you want to take a walk in the forest, and there are solid bumps and snags (if the stroller passes, then with great difficulty, this walk will not give you or your child any pleasure);
  • if you need to go on business on public transport (in our country there are no buses, not to mention the other types of transport, with retractable platforms for rolling up wheelchairs, and there are no ramps in the metro);
  • if you need to go shopping, and you know that in each of them there is an entrance with a staircase, but there are no ramps;
  • if you plan to stay somewhere long and know that at some point the child will want to sleep;
  • if the child is tormented by gaziki or colic;
  • if the baby is restlessly sleeping during the day;
  • if it is necessary to put to bed “without a breast” (many mothers precisely wean their children off the breast, thus the process is less painful than without a sling).

In 1971, German Erika Hoffman, the creator of the world famous sling brand “Didymos” and the mother of twins, one day got tired of the mountain of unfulfilled chores and decided to tie her kids to her with a scarf. The effect surpassed all her expectations: she began to keep up much more than before.

Now Didimos scarves are rightfully called Rolls Royces among slings. ” They are made of a special jacquard fabric, which Didimos itself and weaves.

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