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Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Seychelles archipelago – a paradise in the heart of the Indian Ocean – has 115 islands, only 33 of which are inhabited. These distant and little-known places are famous for a very mild climate.

It is never too cold or too hot here. The average annual air temperature is +26 … + 30 ° C.

Nevertheless, theoretically, it is still customary to distinguish between two seasons: conditionally hot (December – May) and conditionally cool (June – November), when the monsoons blow. During the “relatively hot” season, most of the annual precipitation falls, mainly on the mountainous islands of Mahe and Silhouette. January is the rainiest month.

Rains are heavy but short.

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

All the main attractions here are exclusively natural, not spoiled by civilization: snow-white beaches, clear water, unique tropical nature, fantastic sunsets and stunning underwater world inhabited by many exotic creatures, which makes the Seychelles a unique place for diving and fishing.

Of the representatives of the animal world, the giant Aldabra turtles (Megalochelys gigantea) are considered the hallmark of the islands. Some of them are long-lived (150 years old) and weigh over 250 kg. Reptile guests are welcomed with open arms.

George and George – a pair of old turtles living on Kuzin Island – often pursue tourists to scratch their neck.

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Palm Island (Praslin) – the second largest in the Seychelles archipelago. Rare bird species (black parrot-waza, nightingale Bulbul) live here and many migratory birds nest. And also grows Seychelles palm, the fruit of which weighs 20 kg and is considered the largest in the plant world.

Locals believe that it was he who was the forbidden fruit for Adam and Eve.

But the biggest and most popular holiday destination is the island of Mahe. It is the capital of the Seychelles archipelago, Victoria (by the way, the smallest in the world).

You can walk the city from one end to the other in 20-30 minutes. The island is located the Botanical Garden of Mont Fleury, where the famous coconut palm tree grows, which glorified the Seychelles to the whole world.

The unusual appearance of its nuts gave rise to numerous legends and myths. Coco-de-Mer palm has been under state protection since 1978, and its strange fruits can be taken out of the country only with special certificates.

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

But most importantly, what the Seychelles are famous for, these are truly magical beaches. White sandy, many kilometers wide and with secluded coves, with rocks growing out of water and sand.

Beaches attracting those who suffer from sunburn, windsurfing, fishing and, of course, all kinds of scuba diving. The rich and clear waters of the Indian Ocean do not hide the multitude of exotic creatures and plants that dwell there.

According to local residents and experienced tourists, one of the best beaches on Mahe is Bo Vallon. White, 2.5 km in length space, with small, like flour, sand gently turns into the blue surface of the ocean. A paradise for the little ones who are still just taking the first steps and adoring to sculpt the kulichiki.

Adults will also like the entrance to the sea, because the comfortable depth for swimming is gained quickly, which is quite rare for the Seychelles. On the beach infrastructure: bars, restaurants, water activities, including jet skis.

In the ocean there are special platforms from which you can dive. The beach itself is bordered by a reef protecting it from large waves.

There are many hotels near Bo Vallon.

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Just 20 minutes from Seychelles Airport and in the very center of this best of the best beaches is located the small but very cozy Hotel Coral Strand Smart Choice 4 *. He can be called the old-timer of this paradise. After all, it was built back in 1972, but in 2002 it experienced a rebirth.

Renewed and equipped in a modern way, it continues to attract tourists from all over the world with its hospitality (by the way, children under 2 years old stay for free) and extremely responsive and friendly staff (there are even a few Russian speakers). The “landmark” of the hotel is a glass panoramic elevator, which offers stunning views of the ocean. The design of each room is thought out in detail – the minimalism and naturalness of materials are easily transformed into convenience and fusion with nature. The hotel has all the conditions to plunge into the relaxing atmosphere of a beach holiday: plunge into the immaculately clean and refreshing waters of the turquoise Indian Ocean and enjoy the warmth and tenderness of the incredibly soft white sand.

The hotel is located on the beachfront. Umbrellas, deck chairs, mattresses, towels for guests are provided without fail (everyone always has enough space, there is no need to occupy them in advance) and for free. On the beach every day is guaranteed lifeguards on duty.

In addition to the “vegetable” beach holiday, you can try yourself in active water sports: snorkeling, windsurfing and diving.

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Diversify water treatments can be in the pool by the bar and in the children’s pool. Also on site is a fragrant tropical garden – the perfect place to catch your breath and take shelter from the heat.

As for food, it is noteworthy that the freshest fresh fresh juices are always served here for breakfast, and dinners are famous for a large selection of seafood and the “catch of the day” (very large and very tasty fish).

Special attention was paid to Ocean Deck Pub – a legendary pub on the beach, where live music is played daily and Draft beer is served (the only place on the coast!).

Of the additional services provided by the hotel, I would like to particularly highlight the organization of wedding ceremonies and special offers for newlyweds who have decided to spend their honeymoon on the islands (Honeymoon service).

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Of the very new hotels in Bo Vallon – The Savoy Resort Spa 5 *, which opened in May of this year and has already justified its purpose – for customers with the most demanding taste. The location of The Savoy Resort Spa, its thoughtful and stylish design (the mosaic works by the pool took a year of hard work!), The comfort of the rooms and the high-class service, including excellent food, make the hotel exquisite and unique.

The ensemble of hotel buildings is located only 8-10 minutes from the capital of Victoria and 20 minutes from the airport, on the very beautiful Beau Vallon beach, surrounded by palm trees and a little distance from the green mountains.

Luxury rooms from 40 square meters. m for every taste – from suites to royals – you can choose overlooking the garden or the ocean. The main restaurant, pool restaurant (pool, by the way, as much as 700 square meters!), A beach bar offer the best local and international cuisine with the freshest ingredients.

By the way, fruits for the table are grown right there, in our own garden, on the site. The restaurants also have a children’s menu.

Also, families with children will be pleased with the local kids club, playground, entertainment programs and babysitting services.

Well, what a self-respecting hotel will do without a spa? At The Savoy Resort Spa, it is easy to relax and plunge into the world of serenity and peace by trying general and therapeutic massages using natural luxury cosmetics.

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

Seychelles: vacation at the end of the world

As the hotel employees themselves say, their “philosophy is simple: to allow guests to experience all the charm and beauty of this marvelous place, to acquaint themselves with amazing culture, art, unique cuisine and local traditions. The most important thing is to make the rest in the hotel unforgettable. ”

And, I must admit, they do it for glory!

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