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Simple words, simple things, right decisions.

Simple words, simple things, right decisions.

And parents just want to live with their child a simple real childhood. Spank together barefoot on the sand, walk the wheel on the grass, settle in the crown of your favorite tree and feel the sun’s warmth at the touch of green leaves.

It is important for the baby to feel the warmth of his mother’s hands, the strength of his father’s support, the joy of playing together. In the first years of life, the child needs the most simple and natural, harmonious and natural, kind and calm.

Soft birth, healthy food, a variety of movements, gentle voice and loving hands.

In every parent’s heart, many questions have simple answers. It is not surprising that in the modern world there are more and more admirers of a natural, eco-friendly life. Modern environmental friendliness and naturalness is first of all human behavior in an urban environment.

This is our daily informed choice of everything you need.

No matter how artificial the environment becomes, parental love remains real. Our sincere desire to live life to the fullest, to raise healthy and cheerful children, to surround them with the warmth and care of living nature comes to life in the modern world!

We can choose beautiful, “smart” modern toys, create interiors that will fill children’s life with joy, movement and creativity.

Simple words, simple things, right decisions.

Based on this idea, we have developed and constructed KIDWOOD sports and game complexes from natural wood. We want children to grow up in a warm, beautiful world of positive emotions.

In the families of caring and attentive parents, sports complexes have long become an integral part of the nursery. After all, even a few hours of classes in the sports section can not make up for the child’s desire to constantly move.

Kids want to climb, swing, hang, learn and expand their capabilities every day, without schedules, weekends and holidays.

You strive to create a beautiful and harmonious space for games and the development of the baby? We have created KIDWOOD sports and play corners for your children!

KIDWWOD complexes are a careful and attentive attitude to the needs of a growing person. They are designed specifically for small children.

The distances between the crossbars, the thickness of the parts, the height and the angle of inclination ensure the safety of the baby’s activities.

Simple words, simple things, right decisions.

The Kidwood complexes are natural and eco-friendly, they are made of natural materials.

Touching the details of the complex, you feel the warmth and texture of real wood. The pattern on the tree, woven from lines and veins, delights an adult, is perceived as an individuality, the “soul” of wood.

A small child is not yet able to realize and voice his attitude to the beauty and texture of natural materials, but it is in childhood that we lay the foundations of good taste.

The words “design” and “ergonomics” are unlikely to say something to the children, but the kids feel the caring hands of the master, who has crafted every plank, smoothed the edges and corners, created a child-friendly space. This space of unusual shape calls to dream and invent. Without unnecessary details, it allows you to thoroughly figure out what and how is arranged in this world.

Like all wooden things, the Kidwood corner breathes, gives warmth and sounds. Yes Yes!

In contact with the wooden crossbars, the child hears a variety of different sounds, folding into the wonderful music of the forest. And parents will appreciate the fact that the corners of Kidwood are beautiful in all positions, fit into the interior of a city apartment, take up very little space and always become the center of children’s play, no matter how many children come to visit you.

Simple words, simple things, right decisions.

Kidwood complexes have a multivariate form, each of the provisions provides the child with new opportunities. And this is not just a design decision, but an invitation for a child to co-creation and independent choice: what will I do today? what will my game be? Designs can be installed in different positions, equip with slide, rings, climbing walls.

You can swing on the handle and hang on a trapeze, like a gymnast. Throw balls at round windows or punch a punching bag. Close your eyes and climb all the ladders, without touching the floor.

Learn the basics of physics, changing the angle of the slides. Swaying on the swing for a long time and singing songs.

Throw a scarf, draw invitations, sit around the spectators and arrange a theater.

Looking at the wooden complex, the child sees his story. Small trees in the courtyard are drawn to the sun, feed on the power of the earth, bend in the wind and continue to grow.

An adult tree can hug and feel how much it absorbs the sun’s heat, and then throw its head and marvel at the noisy life in its crown.

This is how your child grows: for the time being so small and insensible, very soon he will get joy from creativity and knowledge.

And do not be surprised if one day your child builds his own wooden corner from branches and wooden trees for a walk. Help the child with his incarnation, encourage further development of design ideas – and he will understand that you can realize your desires with your own work.

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