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Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Creative activities of parents with small children in addition to their developmental functions contribute to the unity of the parent with the child, make it possible to get to know each other better and discover talents in themselves that they had not even known before. Engage with the child creativity and drawing can be from 1-1.5 years. The main task of the parent is to involve the child in the process of co-creation, as well as to be patient and attentive to the child, to his mood and desires.

And you can not sit down with the baby in a bad mood, the child will feel the mood of the parent, his unmotivated, will be distracted and capricious.

For the correct construction of work it is worth starting with the organization of the workplace and preparation for the creative process itself. Since the child’s attention at the age of one and a half years still cannot be held for a long time, any delay will distract the child, and he will not miss the moment to run away from you or will have time to get carried away with something else.

A clear parental motivation, a properly prepared workplace, a thoughtful goal and a great mood will help to avoid all this!

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Place for drawing should be well lit. The drawing table must be located away from the walls and furniture that may be dirty in the process. Since the baby’s movements are not very coordinated yet, and with joy he can swing the brush from side to side, it is best to spread a sheet of paper under the table.

The sheet on which you will draw is best attached to the table with scotch tape, and in advance place a non-spill jar under the hand with which the child usually holds a spoon. You will need two brushes: a parent and your young artist. Also in the vicinity is better to put wet wipes.

Sitting at the table, it is best to put the child on his knees, having previously dressed him in an apron or in clothes that are not sorry.

To captivate the baby at the very beginning of the process, you can put all the tools for drawing in a bag within your arm (under the table or on the next table) and get them out gradually. Thus, the child will always be involved in the creative process, will wait for the appearance of new objects and the “magic bag” and will not start to grab everything on the table. Thanks to the phased appearance of drawing objects on the table, the child will sit quietly for at least 15 minutes and will plunge into the process without frustration and distraction to unnecessary “cannot” and “wait” or “what are you doing?”

From the usual tools for drawing you can use brushes, paper, paints (watercolor and gouache), wax crayons. But they can also be used in a non-classical way: you can paint with wax crayons, make droplets with paints, you can tear the paper a bit and make it a stencil for a picture, etc.

And from non-typical objects for drawing, a sponge for washing dishes, cubes, tubules, lettuce leaves, celery, bulk materials, a bottle, soap bubbles, a balloon, a film with bubbles, food film, stationery gum, corrugated cardboard, oilcloth with a pattern and many others, the main thing is to turn on the fantasy!

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

First you need to moisten the sheet with water. In the process of drawing, you need to talk with your child, help him to fantasize, inspire him.

Imagine that it is raining, revive the brush, let it jump like a frog, or the baby will stroke a piece of paper with it like a kitten – at this age the moment of the game is very important, the child should feel at ease. Show your brush how and what to do.

It is also important to emotionally paint this training process with some water before starting painting with colors.

After the whole sheet is wetted with water, we take a regular watercolor from the “magic bag”. It is best to choose 2-3 colors that will be needed to draw the planned pattern, while others need to be sealed with opaque tape.

The child can be said that the paints have a rest and today they will not be able to paint with you, others – they like to drink some water very much. Then wet the paint with water and start to drip onto the moistened sheet of paper, also accompanying the process with jokes and rhymes.

Your task is to fill the entire space of the sheet, but do not forget to stop in time so as not to “torment” the paper and not wipe it to the holes.
As soon as you see color combinations that are unpleasant to the eye, immediately switch the child’s attention to another game, for example, to change some water. On the way to the bathroom, the child can switch attention to anything. But it does not matter, because you can always return to your work, since the “watercolor on wet” technique implies rather long breaks to dry the work.

Often the child is not ready immediately for the second stage at once, so we will continue to work on a joint masterpiece on another day.

Then you can easily continue to work with finger paints, stencils, seals, threads and many others.

To dry the work, take out the plastic wrap from the “magic bag” and cover it with a raw sheet of paper (do not forget about the magic words). You can hang the masterpiece to dry in the bath, attaching it with a clothespin.

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

Secrets of drawing techniques for the little ones

The drawing technique with a reserve assumes that we use the materials on which the paint falls, without painting the line of such a drawing, keeping its outline. For this technique, you can use wax crayons, soap bubbles, glitter – children all love it very much. Invite your child to stick on a piece of paper, draw a salute or splash of the sea, then take water-colors from the “magic bag”.

Then paint the sheet in the technique of watercolor on the wet and leave to dry. The kid will be very surprised when he sees that watercolor has not painted a part of the drawing, but has frozen with intricate patterns.

You can supplement the drawing with special stamps / stencils of celery and a homemade brush made from household gum or crumpled paper used as drawing materials. Putting beadings can be chaotic and the whole family, gathered around a large table with drawing paper.

And most importantly – enjoy the process together, feel how you have fun together!

You can see similar works of Ekaterina Chupova on the page devoted to drawing with children from 1.5 years old on Instagram: @baby_painter

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