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Six petals – a new diet!

Six petals - a new diet!

The author of the “Six Petals” diet is Swedish dietician Anna Johansson, who has been searching for an effective remedy for overweight for most of her life. In fact, the power system that she developed can rightfully be called separate.

It is designed for 6 days. During this period, it is necessary to strictly observe the sequence of mono-diet, that is, every day to use the same chemical composition of products.

What does the petals here? Yes, this is a psychological ploy to support losing weight women.

In order to make it easier to experience food-related hardships, Anna Johansson advises making a flower with six petals, on each of which you should write the name of a specific mono-diet. Hanging this creation of their hands in a prominent place, the lady should daily tear off the petal with the “passed” mono-diet.

Believe me, this will make it easier to survive the diet and enhance the effect.

Once six petals, it means that there are also six food groups: fish, vegetables, cereals, cottage cheese, chicken meat, and on the sixth day, those who have all endured and not broken, rely on fruits as a reward.

A fish. Not even fatty varieties are forbidden. But!

Only it can be eaten only boiled or baked. Salt, greens, natural seasonings and spices are called to brighten up the deprivation of the fish day. The “protein” approach will cause the body to shake up and begin the elimination of fat deposits.

Vegetables. Any kind is allowed: raw, boiled, stewed, baked.

Cereals. In any form, only without sugar (implies its addition to porridge).

Cottage cheese. Do not be priest: let yourself try some medium-fat milk.

Hen. On this day, nothing but her!

But the method of cooking is not specified.

Fruits. Any in any form.

Testing for yourself “flower” diet, do not forget to drink as much as your heart desires. Green weak or herbal tea, water, and the very last “fruit” day indulge yourself with freshly squeezed fruit juices.

This diet implies the refusal of sugar, chocolate, preservatives, sweets (except fruit), bread (big greetings to the “cereal” menu!), Any kind of butter – in a word, everything that is not listed in the list of allowed is banned.

Not only should all products be fresh, high-quality, well-processed, so they still need to be chewed thoroughly. Then eat the food with feeling, really, with the arrangement, enjoying each swallowed piece.

In order not to interfere with digestion, it is not recommended to drink during meals. But between meals – drink as much as you like! I. Finally, it is necessary to eat often, in small portions.

This will reduce the load on the digestive organs.

Good: there is no feeling of hunger, food is available to everyone, you have only 6 days to suffer, you begin to eat right: eat slowly, often in small portions. For a week, a good effect is achieved – minus 2-4 kg (minus 500-800 g per day).

However, other diets have about the same effect.

Negative moments: the diet is not for everyone. If you have digestive problems, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, allergies or food intolerance, you should consult a gastroenterologist, an endocrinologist, a nutritionist.

If, after giving up the diet, you return to your previous habits, the weight will return in a week, if not earlier. So this diet should be perceived as the beginning of a new life. And in this new life, you will not only have to eat right, but also eliminate all sweet, white, floury, fatty foods from your diet, drink at least 2-3 liters of fluid a day, stick to an individual low-calorie diet, do any physical exercise.

That’s when the weight will slowly but surely be constantly decreasing. Against this background, small breaks 1 time per month will not affect anything.

Obesity is a chronic disease. So, the medicine (diet) should be used constantly.

In other words, the fight against obesity involves a lifelong diet. Moreover, periodically (during weight gain) will have to adhere to more stringent restrictions in food.

The best medicine can only pick a doctor. They may be a therapist, a gastroenterologist, an endocrinologist, or a nutritionist.

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