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Simple tricks: how to reduce calorie intake without dieting

Simple tricks: how to reduce calorie intake without dieting

Regardless of whether you want to lose a few dozen kilograms, or just a couple or two, the most effective and reasonable way to achieve this is to reduce calorie intake. Many believe that for a successful weight loss, you need to switch to low-fat products and reduce fat intake to a minimum, give up sweet and flour. But in fact, it is more important to reduce the caloric content of your daily diet.

Not fats and carbohydrates are deposited in fat – all calories unclaimed by your body are processed into it. And if you spend less calories than you get with food and drink, you inevitably get fat.

This is an axiom. And if your lifestyle does not involve intense physical training, and work is not associated with constant legwork on floors and offices, then limiting the calorie content of your daily diet is the only way to lose weight and not get better after that again.

Below are a few simple strategies that will make it easier for you to control the calorie content of the foods you eat.

Well-known fact: the larger the diameter of the plate, the smaller the portion looks on it. As a result: we eat more than we need.

This is especially true at guests and at banquets with a buffet. Therefore, serve your food in plates of smaller diameter than is customary.

For example, use dessert or salad plates for serving. Such a psychological maneuver helps to better control portion sizes and avoid overeating.

Simple tricks: how to reduce calorie intake without dieting

If you periodically go to cafes and restaurants, if you can not completely give up fast food, then at least order yourself not an adult, but a child’s portion. For example, if you can’t imagine going to the movies without a popcorn package, keep in mind that a child’s portion contains about 150-200 kcal, while an adult “bucket” can exceed 1000 kcal, and this is without toppings (and without drinks that you buy there to quench your thirst).

The children’s portion of soda contains on average 100 kcal, while the adult comes up to 400 kcal.

By the way, now in many restaurants it is possible to order not a whole portion of the dish, but only half.

You have probably noticed how quickly an open packet of cookies ends when it remains on the table, or an opened chocolate bar. And how quickly does the package with nuts and candied fruits thaw, which lies at hand, and with what speed is a liter bottle of soda drunk next to you drunk? You can stop the uncontrolled eating out of bags only by putting it on your plate or pouring as much into the glass as you plan to eat / drink.

Then the two remaining cookies will not follow the two cookies, the whole tile will not evaporate after a couple of chocolate squares, and the glass of cola will not be bottomless.

Simple tricks: how to reduce calorie intake without dieting

This is another tricky move that helps not to overeat. Kitchen – food focus. She is here everywhere and in free access.

How simple, after eating a plate of something tasty, to get into the saucepan for an additional portion … But in order to leave to eat in another room, you will have to immediately put everything you planned to eat on the tray, and nothing more. And in this case you will not be tempted to run to the kitchen for an addition (at least, you will be too lazy to do it).

If you use the following rule, then you do not want this extra portion of food.

Your brain needs 20 minutes to realize the fact that your stomach is already full. Therefore, the slower you eat, the more likely you are to realize that you are full before you eat. One of the tricks to eat more slowly – do not fill your spoon / fork before you chew and swallow what you have in your mouth.

Another trick is to put a glass of clean water next to you and take small sips after each swallowed piece of food.

Simple tricks: how to reduce calorie intake without dieting

Fruits, vegetables, wholegrain dishes (without oil), salad greens can literally fill your stomach with low-calorie food, leaving very little space for high-calorie foods. In addition, plant foods must be chewed longer, which also helps to feel satiety before you eat more of what you need.

Just imagine that one small piece of butter contains as many calories as three broccoli bowls, and the calorie content of a small cube of hard cheese is comparable to the energy value of a large glass of oatmeal.

Make it a rule to read what is indicated in the “nutritional value” column on the labels of the products you are going to buy. What is the caloric content of the product, how much fat and carbohydrates it contains.

Some foods seem harmless to us, but in fact they contain unexpectedly a lot of calories and fat. Take, for example, my favorite favorite snacks as a snack. On average, they contain 400-420 kcal per 100 g. The weight of one curd is 40-50 g, depending on the manufacturer.

That is, in one portion contains about 200 kcal. And another 100 g of glazed cheese contains 27 g of fat.

Thus, one cheese covers between one third and one half of the daily intake of fats in an adult. Do not want to deprive yourself of this delicacy – think over, due to what you can afford it. On the same day, to eat both cheese, and a piece of chocolate, and a sweet bun will surely fail.

Most likely, this company will have to be diluted with boiled lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

Read the energy mix of all your favorite snack foods, count the calories per serving (a small serving size can be deceptive), and either reduce the serving, or discard them, finding them a tasty, but less calorie, alternative.

Simple tricks: how to reduce calorie intake without dieting

Pay attention to the calorie content of juices, fruit drinks, drinking yoghurts and soft drinks such as ice tea, cola and others – with the onset of the warm season, their consumption increases, and even with a caloric content of 50-120 kcal per 100 g, you run the risk of calorie consumption if you drink these drinks packs and bottles.

Despite the fact that alcoholic beverages do not contain fat, calories coming from them tend to be deposited in the form of fat on the stomach. The best proof of this are beer lovers of beer lovers.

In addition, the sweeter the wine – the calorie it is; the stronger the drink, the more calories it contains per 100 g. For example, a glass (300 ml) of dry wine is, on average, 200 kcal, a glass of dessert wine – 300-450 kcal.

A separate conversation about liqueurs: depending on the composition, they may contain fat. For example, 100 g of Baileys liqueur contain 13 g of fat and 327 kcal.

Fat-free and fat-free products are now extremely fashionable. It seems to us that if we do not eat fatty foods, we do not get fat.

But it is not. We get fat from high-calorie food, from whatever it was. Always pay attention to calorie content, even if you are holding “fat-free” dessert yoghurt, “low-fat” ice cream or marshmallow.

Any sweet dessert contains sugar (or fructose, which is no better). In 100 g of marshmallow or marshmallow, for example, hidden from 300 to 400 kcal.

Simple tricks: how to reduce calorie intake without dieting

During heat treatment, muscle fibers practically do not absorb fat, but the fat itself does not allow the meat to become dry and tasteless during cooking. The grill is a great way to heat the fat out of the meat and let it drain (and with it the extra calories that you don’t need) will “leak out”.

Cooking also makes it possible to melt fat from meat (fat is lighter than water, so it rises up to the surface of the broth, and does not remain in the meat).

By the way: do not be afraid to cook the meat of chicken or turkey with skin. Contrary to the opinion of many, soft poultry meat becomes not because it absorbs fat, but because the skin does not allow water to evaporate from muscle fibers.

Without the skins, the meat will be dry and even tough.

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